Hibiscus Days

The hibiscus is a majestic flower, regal, a bell that could ring at any moment. Always standing at attention, always poised with the elegant neck of a ballerina, staring at the sun.

My very first boyfriend, Johnny James, had a hibiscus tree in his front garden. Much to the chagrin of his mother he used to pick one for me every morning and bring it to school. I accepted each flower humbly, too embarrassed to wear it behind my ear like a Polynesian princess as Johnny suggested; instead I wrapped each one in tissue paper, keeping it in my schoolbag, checking inside each fluted cup at recess and lunchtime to make sure there were no baby fairies or ladybugs trapped within.

Every time I see a hibiscus I think of those school days marked by flowers and wonder if Johnny ever thought as he picked yet another hibiscus from his mother’s tree, that I would always remember them.

13 thoughts on “Hibiscus Days

  1. Hey Selma, I love your description and photos of these gorgeous flowers and so enjoyed the story of your school days with Johnny James!
    Hope your are having a wonderful weekend …


    He was a really nice boy. Shame he had to move away. I often wonder what became of him!

    Hi MELEAH:
    They really are gorgeous flowers. I love them!

    They really are beautiful flowers, aren’t they? The shape of them is quite stunning. I am having a great weekend. Hope you are too!


  3. What a sweet story, Sel. “poised with the elegant neck of a ballerina, staring at the sun. ” Beautifully said. I wonder sometimes, too, if one or two of the boys of yore realize the impression they made…


  4. BEAUTIFUL. What a beautiful, amazing and lovely post!!!

    I remember a “kind of” boyfriend placing a row of roses on my windshield every morning for a week or two. Unfortunately I wasn’t that crazy about him… BUT… that was a good thing – he ended up in jail! My story is SO not romantic like yours!


  5. Hi Selma,
    They are a beautiful flower, and the variety of colours they come in can enhance any garden, such lovely huge flowers, they certainly are magnificent.


  6. One of my fav flowers and so many lovely memories attached to them as well. Lovely pics Sel, thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a great week, G


  7. Hi STEPH:
    So great to hear from you. Woo Hooo *doing a happy dance*
    I do wonder that a lot, you know. One or two guys from my youth were little gems. I hope they are happy, I really do!

    Awww. You are such a sweetie to say that.

    Oh no. Just as well you weren’t all that crazy about him. At least he was a bit romantic with the roses on the windshield. Actually, that is a great story!!

    Hi MAGS:
    They are so gorgeous. My sister lives next door to a woman whose garden is full of them in the most beautiful colours. The red ones are stunning – such a deep red you’d think the colour was painted on. Everyone stops to look. It is a real talking point in the neighbourhood.

    They are gorgeous, aren’t they? It’s funny how certain flowers trigger such lovely memories. They play a more significant part in our lives than we realise, I think.


  8. Johnny James – sounds like a cowboy 😉 What a lovely thing for him to have done and I can just picture you checking the flowers for beetles and fairies. I’m not that big on Hibiscus – not sure why – might remind me of corny Elvis Presley movies or something like that – haha.


    Hahaha. You were obviously traumatised by ‘Paradise Hawaiian Style.’ Not one of Elvis’ best movies. I know exactly what you mean. That has really cracked me up 😆

    Johnny James was cool. He had a good heart. It was nice to come across a 16-year old guy who was so sensitive. He lives in New York now. Amazing to think he’d be in his mid forties. I’ll always remember him as a teenager….


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