Sweet Pretty Creature

I love the Willie Wagtail – such a jolly little bird.

It’s the largest of the Australian fantails. The Willie Wagtail can be distinguished from other similar-sized black and white birds by its black throat and white eyebrows and whisker marks. The name wagtail stems from the constant sideways wagging of the tail.

You can listen to its call here.

Some people say the call sounds as if it is saying sweet pretty creature.

I just love it when I see a Willie Wagtail.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Pretty Creature

  1. heehee willy wagtail, how adorably cute is that? lol I listened to his call and my hub said “What the hell is that?!” funny and he looks a strutty type too . lol


  2. HI CATHY:
    They are the cutest little birds. They will come right up to you, wag their tails and then fly off. Too adorable!!!


  3. We get them, too, but in the front garden; never in the back. My friend says it’s because they prefer more open areas, well away from shrubs, etc.

    It’s ‘official’ name is Pied Wagtail, but my Grand-dad always called it a ‘Willie Wagtail’

    (I always thought because his name was Will! :D)


  4. Hi Selma,
    They are a beautiful bird, they always look so delicate and fragile, so small, and yet when ever I see one it always seems they are happy, I think it’s because of the beautiful song that they have.


    I’ve also noticed that they seem to like to be near water because every park I go to on the Harbour or on some kind of waterway has them. When we lived in Glebe (which is much closer to the water) we actually got them in our garden but in this place we don’t. You thought his name was Will. Hahaha.

    Hi MAGS:
    They do look delicate but they are very feisty. They’re not bothered at all by the bigger birds and they are amazing flyers. Quite cheeky. I love that about them!

    Hi MELEAH:
    They are little cuties alright 😀

    You would love them. They are real characters. If they know you are watching they will put on a little show for you. It really is cute!


  6. Haha – so that is what they are saying – I love the way on the internet, with a quick click, you can listen to birdsong. Willy Wagtails have so much personality!


    I love listening to the birdsong too. It has helped me identify a lot of birds. The Willy Wagtails really are entertaining. They wouldn’t be out on place in Vaudeville!


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