I Can’t Believe The News Today….

Or maybe I can.

Looks like The Rapture didn’t happen after all.

I’m glad because I would have missed you all.

Today we can rejoice in the fact that the world hasn’t ended and we can feel on our faces which way the wind is blowing and revel in the colour of the beautiful blue sky.

Happy Post-Rapture Sunday.

20 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe The News Today….

  1. Ha, it seems like the self-proclaimed profits always have a back-up plan. I am sure the leader of the movement is already shifting to Plan B–something like his group’s efforts helped to change God’s mind and the result is a temporary stay in the end.


  2. PATTIKEN – You should have put it in your diary. LOL šŸ˜€

    SLAMDUNK – I guess you better have a back-up plan if your prediction is the end of the world. The whole thing has left me feeling incredulous but also fascinated. I cannot believe the media coverage this fundamentalist has gotten!


  3. Hi Selma,
    There were some reports of people laying out cloths and shoes on the footpaths as a bit of a prank, but nothing like that was done around here in my neck of the woods, it was really a bit boring. šŸ™‚


  4. GERALDINE – I thought so too but I guess you never know. If the world is going to end I’d rather not know beforehand, I think. Then I won’t spend my last few hours on earth worrying. Have a great Sunday!

    MAGS – Nothing happened here, either. I wish someone had done something. It would’ve been fun!!


  5. Rats! That means I shall have to renew my car insurance at the end of the month, after all!

    Wonder how many people woke up this morning wishing they hadn’t told the boss to stuff his job on Friday?


  6. TRAVELRAT – Hahaha. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for some of the real life confessions. I bet some of them were very juicy šŸ˜†


  7. We would have missed you too Selma. And you’re right – it’s a reminder for us all to live EVERY day as if the world was going to end.

    Wonderful photo.


  8. yes, we can all rejoice at that. though I wonder if we would have notice much if we aren’t constantly being told, even quietly at times, that life is short and no matter what you do, there is no return.

    is this thought too sober for a sunday? then again, it’s probably already monday where you are now. hope it’s a lovely day for you nonetheless.


  9. PS: It’s official here in Canada, the sun did come up on another day!! LOL What a good post idea, thanks Sel.

    PSS: Mr. Ched sends a headbonk your way too! He loves Auntie Sel. xxxooo


  10. KAREN – I was hoping for smaller queues at the bus stop. Can’t these fundamentalists get anything right? LOLZ šŸ˜†

    JENNIFER – It is a reminder. I know it’s hard to do but sometimes if you try it does work. I think I stole this from Oprah (yes, I watched her show once haha) but I try to find at least 5 good things that have happened in the day. It stops me from grumbling too much.

    That photo is the very top of a National Trust building down the road from me called The Abbey. It is utterly fabulous. You should see how big it is. I believe it was an abbey in the mid 1800s and all the locals think it’s haunted. I am thinking of writing to the man who lives in it and asking him if I could do a story on it for the blog. He’ll probably say no but you never know….

    LISSA – It’s not too sober at all. We should think about the sober things. It helps us to appreciate the good things. And life is too short so we should try and be happy. If we can šŸ˜€

    GERALDINE – Yay. I knew that lucky ole sun would rise again. It’s not all over yet. We’ve got to change our wicked ways and save the planet first.

    Thanks for the headbonk Mr. Ched. You are so adorable. ā™„

    GABRIELLE – We’re still here. Get used to it apocalyptists (is that a word???) LOL.


  11. LOL I knew it was all a crock of shite….I wonder what rock these people climbed out from under…and doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible and corrct me if I’m wrong cos I probably am, but I’m sure I heard that god says that he will not suffer false prophets to live and will be put to death…which then brings in another whole kettle of fish, as it were, regarding the whole shalt not kill thing…bunch of nutters if ya ask me lol


  12. CATHY – YES!!! I wondered about the false prophet thing myself. What has bothered me the most about this situation is a news story I heard about the number of children that have been traumatised thinking the world is coming to an end. It’s so irresponsible to place that kind of burden on them, isn’t it?
    Nutters, indeed!!


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