Laying Down The Law

Sometimes the only thing to be done is to lay down the law. A lot of people shy away from that act. I don’t really know why. Perhaps it’s because it takes a lot of mental effort to be forthright and people fear being viewed in a negative light.

My advice to anyone who knows in their heart they have no choice but to lay down the law is stick to your guns. Being right, standing up for what’s right, is hard but necessary. Unless we want anarchy with people running about naked in the streets while drinking cocktails or a return to the days of the wild, wild west.

I actually wouldn’t mind a return to those wild west days to be frank because I love Westerns and cowboys and horses and I know I would make a kick ass Sheriff. Plus I look good in leather waistcoats and Stetsons. If I were Sheriff no one – but no one -would mess with me because I would run any sorry, scruffy, good for nothing lowdown dirty blowhard out of town faster than you could say Wild Bill Hickok.

I had to lay down the law three times last week.

For the first time ever I didn’t care if the parties for whom the law was being laid down thought I was a bitch. I didn’t care what they thought because for once it was all about what I wanted. It was all about standing up for my life.

First laydown moment –

My parents came over to tell me they are leaving for America in 2 weeks and that they will be away for Christmas. I was glad they came over and when they asked if we could let bygones be bygones I said I was happy to but they had to follow the actions speak louder than words rule. Show me you are prepared to move forward; don’t say it and then just go back to your old habits.

Second laydown moment –

Remember that incident at my son’s school where a kid pulled a knife on another kid and my son witnessed it? Well, the knife-wielding kid is still there. Apparently, it is a very lengthy process to expel someone, especially if no other school in the area wants that person due to their record of violence and mayhem.

Like I care.

My friend, Mel, who is a journalist for one of the big Sydney newspapers marched into the Principal’s office with me and asked said Principal for a quote concerning her philosophy on knives in schools and why she felt it was reasonable to allow a child with such a history of violence to remain at the school.

I just want to understand your position and I am sure all the parents of teenage children in the Sydney Metro area would like to understand it too, Mel said as the Principal grew paler and paler. It was freaking brilliant. I wish I could be cool as a cucumber like that and still get my point across. Journalists rule. Needless to say it now looks like the expulsion is moving ahead.

Third laydown moment –

My husband was informed in no uncertain terms that a weekly night out with the boys means just that. Not a weekly night out with the women you picked up on the previous night out with the boys. Oh sorry, you didn’t pick them up, you were just talking to them. And they didn’t come along on your night out – they just happened to be there. It may be just semantics to you but it means someone is messing with me. And I’ve got news for you, buster, the Sheriff is in town.

The thought of laying down the law is never easy but the outcomes are highly desirable as well as incredibly liberating.

You learn a lot from being Sheriff.

Things like:

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.


Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier’n puttin’ it back.

And the very important:

Don’t squat with your spurs on.

But mostly you learn one major thing:

Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth.

Watch out, pardners….

The Sheriff is in town.

18 thoughts on “Laying Down The Law

  1. Selma,

    I left you a message from your other posts. It’s not there now. Or did I fail to hit the post comment button? :/ Darn it – the latter is entirely possible. Sigh. The gist is, I squeeze you seven times seven and I am SO GLAD to read this post wherein you speak my language. Six shooters. And a Tommy. Every Sheriff in the Wild West should’ve had a Tommy. 😀

    The NICE thing about laying down the law is, the lines are clear. No mistaking when it’s crossed – and they HAVE been warned what happens IF they do.

    And oh my hell – I wish I could’ve been there when you’re journalist friend visited the principal. Deeeevine!


  2. The Principal. Now that was a very telling scene in today’s world of ‘watch your arse’. A kid with a knife in a school makes the school look bad so we pretend it is not a serious incident and maybe it will not be noticed (and it is not likely to happen again… maybe). On the other hand, you could lend your kid the badge and gun!


  3. Oh, now you made me think about our laws which we laid down for each other, namely:

    Do not leave the car in gear when you park it.
    Recipes are guidelines, not set-in- concrete gospel
    When you make a hot drink, don’t get a fresh mug; rinse the last one out.
    Agree beforehand which TV programme we’re going to watch and which we’re going to record.
    Do not play Daniel O’Donnell CDs while I am in the house

    And, more seriously, for the guy in the next street:

    Kindly adjust your giga-candlepower security light so it doesn’t shine through our bedroom window every time a cat walks through your garden, or you’ll get a bloody rock through it!


  4. ‘Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth’ ……

    and it will set you free.

    Boy do I know how hard it is to stick to your guns for truth, for justice, for peace of mind. And oh Selma, what a brilliant idea to take your friend in to see the principal! Hilarious to think of him backpedalling crazily, desperate for damage control. Good for you!

