Old Rory

My Uncle Sean’s dog, Rory, was put to sleep yesterday. He had terrible arthritis, could no longer walk and we think he was in a huge amount of pain. My cousin Aine and my Aunt Jo couldn’t get him out of the house so the vet came to them and administered the injection.

Aine and Jo sat with him until he passed and right at the end (this is the part that kills me) just before he went, he wagged his tail. He wagged his tail like nothing at all was wrong and then he was gone.

My Uncle Sean is now in a nursing home but his memory has not returned. He doesn’t seem to remember that he even has a dog. That is the saddest thing of all – Rory didn’t get to see his beloved master before he died. How cruel life can be at the end.

Thank you to everyone who helped me find carers for Rory. You made such a huge difference. I will never forget your kindness.

And please, those of you who have dogs, please hug and kiss them for me.

See ya, Rory. I know my old buddy, Henry, is up there hanging out with you. And Poncho. And Spring. And Buster. And Maxie 1 and 2. And Angus. And Peewee. And Joey. And maybe even Dolly (even though she stuck her nose up at most boy dogs.)

All the dogs of all my family and friends are there with you. Rolling in the grass. Eating things they shouldn’t. Sniffing each other’s butts.

I won’t ever forget you, old guy.

Love you.

13 thoughts on “Old Rory

  1. When I saw this was about the lovely dog I nearly didn’t read it, I find it just too upsetting. He’ll have wonderful company up there with all those other lovely dogs, sending lots of love to Rory and you xxx


  2. So sorry to hear about Rory, and sad to hear that Uncle Sean has not improved. But as you said, Rory is romping around heaven with all our beloved lost dogs doing what dogs love to do. I hope he runs into my Kookie, Taffy, Bandit and Maggie and that they all have a grand time sniffing, digging and rolling in stinky stuff!

    Sagacious Woman


  3. I have every confidence that Rory will be waiting there, tail wagging exhuberantly, when Uncle Sean joins him in the Spirit World. It is a mercy and a gift of love to humanely euthanize our pets when they no longer have quality lives and are suffering. I know Rory is alive and well in another place not so far away as we belive. Don’t be surprised if he is keeping Uncle Sean company now and then while all of you are unaware. :-))


  4. The beloved animals who share our lives are so precious, never forgotten and truly, always with us. I am so sorry to read this about Rory but if he was in pain he is now free and happy. And I agree with Josie, he is probably right by Uncle Sean every day. Our beloved Porkie and Lois came to visit my mom more than once, after they passed on. She saw them, there was no doubt. Take care Sel.


  5. My Auntie told me the last word Grandad ever said was ‘Josh!’ … the name of his beloved Lakeland Terrier, which had died two years before.


  6. My last cat who died, Milo, died naturally sleeping on his favorite spot on the couch. I was petting him, and like Rory’s wag, he purred just as he breathed his last breath. I found that so comforting. Pets who get to die at home instead of at the scary vet’s are lucky.


  7. Hi DEBORAH:
    I know Rory’s got many new doggy mates. I am sure he’s having lots of fun!

    Hi DAOINE:
    Thanks so much. πŸ˜€

    I love thinking he’ll be playing with all your dogs. They’ll be having a whale of a time, won’t they? Makes me feel better to think of it.

    I think it is a good thing too. Sad, but good. If he knew I think it would be too much for him.

    Hi JOSIE:
    I so agree with you. It’s our responsibility to make sure our pets aren’t suffering towards the end. It is an extremely hard thing to do, but oftentimes necessary. And I believe Sean and Rory will meet again. Thanks so much for saying that!

    I’ve had a couple of animals who’ve come to visit me too. Initially, I was skeptical but became convinced it was them. It made me realise that we’re never really parted from our loved ones. Makes me feel so much better to think like that!

    Oh, that’s beautiful. I cried when I read your comment but in a good way!

    They sure are. Oh, that’s a beautiful story. I’m glad Milo found such peace at the end. The purr just kills me.

    Hi MELEAH:
    You give the best hugs ever β™₯


  8. I do believe we will be with our pets again. I am convinced that they see much much more than we do when they are in our world too. God bless you.


  9. I don’t have the words Selma. Rory looks like he was a great old boy – that’s a wonderful pic you have of him there, with the big smile on his face.
    Can I recommend a book to you? I stumbled over it myself on Amazon recently and I carry it with me a lot – sit and alternately snuffle and giggle over it in cafes. It’s called Old Dogs (are the best dogs) and it’s full of lovely photos of old dogs, with a short description of the highlights of their gentle, feisty or just plain bonkers characters.

    In the foreword to the book, the author talks about the fact that when we see a dog go through its entire life in front of our eyes, we are also learning something about our own mortality – I think he’s right. But they are also the best companion a human could wish for. I love my old Jack Russell more every day…hugs to you from chilly Scotland, and a lick on the nose from Gem πŸ™‚


  10. Hi ADEEYOYO:
    I believe that too. And I often think they know what is going on in the world with a great deal of clarity. I read once that when we die as we are passing over all our pets come running towards us. The thought of that just makes me feel so happy. I would love to see all my babies again. Thank you so much for visiting. It is lovely to meet you!

    He was such a treasure. That book sounds fantastic. And we do learn a lot about our own mortality from growing older with a dog. They really are amazing companions. Thank you for the hug and the lovely lick from Gem!


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