How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardens are so like people. This is a little snapshot from my friend, Gina’s, garden. She has the most beautiful white roses growing side by side with herbs like rosemary and basil; ferns next to lavender; yellow daisies with marjoram and mint; citrus bushes with Italian parsley and dill.

It is busy and eclectic just like Gina.

It smells heavenly.

People constantly stop to have a look at the combinations of plants in a suburb where everything garden-related is generally very well-manicured and carefully considered. At first they are surprised but then they realise Gina’s garden has a personality of its own and actually works. They always leave with a smile.

I love it. It is one of my favourite places to visit. Sometimes I sit in the middle of all the wondrous bits and pieces and  simply inhale and feel I am a part of it.

Anything could happen in this garden. Bird frolics. Snail races. Secrets hiding under shiny stones.

Treacly nectar spots the ground. Joy races.

In this garden anything could happen.

The colours thrill. Love spills.

Growing like the laughter of a friend.

11 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Thank you for sharing Selma. Those are fantastic roses.

    I agree that so much goes on in a garden like that–for those persons like yourself who are patient enough to observe.


  2. I can’t imagine not having a garden … I’ve got roses and fuchsias in mine & lately found out that it actually looks better if I don’t tend it too often.


  3. Hi MAGS:
    Some roses are just gorgeous, aren’t they?I would love to have a rose garden in a variety of colours. It would be glorious!

    That garden is full of life. To me that is what a garden is all about!

    I know what you mean. I like gardens that are left to grow a bit. Fuchsias are so lovely. I used to have a pink and purple one. It wasa the loveliest thing. I’ll need to get another one!


  4. You’re waxing poetical again dear Selma:
    ‘The colours thrill. Love spills.
    Growing like the laughter of a friend. ‘
    Gina’s garden sounds wonderful – I love those types of herbs and used to grow them all – will have to get stuck into the garden again (my chickens changed my plans – will just have to pick a new spot for the herbs, so they can’t get their silky beaks onto them.) The white roses are glorious (I won’t ever attempt roses up here in the almost tropics).


  5. I so agree. Gardens are the extension of the personality who tends it. this year, my garden went a little wild……… wandering and unkempt as I did. It let its branches and blossoms stretch up and beyond the manicuring, intertwining stems of flowers who had never met before. New friends meeting.
    The other day, I was walking past an old white picket fence that walled one of the beautiful old houses in my city. through the slats were a couple of brilliant pink rose blooms…. healthy escapees! What was so beautiful about the scene besides the bleeding colour on white was that it is AUTUMN here. Those blooms were supposed to have come and gone a couple of months ago. But there they were….. defying logic, showing off their determined showmanship.



  6. Hi EMPLOYEE 3699:
    So great to hear from you. I have been reading about your adventures in India. It must be such a change for you. I look forward to reading more. And yes, Gina’s garden is heavenly.

    White roses really are something special. So elegant. To see them wild is just FAB. I love it. I hope you get your garden soon !

    Aaaah. Of course the chooks would like the herbs. Cheeky little things. I think I’d rather have chooks than herbs though – they are so cute!

    Woah – I’ve got to watch out for that poetry stuff. People will talk 😆

    You know, it’s almost too hot to grow roses here too. They really lag in the summer. I just love them, though. And the scent is glorious!

    I love wild gardens. They are very free form. That appeals to me.

    Pink roses against a white picket fence – WOW. I would’ve loved to have seen that. Sounds like something someone should write a song about. And in autumn too. Amazing!


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