Drops Of Purple

It’s that time of year again when the jacaranda blossoms fall.

And the world, for a moment, seems bedecked with purple bells.

It is a gentle segue into the bells of Christmas.

Oh, how I love the Sydney jacarandas.

17 thoughts on “Drops Of Purple

  1. They are beautiful! I have never seen a Jacaranda tree before. It’s so neat to see blooms there while snow is falling here!
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments 🙂


  2. Ooooo look at all the PURPLE!!!!!!! omg I’m in LOVE!!! wow gorgeous Selma. We have lilacs here but they bloom for such a short time in the spring. I do love them, they smell so nice and they’re PURPLE! I do love that colour!


  3. What a gorgeous sight, Selma! Thanks for sharing this with your world-wide friends. And Happy Holidays to everyone!


  4. Hi LAURA:
    They are gorgeous trees. I could be wrong but I think they might be native to South America. There are heaps of them in Sydney. It is so nice to see the colour of the blossoms at this time of year. My pleasure re. comments. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Hi CATHY:
    It is a lovely colour, isn’t it? We have a jacaranda tree in our garden and it is lovely to see it blooming even though my old bag of a neighbour has already complained about the blossoms falling in her garden. If only I had the power to determine where the blossoms fell…. Some people will complain about anything.

    Nothing like a bit of colour to make us smile, is there? It’s my pleasure to share it. And Happy Holidays to you too!


  5. Lovely words and photos. I so needed a photo of a jacaranda the other day and realised I have never taken one – now I have moved from Brisbane it’s too late (I haven’t seen any around these parts) – I don’t need the photo anymore but I am so going to get some photos next time I am in Brisbane in November.


  6. Oh my goodness! Today I had to choose a tree to put the sidekicks in as a pack of terrible wargs were clawing after them… and I put them up a jacaranda tree! Too, too cool. 😀

    They’re gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have them! 🙂


  7. Gorgeous pictures Selma! I love the internet, bringing glimpses of summer on your side of the world while I sit by the window watching the snow fall 🙂
    Is jacaranda a Spring flowering tree then? A bit like flowering cherries here in May?


  8. Wow that is so pretty!!! I don’t think we have those here… and they are purple!!!!!!! Love them! Thanks for posting this – made my day!


  9. A long time ago, I spent many afternoons cleaning out a horse corral that was next to a giant Jacaranda tree. Often , I would just stand there gazing up at it…and relaxing. Thank you for the wonderful photos Selma.


  10. Hi MELEAH:
    They are really nice trees. And I love purple too. It is an awesome colour!

    I am happy to email you one if you still need it. I have so many shots of jacarandas right now. They really are gorgeous trees!

    Hi AINE:
    WOW. That was a real connection going on there. Amazing we both thought of jacarandas. Cool.

    Yes. They tend to flower late Spring, early Summer. It is a nice way to end the year. I love the flowering cherries too. They are divine!

    They are lovely. A big hug to you too!

    Hi TBALL:
    I know how much you love purple. You would love them. They always make me smile.

    So great to see you. I have missed you. What a lovely memory. I’m sure the horses would’ve liked the jacaranda too. And you’re right – it is nice just to look up at the blossoms and relax!

    I do love my purple. Always makes me feel good!


  11. Yes. The purple of the jacaranda, the white of the cockatoo, and the black-brown of the fruitbat are the colours of the Sydney summer for me.


  12. One of the gifts of blogging is the very idea that spring is happening somewhere always in this small planet of ours. When we are stepping into the vortex of wintery bleakness, the hope of blossoms on trees in Australia warms this Canadian’s heart.


  13. They r nice. Purple is my fav colour and although I am big on plants and trees, I do like seeing blossoms across the land. I may not know the name of many plants, flowers and trees but we really do need more of mother nature’s….er recipes(!!!) to sustain our spirit, our souls, just the way we need technology and science to sustain our minds and all the good food and drink to sustain our bodies.


  14. Hi DAVID:
    I couldn’t agree more. You have such a poetic sensibility. There is nothing like a Sydney summer!

    Amen. I like to think of snow at Christmas in other parts of the world. I never see it here. I know it is cold but to see it on Christmas morning would be magical. That thought warms my heart!

    Hi ROSHAN:
    Oh, we certainly do need mother nature’s recipes to sustain us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the names as long as you enjoy the plants. Beautifully put!


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