Tru Peace

I often wonder if the people who graffiti public buildings could know how much what they have drawn or painted or written means to me.

This glorious piece of art (yes, it is art to me!) lies on the old tram sheds in my local park by the bay. It has been there for ages and every time I go walking I see it and it makes me ponder the nature of peace.

There is something quite cleansing in the contemplation of peace while walking.

True peace.

You can probably find it in your surroundings or in a moment like the one I had this morning where I was filling the watering can from the garden tap and the sunlight caught the water as it ran so it was perfectly golden.

Alchemy. That’s what it was. For a brief moment the water was liquid gold and I was an alchemist playing with light and colour. And I felt at peace to see such beauty.

And then as I walked I felt the peaceful calm of the waves lapping against the breakwater, gently, as rhythmically as the careful hand of a mother soothing a fevered brow.

And I watched the seabirds swirling, their cries so lonesome, so bleak and I felt sorrow for them until I realised that they are never bleak or alone with that great big sky to hold them. And the sea below. And the peace of it all.

Maybe that’s what we humans have been looking for all along as we trawl confused and uncertain through the days with all our living and breathing and endless talk. Maybe it’s not true love we seek after all.

Maybe it’s true peace.

Maybe true peace brings us to the true nature of everything else.

I wonder if the person who left those words on the tram sheds knew what they would mean to another.

Tru Peace.

I wonder if the words were impulse or prophecy.

21 thoughts on “Tru Peace

  1. I was discussing this with Lara and Terence not long ago.

    My take: If I can understand it, it’s street art.
    If I can’t understand it, it’s grafitti


  2. Maybe a bit of both. Definitely an inspiration. I don’t normally like seeing any type of grafitti but this one has a gentle, quiet feel to it, not defacing anyone’s property. A lovely soulful post to read Sel, thank you.

    PS: I’m glad you enjoyed the cyber-bouquet! πŸ™‚ More hugs, G


  3. that’s real art and real poetry to me too. Also, I have come to LOVE my morning walks, they center me, invigorate me, clear my head and deliver that Tru Peace ever so necessary to start my day. xoxo


  4. Hi Selma, great post.
    Talking about graffitti (as) art, recently I was thinking about a piece that you might remember. It was at Redfern station, it was GIGANTIC, and it was there for decades. It went across a couple of buildings – in green paint, it proclaimed: “People who love people (more than profit and power) are the luckiest people in the world -and it was accompanied by a string of green stick-figure people.
    Cheers, David


  5. Every day on my way to work, I pass several buildings that have been tagged. The amusing thing about this is that it’s all on buildings in a very wealthy neighbourhood.

    Aside from the usual tagging of ‘gang’ names is one that makes me smile a little when I see it. In several places, someone painstakingly wrote


    on a few of the buildings. It’s written in cursive writing no less, which if you’ve ever used spraypaint, then you’ll know how hard it is to keep things so steady and smooth.

    And yet, there it is, every morning on my way to work, I’m reminded of ‘patience’.


  6. Maybe a bit of both, leaning toward the prophecy, or perhaps the hope that someone like you would come along and have it mean something. I think peace means to a large extent, acceptance, and I wonder if it’s possible to have peace without acceptance. Both are good to strive for, just not easily attainable.

    I like this Sel, you always make me think!


  7. Lovely post Selma. I believe happiness is peace – those moments we get in a day or a week (if we are lucky) when all is ok (not fabulous, not horrible) but ok – this is why the bad times are necessary and we need to understand the really good times are fleeting (and not what it is about) – but the balance of both sides so we end up in the middle for large parts of our lives. I’m happy you can find peace in simple things like a watering can (water is a very calming influence I feel).


  8. selma that is beautiful. soothing as standing by a gentle stream where colorful flowers are growing, or laying back on the ground to watch the clouds rolling by.
    i also remembered that at graham nunns place today there was a good article
    on the writing industry you might enjoy


  9. Beautifully written as always. Peace is something we all crave for. It can be different things for different people but we will all know when we get it.


  10. Hi HEATHER:
    I agree. Definitely a bit of both in there.

    Definite art. I love it when peoople write meaningful things on public buildings. It inspires me.

    Oh me too. I would love to know what other passersby think of the things I see. It would be nice if it meant something to them too.

    I hear ya. It’s not something I have all the time, either. But when it comes it is a glorious thing.

    That is a very good way of looking at it. Let’s face it, some of that tagging is indecipherable anyway. A lot of the time it looks like scribbles. I prefer something a little easier to read πŸ˜€


    As you know I really love my street art. I will travel all over the place just to find some. However, I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Your cyber bouquet was indeed lovely!

    Hi MELEAH:
    Amen to the power of walking. I find it does all those things for me too. Good on you for sticking with it especially as the colder weather is now upon you.

    Hi DAVID:
    Yes, I do remember it. I saw it practically every day when I was a student. So sad it’s gone now. Another of my fave pieces was in the park at Newtown (off Church Street) which said : Hands held tightly onto words that meant nothing. I always really liked that. It’s gone now too, replaced by something completely inane like ‘For a good time call Suzy.’ Haha. Deep.

    Hi JENN:
    That is fantastic. I love that. Very profound. The world sure needs a bit more patience. Thank you so much for your comment – it really inspired me to keep looking for those meaningful words!

    Hi CATHY:
    WOW. What an important point you raise. Can we have peace without acceptance? Probably not. It certainly bears thinking about. Now you’ve really got my old, tired brain ticking over.


  12. Hi NAT:
    Oh yeah. Maybe just like pleasure and pain. Right on.

    Hi KATE:
    That is one of the most peaceful sights ever. I used to love watching my son sleep when he was little. So cute!

    MWAH xxxx

    Oh yeah – the balance is key. You cannot have the good without the bad. I love water. It just transforms me. It has such power!

    Hi TIPOTA:
    Thanks for the link. I will pop over there soon. And I love to watch the clouds roll by. Bliss.

    Hi ROSHAN:
    Oh, we definitely all crave peace. And great song. Thanks for the link.

    Hi LEON:
    Amen. It would look good on a T-shirt.


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