    We can only be door mats if we lie down and let people walk on us. It is so important to stand up for what’s right for us cos the reality is people aren’t reasonable unless forced to be.

    I believe they fall under the term bullies. This fierce pissing contest we have to endure as they try to belittle, and ridicule our concerns and like all bullies, they back down when faced with someone who has the ability to bully them. Cowards at heart.

    Control , in many cases means peace of mind, you have it in your grasp, don’t let go!

    (Nevermind the sheriff outfit, I think we need to make you a superhero costume !)



  5. You rock in seven different ways! Congratulations to you on your kickassedness. I wish you could come over here and clean up Dingleberry.

    (“Don’t squat with your spurs on.” Snort.)


  6. Oh Sheriff Sel you rock! I loved reading this kick-ass post! So very , very true…look ’em in the eyes and let ’em have it, with both barrels. It’s a very good feeling and the amazing part, it usually works. People DO back down, think again, mumble an apology even. I am so glad you are taking these issues and dealing with them, not letting these people walk all over you. You don’t need it and you don’t deserve it.

    Yahooooo……..your pal, G 🙂


  7. Hi AINE:
    I have searched for those comments but they are gone. WordPress was playing up for me the other day. It kept asking me for approval on every comment but at the time I didn’t see your comment there. I don’t know why it does that. So sorry I missed your comment.

    Maybe we should form a posse with our Tommies and six shooters. The bad guys wouldn’t stand a chance 😆

    You are so right. There has been a lot of looking the other way with regard to the knife incident. I really don’t understand that. It’s as if everyone is afraid to address it. Inaction is how people get hurt. I wish I still had the old peashooter I had as a kid. Completely illegal now, of course, but if I had it I’d let Nick take it to school and shoot that kid right in the head. Those peas hurt like hell!!

    I am laughing about the Daniel O’Donnell CDs. That is just too funny.

    I used to live next door to someone with a light like that and it was so annoying. We had a lot of possums in the street at the time and that bloomin’ security light was flashing on and off all night long. I got so sick of it that when my neighbours went on holiday I disconnected it. They never knew 😀

    Hi CATHY:
    Sometimes you blow me away with your comments – ‘people aren’t reasonable unless forced to be.’ Sadly, I have found that to sometimes be true. Why is it so hard to be good and so easy to be bad? I don’t get it.
    And yes, it is my most ardent wish to be a superhero. A cape flowing in the wind would be awesome!!

    Hi MELEAH:
    Sometimes you just have to do it. Enough is enough. I like to consider other people’s feelings but it is hard to take when they don’t consider mine. Time for the Sheriff to teach ’em a lesson or two 😉

    Isn’t that the funniest saying ever? I laughed and laughed when I heard it. Cowboys know a lot about life, that I can tell you. Yeee haaaa!!!

    Thank you so much. I am bowing right now and twirling my six shooter. So nice to hear from you!

    It amazes me too how quickly people back down. It’s as if they knew they were doing the wrong thing all along but just couldn’t stop themselves. It is a strange way of thinking, for sure. XX


  8. Bwahahahahaha! You are hilarious Selma and look great in a cowboy hat. I wouldn’t want to mess with you sister. Good on you for sticking to your guns and telling it like it is.


  9. Good on you! there isn’t enough of that. I had a friend tell me that she wasn’t pursue action against a fellow employee because it was too difficult and she wasn’t that strong. I fucking hate shit like that.


  10. Hi DAOINE:
    Sometimes you’ve just got to do it. I feel so much better now!!!

    When I am in Sheriff mode I am a force to be reckoned with. Hahaha. Getting everything out in the open is a great feeling. I should do it more often!

    Hi NAT:
    I can understand what your friend means – it is very hard but if you don’t do it stress is usually the result and who wants to be stressed because someone else is acting like a wanker. I hate that too. Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself!


  11. Well, you make a very sexy Sheriff!

    But you’re right you do have to lay down the law. It’s too easy to let things drift and then people do start walking all over us.


  12. I’m reading at the office, and boy do I want to stand up and shout “WOOHOO SELMA!” Go get ’em cowgirl. You’re my hero. I just may post your sherrif picture on that there bulletin board.


  13. Hi RELUCS:
    Hahaha. You make me laugh.

    It is SOOOOO easy to let things drift and it does no good. Face it and tackle it, that’s what I say. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

    I would proud to be on the bulletin board, striking fear into the hearts of lowdown dirty varmints everywhere. 😆


  14. If you ever need a loyal, faithful deputy look me up. I even have the hat & a way with the ladies. And I can yell “yee haw” after I rope up a bad guy.


  15. Hi ROSHAN:
    Unfortunately as I am not a member of the Facebook fraternity I couldn’t check out your photo. I am sure it was cool, though. And you would make a great deputy 😆


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