With love from me to you….

12 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. Happy Easter to you too!!

    I enjoyed your last post too. The power of hugs is amazing – too many people in the world go without human contact, let alone with an act of love. We can even feel the sincerity or the comfort level of a person by the way a hug is executed – powerful thing, that body language that we use without thinking!

    And the hydrangeas coming back. Amen to their rebirth. XOXO


  2. Hi DEBORAH:
    I have eaten so much chocolate over the past few days it is quite possible that some of my cells are now made of chocolate. But I’m feeling glad all over 😆

    Hi MAGS:
    I hope your long weekend has been brilliant. It is so nice to have that extended break, isn’t it?

    Hi JULIET:
    Hope you have had a wonderful Easter with lots of bunnies (I know how much you love your bunnies…)

    All chocolated out but feeling no pain. Easter eggs are definitely one of the happiest confectionaries around, especially those Cadbury Creme eggs. OMG. I love them. Nom to the max!!

    Hi AINE:
    Hugs really are fantastic. I am such a fan of them. Much better than all that horrible air kissing on both cheeks people do these days. Give me a good old-fashioned hug any time!

    I am so so glad the hydrangeas came back. Made me really happy. Hope you’ve been having a wonderful Easter!


  3. Happy Belated Easter Greetings Selma. I hope you had a good one. Was the Easter Feline good to you??? Mr. Ched is inquiring LOL.

    Those chocolate eggs look nummmyyyy!!


    I hope you are feeling better. Easter Feline. That is funny. I had a very chocolate-y Easter which is the best kind. Hope you had a great one too!


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