I Still Call Sydney Home

There are times when I am reminded why I love my city.

Ye Olde Opera House

Luna Park (where the Ferris Wheel hangs out over the water and scares you half to death)

A ferry named Friendship. Can you think of anything nicer?

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset

See those people up on top of the Harbour Bridge? They are doing the Bridge climb. It is very popular. The top arch of the bridge is 134 metres above mean sea level. That’s 440 feet. A little too high for me. I wonder if those people on the bridge think we look like ants…..

It’s not just the pub in Eastenders that has her. We have our own Queen Vic too.

Sydney, dear Sydney. Sometimes your finery just can’t be denied.

I am glad on days like these to call you home.

15 thoughts on “I Still Call Sydney Home

  1. Hi Selma,
    Great photo’s of a wonderful City, Sydney has a lot to offer not only for the people living there but also for visitors as well, whether from o/seas or other parts of OZ.


  2. One of these days/years, I am going to have to brave the 22 hour flight to come to Sydney to see all of these amazing places. And of course – to meet YOU, in Real Life!


    I was taking the photos towards evening so they weren’t as bright as they could have been but I still think they came out OK. Sydney has some good sights to see and I do hope you can make it down here one day!

    My pleasure. I hope you get the chance to visit. It is an incredibly long flight, though. We really are in the land way, way down under!

    I have a love/hate relationship with Sydney. But on a day like today I love her!

    Hi MAGS:
    There are a lot of things to do, for sure. I was surprised how many tourists were there. Hundreds and hundreds of Japanese people. I must have taken at least 20 photos for people!

    Haha. I am reasonably confident in saying that I am one of the few Aussies who has watched Eastenders since it began and still watch it – ‘Rickaaay. Rickaaay.’ That’s my Bianca impression. I love it. I want to live there and run the pub!!!

    Hi MELEAH:
    That would be the awesome sauce. It is such a long flight though. The last time I went to the UK it nearly killed me. I hope to get to the States sometime soon and if I do you and I are going to party!! It’ll be so much fun 😀


  4. Hi Selman, I agree with your list and would add:
    the Botanical Gardens,
    the beaches
    the Museums and Art Galleries.
    Abbey’s book shop,
    The “vintage” (aka second hand in oldie speak ) shops –Vinnies, Salvos etc –you can find some great clothes, books, art , knick-knack, furniture in those shops.

    Another thing I love about Sydney is the food scene -the cafes, eateries, and restaurants. Sydney is multicultural. People from 180 different countries live here- and their foods are all represented. From Armenian cuisine to Zimbabwean fare, and anything in between you can find it in somewhere in Sydney.Cheers, David.


  5. Those were great photos – makes me want to go to Australia even more. Not too sure I would try that ferris wheel or the bridge climb but would love to see everything else. Will you be my tour guide?


  6. Hey Selma, so happy to see these photos … looks like such an interesting place.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. I’m always glad to see your pictures of your city. I have a love/hate relationship with mine too. I’ve visited a number of the world’s great cities, and they’ve never disappointed. I hope to visit yours one day.


  8. Great pics! although the one of the amusements was kinda CREEEPY with that grinning face/sunburst? I don’t know what it was but at night in the dark…shudder lol


  9. DAVID – You are spot on. Sydney is a melting pot for a wide variety of foods and cultures. My next photo stop is the Botanical Gardens and then Bondi beach. Who knows, I might even do the North Shore. *shudder*

    TBALL – I would be your tour guide in a heartbeat. There are so many great places to see. I really cannot do the bridge climb. I’ve been asked to go a couple of times but it is just SO HIGH. I didn’t think heights worried me but now I know they do. Yikes!!

    SUSAN – It is a pretty interesting place. Glad you liked the photos 😀

    JENNIFER – And I hope to visit yours. I feel I have learned so much about your part of the world through you. I am so grateful for that!

    GERALDINE – It is a nice city. Definitely lots of lovely sights!!!

    TRAVELRAT – I know. I was in the wrong part of town. Next time!!!

    CATHY – Yeah. That is the entrance to Luna Park which is an amusement park. You have to walk through the grinning mouth to get in and I have done iyt at night and it IS creepy. Actually, it would make a great setting for a horror movie. Now I’m scaring myself……


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