Huffing And Puffing

When I was a kid I used to hunt for dandelion puffballs so I could make wishes on them. My neighbours often caught me on their lawns or in their hedges looking furtive and stealthy as I searched for dandelions gone to seed.

I would gather them and then blow and blow making a wish with every feathery fragment that came loose and flew out into the wind.

I wished for the things only children wish for.

To find my wardrobe full of chocolates.

To see a real fairy up close.

To get magic red shoes like Dorothy.

That I could fly.

That unicorns were real.

Even though my wishes didn’t come true I still believed that some day they would. I believed that the Queen of all Fairyland collected the gossamer soft tendrils of the puffballs and filled her pillows with them so that she had the best sleep ever. How could she then not help but grant all the wishes?

Sometimes I see the puffballs and smile.

AndΒ  I feel just the same as that little girl who believed in magic.

15 thoughts on “Huffing And Puffing

  1. Oh this is wonderful, I’ve blow many a dandelion and I remember all too well the shock when I’ve accidently sucked in! … and I still believe in magic :o)


  2. We all need to hang on to the magic in life, to recapture the bliss and memories of childhood. Especially on the dull grey days when it seems that life is anything but magical. You’ve captured a bit of fairy dust here, my dear.

    Hugs, G


  3. Hi LAURI:
    I am so glad you mentioned that. I had forgotten about that. There seemed to be mixed accounts of what worked and what didn’t re. the wishes coming true. I always thought the seeds had to be blown at least a small distance away for the wish to work. I’ll see if I can find some mention of it on the web somewhere. I am coming over to read your story right now.

    I’ve done that too. It is quite a shock. I actually wrote a short story about it when I was 12. It was very Enid Blyton-esque. Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten about it!

    Hi JOSIE:
    It’s funny how the smallest thing can trigger the most wonderful memory. I love that!

    Hi MELEAH:
    I made a wish on one yesterday. And I thought that for old times sake I should make one of the old wishes. I am hoping that within the next few days my wardrobe will be full of chocolate πŸ˜†

    We really do. I think the magic is always there but we get so distracted by life, don’t we? It is so nice to remember how we used to feel as kids from time to time. That always makes me feel good!

    Oh, me too. Wouldn’t it be amazing? I made wings once and flapped my arms a lot but nothing happened. I think I need a whole field of puffballs to get me off the ground!!

    That makes me feel good. I think it is a great thing to believe in magic. It is all around us.


  4. I had the greatest pleasure of critiquing Dandelion Wishers a few years ago when Lauri and I were in a critique group together (with Karen – great group!); it’s still one of my absolute favourites.


    You know you like unicorns. I can just tell πŸ˜†

    Hi DAOINE:
    That would have been an awesome group. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, so to speak. What a winning combo. I love Lauri’s story. She just gets it, you know?

    Hi LAURI:
    You are amazing. It is an honour to read your work !!


  6. Delightful story, Selma. The childhood memory it brings back to me is of
    being a little boy blowing on a dandelion puffball ‘clock’ to see what the time was . The number of times you had to blow to get all the seeds off a dandelion “clock” told you the time. 1 blow, 1 0’clock, 5 blows, 5 o’clock. 10 blows, 10’clock.


  7. Hi DAVID:
    Oh yes. The dandelion clock. How wonderful. I had forgotten about that. I used to try and get the dandelions to tell the time regularly. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ˜€


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