It’s Pretty Out There

You know what?

Sometimes all you need to do is just walk out your door and take a big ole look at the world.

Walt Whitman said it better than I ever could –

A morning glory at my window

Satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books

How right he was.

Sometimes it’s so pretty out there all you can do is smile.

17 thoughts on “It’s Pretty Out There

  1. Hi DEBORAH:
    I do love seeing the flowers on my walks. So lovely!

    Hi MELEAH:
    So much colour to look at. And it’s free. Love it!


  2. Nature has the power to soothe the most distressed spirit! A good walk can give you a fresh perspective on the bigger picture in life!


  3. We don’t have many flowers out right now, but we will have in a week or so … tulips and daffodils are just starting to open. We have some winter pansies around the back which survived the snow and frost, which means we finally achieved the goal of flowers all year round.


  4. I was coming to congratulate you on your brilliant interview on Gabrielle’s blog and find your beautiful morning glories…hard hard hard, we had 20cm of fresh snow yesterday!
    Félicitations for the writing and the photos.


    I so enjoyed doing the guest post. If I hadn’t been sick all week I would have enjoyed it even more. THanks again for giving me the chance to do it!

    Hi JOSIE:
    Looking at the colours in nature, particularly the flowers, always lifts my spirits.I am so lucky to live in a place where there are so many varieties of flowers all around!

    WOW. Those pansies are tough to survive the snow. I love tulips and daffodils. Such jolly flowers. They always make the garden look really bright!


    How lovely of you to visit. Oh, now that’s a lot of snow. What a contrast to what we are experiencing here. I am really glad you liked the post on Gabe’s blog 😀

    Hi LAURI:
    They are pretty, aren’t they?

    Hi MAGS:
    Oh, you are so right. Some well-placed plants can transform a house – not just the look but also the feel of it. You don’t even need a gardem – some pots will do!

    Hi DAVID:
    Amen to that. Unfortunately I can’t watch the video as I am one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Is it available to watch elsewhere?

    Hi ROWE:
    Is that really you? How fantastic to hear from you. I really miss you. Hope all is well with you!


  7. I wonder how often we walk past all nature’s beauty and may as well be blind. I adore morning glories and have been wanting to get one or two for ages. I am so glad that Gabrielle introduced you to me!


    It’s true, isn’t it? Sometimes we just don’t see it. I try and remind myself to look if I am rushing along. Those flowers never fail to put a smile on my face!


  9. Lovely Selma, spring is crawling ever so slowly towards us this year. I can’t wait, I’ve been looking desperately for crocus’ starting to sprout and am on the lookout for early robins. Nothing so far, a couple years ago I saw 3 robins in March! Odd for them to show so early in the year. It’s been a long hard cold winter with alot more snow than we are used to and it makes me ache for warm breezes and colours other than black and white and green.

    Soooooon …. I hope…


  10. Hi CATHY:
    Oh, I miss seeing the crocuses. We don’t really get them here. They always used to make me smile. And it is so nice looking for those early spring birds – makes my heart soar. I don’t think you have too long to wait…..


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