Summertime Blues

Blue really is the colour of summer.

Once you start to look for it you can’t help but see it everywhere.

That beautiful, blue sky.

That beautiful, blue water.

All around.

Making every breath worthwhile.

* For my friend, Aine. She’ll know why….

18 thoughts on “Summertime Blues

  1. what lovely photos, yes blue is the colour of summer and I miss it during the cold grey winter! Though Edinburgh does sometimes have beautiful blue skies even in the middle of winter…

    Crafty Green poet


  2. I love the photos and the layout is great! Thanks for sharing Sel. So strange to see summer photos while we are buried in a sea of white here. Not that I’m complaining, I LOVE SNOW.

    Hugs my dear, G


  3. … and, here’s me, wondering if it’ll snow again this winter, or should I start putting together my annual snow-pic slide show now!?


  4. Australia does seem to have the best blue skies! Not that I’m biased of cours – haha. Lovely photo collage Selma πŸ™‚ I think blue is the hardest colour to recreate with paint etc., – I don’t even think we should try. I don’t feel the same about pink, green, purple etc.


  5. Hi JULIET:
    I like winter skies too. Lots of shadows which make the world seem very mysterious. And a blue sky in winter is amazing. So crisp!

    Hi KAREN:
    It has been a bad winter for many in the northern hemisphere. My family in Ireland say it is one of the coldest winters they can remember. They were snowed in for 3 weeks. Unheard of. Doesn’t help the joints at all. :mrgreen:

    It is odd to see the contrast. I love snow too. I just never get to see it in this part of the world. One day I hope to see it again!

    Hi MELEAH:
    Awww. Thanks. I enjoyed taking those photos!

    I love your snow slideshows. Onde of my favourite things you do!

    I’m not biased, either πŸ˜‰
    I agree that blue is a hard colour for artists to capture. It just never looks the same as the sky. Maybe it actually isn’t possible. An artist trying to capture the blue of the sky would make quite a good story. Now you’ve got me thinking.


  6. Oh Selma, your pics make me long for summer. Blue skies and light summer breezes. I’m so done with winter and it isn’t even half over yet. We got the snow and below zero temps now and summer seems like nothing more than a dim memory. I’m so NOT a winter person. I don’t mind taking my grandson sledding but I’ve never seen the attraction in being cold and wet! lol


  7. What gorgeous pictures. It’s so lovey to see all that blue, a real tonic. It makes me long for summer!
    … and thank you for popping by mine and your comments, that was a tonic too :o)


  8. HI CATHY:
    You really do experience quite harsh winters, so I’m not surprised you are over it. I would find it hard too. Even in winter in Sydney it doesn’t get that cold and of course, it doesn’t snow, so we are fortunate. However, a part of me longs for a bit of snow. It would be nice to see it again.

    You really should. I know you would love it. The beaches are great here. So is the surfing. And the beer’s not so bad, either. I used to work for a company where the owner worked 6 months here and 6 months in Europe so he got both summers. He was pretty happy, I must admit. Great to hear from you.

    Hi BRIAN:
    I really do feel for you. I know how cold it is right now. I hope you get a bit more of those blue skies soon. πŸ˜€

    That is a lovely way of putting it. Blue skies really are a tonic. It is my pleasure to visit your blog. You are a great writer. I enjoy your work!

    Hi MAGS:
    We are so lucky with the beautiful blue skies we get in Australia. Although of course, in many parts of our country the skies are grey. Hope you are OK, Mags. And safe from the floods.

    Thank you for always checking in. You are like my guardian angel β™‘


  9. Can’t wait for summer here!!!! It is bloody cold here… love your pictures… with my new hobby knitting I will be able to knit you a scarf just in time for winter LOL! Just name me your color and if you like long and thin scarfs or short and wide!


  10. Hi TBALL:
    I love scarves. Long and thin for me. I like a multitude of colours but do wear mostly black. I guess if I had to choose I’d choose a purple scarf because I don’t have one. Thanks, hon. Hope it’s warming up a bit for you!


  11. That’s a lot of blue. You guys in Australia have a lot of beauty. I’d like to live near the ocean/sea or even live on a big boat. Blues skies, blue seas – what more could one want?


  12. Hi ROSHAN:
    It’s definitely blue skies all round in summer in Sydney. I’d love to have a house on the ocean. A proper beach house. I live near the bay but there’s no beach and you can’t swim in the water (too many heavy metals.) However, it is still nice to see the wind on the water and see the seabirds flying!


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