Sad Day

I learned today that my dear Uncle Sean is on life support in hospital in Ireland after falling into a diabetic coma.

This afternoon he was read the last rites.

The doctors asked (begged) him to cut down on his drinking but being the Irish larrikin that he is, he didn’t.

A man of great patience and humour, I will never forget the summers Aine, Jessie, Patrick and I spent looking for leprechauns with him. Or how much he loved spotting trains and trams. Or how he dreamed of one day visiting California.

It is hard to think of a man who was so full of life and great stories and the most incredibly funny practical jokes being so desperately ill.

I am praying he recovers.

16 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. Sending hugs to you and healing thoughts to Uncle Sean. May the doctors be confounded by a miraculous recovery and Uncle Sean finally get to see California.


  2. Yes, I will be thinking reviving thoughts for him. I do agree about it being sad when such vibrant people suddenly become ill or infirm. I look at photos of my grandparents and see the life in them, as young people and I feel sad that I never even knew them like that. They were always old when I knew them.

    Life feels odd sometimes, doesn’t it? Like it takes so much away.

    Big hugs x


  3. So sorry to hear your uncle is so ill Selma.
    Sending loads of positive energy yours and his way. This happened with my father twice, both times he pulled out of it. Where there is life, there is hope and he sounds the type to have a strong will to live.
    hugs xo


  4. Oh dear, a sad day indeed. Things like that are never easy – sending prayers for him and you. He sounds like a wonderful, charming man to have gifted you with such beautiful memories.


  5. My Uncle is hanging in there but it doesn’t look like he will recover. Thank you so much for all your well wishes XXXX
    Hi KAREN:
    That’s the thing that gets me the most. He will never get to see California now. You’ve got to chase your dreams really hard in this life – that’s what I’ve learned this week – because if you don’t and you get to the end without doing what you wanted to do – well, that’s really sad. Don’t you give up on your writing, Ms K, or I’ll come after you…..

    Hi RELUCS:
    Oh, I hear you so clearly. It is heartbreaking when really vibrant people become ill and slowly fade away. It seems so cruel. I would rather they just dropped dead on the spot. Life sometimes does feel like it takes so much away.

    Hi CATHY:
    I am thrilled to hear your father pulled out of it. That is amazing. He obviously had a very strong will to live. I am hoping my Uncle recovers but at the moment it isn’t looking good. Only time will tell.

    Hi MELEAH:
    Thank you, hon xx

    Hi TBALL:
    You are awesome xxx

    Thanks so much. I really love your froggy avatar. He is cute!


  6. Hi AINE:
    I think the thing that set Uncle Sean apart for me as a kid was his sense of humour. We were allowed to be silly with him which seemed so wonderful as a child. I have so many fond memories relating to him.

    You give the best hugs. Thank you.

    Thank you for your kind prayers.

    Thank you so much.

    Hi JASON:
    Positivity is so welcome. Cheers, hon.

    Hi DAVID:
    I really appreciate that. Thank you.

    Thank you, G. It means a lot.

    Hi TIPOTA:
    Thank you so much for your kindness.


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