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I was quite sick this week. My endometriosis was acting up somethin’ shockin’ (as my Aunt Jo says)  – sorry to mention female issues my dear male readers, next post is about football, I promise……

It really knocked me out because the pain was bad.  I was a bit bedridden as a result. It was also the type of pain that makes you swear in a very unladylike manner. Oooh OWWWW. WHAT THE F**%%##@####@#????? FOR THE LOVE OF #@@#$$%%%%$#@@$….

You get the picture.

After wandering the pain-filled labyrinth all week I wanted to share a few images which have cheered me. Hope your week has been good and above all, pain free.

My beloved Anzac Bridge.

Balmain Town Hall clocktower. Love this clock.


Watch the Birdie….

I defy anyone not to be cheered by a lovely bit of yellow. This certainly made me smile. What would I do without the flowers and the trees and the other beautiful bits?

21 thoughts on “Beautiful Bits

  1. The X#$CF%*^$ things that women have to put up with Selma – totally not fair. Hope you are feeling better soon. Your photos are wonderful and uplifting – I love town hall clocks, especially!


  2. DAOINE – It is one of the crosses I have to bear, unfortunately, but will apparently get better when the full blown menopause hits. It can’t happen soon enough. Bring on the Big ‘M.’

    GABRIELLE – I know. It really does suck. I am a lot better now just a bit out of it from the painkillers I’ve taken all week but my dear family say they don’t notice the difference. Nice! I love town hall clocks too. They are wonderful things!


  3. Hi Selma, sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been saying bring on the GODDAMMED BIG M for YEARS!! Forty years of having to put up with this crap is plenty long enough! 😉

    I love yellow! especially in the spring here, it just seems so sunshiny after a long drab winter. It shouts out good cheer, especially daffodils!


  4. I hope you feel better (and I didn’t read closely to the part about female issues).

    Yes, yellows are a joy that will certainly make me smile–though with spring here it seems red and pinks are the dominant force.


  5. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill.

    But, if yellow does it for you, have a look in my blog at ‘Pic of the Week’ this week.


  6. I am so sorry about the pain-filled week. Ouch…hope you are feeling much better today. The images are gorgeous.

    Take care of yourself Sel and happy weekend, G


  7. Really, I would rather you bore me with endometriosis stories than force me to watch football! And I did Google it to learn more. So what did I find? “Women with endometriosis often notice their symptoms improve if they’re pregnant”. All I can say Selma, is you know what to do! But wait. It also goes away after menopause! But wait. Then you get the flushes, palpitations, dryness… I will stop there, but I assure you it all in God’s plan for you, so enjoy. That would be funny if it wasn’t so painful! xx


  8. Get better soon Selma and I hope ill health leaves you alone for a long, long time. As for the photos, they are all awesome and amazing.

    As for mentioning lots of female issues, you may blog about beer next.


  9. DEBORAH – Your hugs always make me feel better. Thank you so much!

    CATHY _ I am with you completely. Enough is enough. It’s like a life sentence for a crime I didn’t commit. *singing* Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…..LOL.

    I love yellow in the flowers and the tree. So jolly. Always cheers me up!

    SLAMDUNK – Haha. Reds and pinks will do nicely. I guess I just love seeing the colours of nature out in full force!

    TRAVELRAT _ I will be over to have a look shortly!


  10. GERALDINE – I am feeling better. Hope you are having a great weekend!

    STAFFORD – LOL. I might make it into the papers if I get pregnant at my age. That would be too funny. And yes, the side effects of the menopause don’t sound too flash, either. In my next life I’m coming back as a man or better yet, a cyborg with only digital internal parts. 😆

    ROSHAN – Beer. Lol. I’ll put it on my list!

    JENNIFER – Yellow is one of my faves. I just love it. I am feeling SO much better now. XX


  11. So sorry to hear you’ve been in such misery. While menopause is no picnic, pain like that is much worse. Of course, if you were here in America, they’d have that ol’ uterus ripped out at the first sign of discomfort. It’s their favorite surgery. (rolls eyes)

    Love the photos. I’ve been in a picture-taking mood lately, but haven’t dragged out the big camera. Mainly because I’ve managed to lose the cords to hook it up to transfer the files from the camera to the computer. My old ‘puter used to have a card reader that was the right size, now? Nope. New fangled badingledangle has me bamboozled again.

    Gentle hugs and a nice cuppa your choice.

    Love you.



  12. Hey Selma, hang in there, girl, and keep getting lots of rest and deep breaths of fresh air.
    Being on the other side of the big “M” is a pretty good place to be!


  13. Sorry to hear about the endometriosis, Selma. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Your photo’s are lovely – I can almost feel I am right there!


  14. KAREN – some doctors have said I should get it ripped out which would be fine except for the recurring dream I have of me dying on an operating table. Very freaky. It has made me terrified of surgery. I think I need someone to interpret that dream for me because I get in a state whenever I have it. Surely it’s not prophetic…..

    Sorry to hear about your camera. A firewire cable might work if you have one. The problem is getting one with the right number of pins. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes modern technology is more of a hindrance than a help.

    I am enjoying my virtual cup of tea with you. Mhmmmmmm….

    SUSAN – I can’t wait. My Aunt experienced the same problems as me and as soon as she hit menopause they stopped. She was like a spring chicken frolicking down the street. I hope that happens to me. If it does I will actually skip along and whistle at the same time!!!

    Awww. You are far too kind. I am not a terribly good photographer but I do like to snap away. I do feel much better now 😀


  15. Selma – hope you are feeling better! Love the photos – pelicans always remind me of Oz for some reason. And the bridge shot – so artistic. Loved it. Take care x


  16. KATE C – Pelicans remind me of Oz too. I don’t know why. The guys I saw the other day were just too cute. Very chubby and fluffy. And oh, so tame. It is SO good to hear from you!!

    MELEAH – Thank you for those vibes. I can feel them. I can feel them……

    KATE – It has been a much better week. Hallelujah. I couldn’t have stood another week like that!


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