Spirits In The Wind

The wind is full of spirits tonight. I can see them, pale blue as hydrangeas, silver clear as raindrops on glass.

They think I don’t notice the way they draw their translucent skirts to them as they plummet through the air. They think I think I’m dreaming as they slide gleaming and fearless through fresh green leaves.

They want me to think it is lizards or possums scuffling in the underbrush but no creature can catch the moonlight like a child fashioned only from the wind.

The spirits sing. It sounds like a sigh, a rustle beneath an open window. It is hewn stone slicing through the night, earth to air; boundless.

When the wind comes like this I believe in the invisible the most. The delicate light standing firm against the dark. What I know is coming but what I can’t see, good or bad. Voices leaving, voices returning like trails of mist caught in the current from the river.

When I believe in the things I cannot see it is as if I am made steady. In spite of the whimsy in the air. In spite of it all.

It is a kind of worship.

14 thoughts on “Spirits In The Wind

  1. I so get it too Sel. I know this feeling, I have been there, many times. I embrace your words. Beautifully written wish/prayer/story. It’s in the knowing that we can truly feel calm, isn’t it?

    Hugs my dear, G


    Oh yeah. I am so glad you do. XXX

    I am a big fan of the wind. It holds such magic for me. And yes, I have been known to stand in the midst of it too.

    Oh yes. What a beautiful point you make – “It’s in the knowing that we can truly feel calm”. I love that!

    Hi TIPOTA:
    The truth is made of the wind. WOW. You have blown me away with that one. That is a poem in itself. Thank you.


  3. I can’t even begin to explain how this affected me. I don’t have your gift of eloquence that much is clear! I’ve tried to explain it and I just keep deleting!
    Suffice it to say, I get it.
    Ok I had to google this because my education in REAL literature is sadly lacking but what I wanted to say and couldn’t til I saw the quote. I knew the quote but for the life of me I couldn’t remember and its not like I read shakespeare* lol
    This post brought to mind the quote from hamlet.
    ” there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” I think that about
    sums it up!

    * like my children I get alot of my cultural and literary references from the Simpsons…sad eh? 🙂


  4. HI CATHY:
    I think you are a very eloquent person. You say many things that resonate with me. That quote from Hamlet certainly fits what I was trying to say and I am honoured you would put me in such good company. I am also thrilled that you get what I was trying to say because sometimes I think I am not clear enough.

    And don’t worry, many of my references come from The Simpsons too. And Family Guy. And many, many more. It’s all good!


  5. Have you ever gone out on a really cold, still clear night and just listened? I did once; 3 o’ clock in the morning in coldest Canada, & swear I heard a very faint crackling, tinkling noise, almost like running water.

    The rest of the crew thought I was cracking up, but then I read in ‘Travels of a Fat Bulldog’ that author George Courtauld experienced the same phenomenon in Mongolia … I believe he called it ‘the music of the stars’ or something like that.


  6. Love this. Feels like the beginning of something bigger. The voice is distinct – I see her wistfully looking into the wind. Gorgeous.


    I haven’t done that. I’m going to do it next winter because I want to hear the tinkling noise. That is amazing. ‘Music of the stars’ – what a beautiful concept!

    I love that too. The wind is clever. It can get in anywhere. It reminds me of fairytales and dreams!

    Hi AINE:
    It does feel like the start of something. Oh, please. No more novel ideas. I am all novelled out. Hahaha. 😆


  8. It needs to be very cold … I think it was about 20 below that night in Canada … and somewhere quiet, miles from anywhere.


    Don’t think I’ll achieve that here. Might need to visit my sister in Alaska!!

    Oh yes. I knew you would understand ♥


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