Heart On The Tree

I saw a heart drawn on a tree and even though I don’t like to see people defacing trees I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the romance of it.

The tree stands at the edge of a park on a cliff face that has a sign warning people not to go too close to the water’s edge. It’s not such an unsafe cliff face that it would crumble if you stood on it but imagine a blustery day where the hat you were wearing to keep the sun out of your eyes began to blow off your head and you were trying to hold the hat with one hand and the can of spraypaint with the other and you were aware of the dangers of the cliff face but you had to, just had to, draw that heart.

For your love.

So the wind blew and you shook up the can. And you held onto your hat, leaning into the wind as if becoming part of it for a moment might tame it or at the very least might make it look at you favourably, just long enough to do what you came for.

And as you moved towards the tree, ready to draw, you heard the waves below you swishing around as if they were frothing themselves up ready to gather either you or your hat right to them in case the wind decided to do her worst and blow you right over the edge.

And the leaves on the tree shook and gestured like little flags, egging you on but also mocking you as if to say: Write something nasty on our tree and we will let the wind do with you what you will.

So you take a deep breath and begin to draw. Your hand is shaking. The heart you draw is out of shape, clumsier than you’d like, but you feel at this moment with the way your own heart is beating that it is the best you can do and that somehow, in the strangest of ways, it is right.

And you stand back and look and wonder how one person, one girl could make you, the guy who is always landing himself in trouble, the would-be tough guy, turn his spray can to acts of love.

The heart looks right on the tree no matter what the wind might whisper. You feel glad you have done it. You tell your girl later and she is pleased. She likes little notes and hearts and declarations of love. She tells you she sees the heart when she walks her dog and her own heart expands all the way out to sea. And she says other people stop and look and say: A heart on the tree. How nice. I wonder who put it there. It must have been someone in love.

And you feel good. Right down to your toes. Because you are that someone in love.

19 thoughts on “Heart On The Tree

  1. Wonderful little suspense filled tale Selma 🙂 I can just imagine you imagining that boy in the wind with his heart full of love and his hand full of spray can 😉


  2. I love this photo, great composition. And there is nothing more romantic than a heart carved in a tree, with initials. So cool this still happens. I had a few myself, long ago.:)

    Happy Week Sel, G


  3. STAFFORD – I always thought the arrows through the hearts looked painful. But then love is painful, right? Oh no – I feel a country and western song coming on about love gone wrong and a dog and a truck. Haha.

    MAGS – It really can. You can never right off the power of love!

    GABRIELLE – It just popped into my head. It was incredibly windy up there and I just thought that drawing the heart was probably a bit precarious. And the little story was born…..

    GERALDINE – It is romantic, isn’t it? I didn’t think people did that anymore but it is nice to see. We need as much romance as we can get in this world. I hope you also have a happy week!


  4. I love that it’s a double tree. It looks like two people captured in wood in the moment they’re both raising their arms for an embrace.


  5. On a recent visit to Windermere, I was gratified to see the initials KK♥JB still carved in the woodwork of the ‘pram shelter’ after over half a century … but I’m damned if I remember who JB was!


  6. KATHERINE – I haven’t done it either or had it done for me. But I would love it. It is just so romantic *sigh*

    DAOINE – Oh, how beautiful. I didn’t notice that but you are right. That makes it even more perfect!!!

    TRAVELRAT – No way. You carved that and it’s still there??? Now who is the mysterious JB, I wonder. Spill the beans!!!


  7. It was either Janet Ballenger, Jessica Burcher or Jane Bairstow.

    I remember them all, but can’t remember who I carved the heart for.


  8. TRAVELRAT – Either way, it was romantic. Awwwwww…..

    JENNIFER – It was a feel good moment for me too. Thank you unknown guy who drew the heart on the tree!!

    MELEAH – I am the Typo Queen LOL. And you are so right – True love IS a beautiful thing!


  9. What a beautiful story you’ve spun out of little more than a heart painted on a tree and a whimsical notion. Well done!


  10. If the tree could tell the story……….. well, it doesn’t have to because you did! And I love the picture i have in my head this morning after reading your descriptive observations. 🙂


  11. VAHID – Thanks so much. It means a lot to me that you should say that. 😀

    DANA – I’m sure the tree has plenty of amazing stories. If only I could speak tree……LOL.

    LISSA – I know. I just couldn’t help dreaming about it. It just jumped out at me. I know you would have been captivated too!


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