That Little Ole Moon

When the full moon rose high casting the colour of polished stone and slate over the land, Lindy couldn’t sleep.

She tried and tried to sleep, forcing her eyelids to stay together like a child trying to dupe his parents as they checked on him before they went to bed, but it didn’t work. The full moon, stronger than sunlight, eased its way like breathing beneath her eyelids until they opened, surprised, in her silver-coated room.

The only way to counter the effects of sleeplessness, to iron out the wrinkles on the moon-drenched lawn, was to photograph the culprit. The mistress moon herself. To take photo after photo of the lustrous moon then take them and change them in the hope of diluting their vividness was the only power she had.

For hours she worked – adding colour and texture –Β  layering and slicing, trying to make the moon less full-blooded than it was.

Then came the moment where she dared with shaking fingers to be capricious, to be impudent to that mistress of all she surveyed and channel Warhol into her vision of the moon.

It was a bold move but an effective one. It made Lindy laugh. It broke the hold of the gigantic, gleaming moon, seizing its crystalline clasp, diluting it, breaking it down until it was still bright, still shiny, but all in all just a little old moon.

And Lindy knew that at long last she could get some sleep.

17 thoughts on “That Little Ole Moon

  1. Funny we had a full moon last nght and as I was leaving work it had this hazy glow around it and I knew I was gonna have to tuck my window blind into the well of the window if I wanted to be able to sleep without it shining in my face! lol How odd you wote about this today πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Selma,
    A full moon is beautiful in the sky, when we have a full moon where I live, it actually lights up the whole back yard, it’s like daylight most nights with the full moon, it always amazes me how bright it can be.


  3. Wow – what a wonderful little tale – peace through transformation. There was an almost full moon while we were away this week and it looked amazing with the moonbeams over the Coral Sea (it was cloudy on the actual full moon) πŸ™‚


  4. Mistress Moon can be a little bossy at times. πŸ™‚

    I love how you had Lindy take the opportunity to go out and play in the silver light and bring even more beauty to it.


  5. Hi CATHY:
    That moon has been so bright, hasn’t it? Last night it was so bad I thought I was asleep in the middle of the day. Moonlight is a beautiful thing, though. So silvery.

    Awww. Thanks so much!!

    I love how you put that – when life hands you a full moon. Perfect!

    Hi MAGS:
    I know what you mean. This latest full moon has been so bright, hasn’t it? It’s like being in fairyland or something!!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    You are far too kind to me. β™₯

    I often wish I could draw because I have a few ideas for children’s stories lurking around in the old brain. I’ll put this one in the ‘TO DO’ file…. (along with the 4,567 other things LOL)

    I would have loved to have seen the moonbeams on the coral sea. That would have been magical. Now THAT sounds like the beginnings of a children’s book!!

    Hi KAREN:
    Oh yes. She gets her point across that old Mistress Moon. I think Lindy actually enjoyed her period of wakefulness!!

    Hi MELEAH:
    The Warhol part was fun. There are some great photo editing programs out now. I did that with an Apple program called PhotoEffects. It is really cool!


  7. Loved this!!! Reading it put a smile on my face, loved all the colors and how well you described it all! I see a designer in you! We can collaborate someday!


  8. How wonderful! This reminded me of the book where the little girl asks for her dad to get the moon so she can play with it…. lovely images!


  9. Hi TBALL:
    You are very kind to say that but I will never be in the same league as you when it comes to design. I would love to collaborate on something in the future, though. That would be cool!

    I love that book. I think it’s called ‘Papa, Can You Get Me The Moon?’ or something like that! It is such a lovely book. I love anything to do with the moon!


  10. Now all you need to do is Bark at the Moon! Funny how this satellite of our Earth has held the fascination of billions & billions throughout history.


  11. Hi ROSHAN:
    Owoooooooooh! Bark at the Moon – I love that song. The moon really has fascinated us since the dawn of time. Amazing!


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