Flower At The Gate

We have a lot of beautiful churches in my neighbourhood. This is the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church round the corner from my house. Its spire is quite striking against the skyline.

I love the detail in the stonework, the stained glass windows and the solid, impenetrable wrought iron fences and gates.

I don’t attend this church but I walk by it almost every day.

And every day I see the same thing.

The flower at the gate.

Sometimes it’s white. Sometimes it’s red. Sometimes it’s yellow. But there is always a flower at the gate.

Poised, perched, placed with care. Not a bunch, no stalks, no leaves, just a single bloom.

Is it like an orange placed on a Buddhist altar?

A tribute to a family member who has passed?

Is it an offering to the gods?

An appeasement?

Is it a random thing that one person did and then someone else saw it and thought they would do it? And then another and another?

Or is it a simple act of faith? Is it someone saying: I believe?

I can’t say, but even on rainy days, bleak days, dusty days full of people griping at the smallest of things the flower is there.

I like to think that most of all it is a little sign of hope, that the shadows, the sadness that can freeze our hearts hasn’t yet consumed us all.

I like to think it is a prayer for everyone who passes.

15 thoughts on “Flower At The Gate

  1. A striking image, stark and delicate at the same time. And definitely something to contemplate, why is it there. Sending good vibes to the person who leaves these flowers.

    Great post Sel, very unique! :<)


  2. Hi Selma,
    How unusual, it really would be interesting to find the real reason behind the flower, I have never seen anything like that done before, you will have me thinking about this now and wondering why. It really is a thing of beauty on the old gate, and it is a magnificent church, the architecture is really well done, I especially like the bit of pattern that was put under the top window, it really does add to the whole look.


  3. GERALDINE – I would love to know who leaves the flowers there and why. I am so intrigued. I agree with you – whoever it is deserves lots of good vibes!!

    MAGS – I know. My curiosity is at peak level. I would love to rig up a camera there somehow to see who it is. If I see the church minister anywhere around I will ask him about it. And yes, it is a really beautiful church!


  4. You know how certain things will come to your atention when you need them to the most? Reading your post just now gave me such a feeling of hope and calmness that I’ve been without for awhile, I’m thinking it may be from the constant winds blowing here and being around so much negative, rude energy.
    But this reminds me that there is kindness, and flowers, and someone who will always leave them for whatever reason … I have a fondness for lovely churches also so thank you for all of this, my friend.


  5. Maybe there’s some kind of coded message in the colour of the flower? The minister is in/out/on holiday or something?


  6. What a beautiful church to pass by, and that single flower presents a fascinating idea … I love discovering positive little surprises like that in the world.

    I agree with you, it seems to be the very symbol of hope and a reminder that we should never lose heart.


  7. SUSAN – That is such a pertinent point. I know exactly what you mean because I have experienced that. Things like this often happen to me when I am feeling stressed or a little disillusioned. It’s a reminder that there is still hope, I suspect. I am so incredibly pleased that reading this gave you a sense of calm. WOW. Thank YOU!!

    GABRIELLE – I have to know. Guess I’ll have to undertake a bit of surveillance. HopeI don’t get arrested for loitering. LOLOLOL.

    TRAVELRAT – You could be right. There never seems to be anyone around. Flower code. I like it!

    JENNIFER – I Love them too. They just make life worth living, you know?

    TRACEY – That’s what it says to me. I’m so glad you can see it too. Maybe the sentimental part of me is reading too much into it but I can’t help it. I like to think there is always hope…..

    LYNNE EVE – How have you been, hon? It is so good to hear from you. I have missed you so much. It is so cool when bloggers I haven’t heard from in a while return. YAY!


  8. Bot the photo of the flower (which is a wonderful mystery) and your words are wonderful. And, Selma? You are indeed a poet. Not all poetry need be in a traditional form or rhyme.


  9. PATTIKEN – You are very kind to say that and it is true that not all poetry need be in traditional form. This flower has really inspired me. I am actually writing a short story about it at the moment. There is so much around us that inspires.


  10. I have another idea for you. I was intrigued by the notion of there always being a flower at the gate, but different flowers on different days. You’re a really good photographer. Why not put together a photo essay? You could then go back and write a little something to intersperse her and there, or even on every photo. I bet you would find the poetry flowing.

    Oh, and though you didn’t mention it, I was struck by the chain. It looked so assertive, so forbidding, and such a contrast to the delicate and welcoming little flower.


  11. I agree with PattiKen, the gates do look forbidding and cold and there in the middle is a little ray of sunshine! I think her idea of a photo essay is a good one too.

    I like it when we see the little things that cheer us, that make us smile, that give a lift to our step. Sometimes we need that and it always seems to come along when we need it most!


  12. PATTIKEN – That is a really good idea. I am going to do it. And, of course, the chain….I noticed it but I didn’t notice it if you know what I mean. It does provide such a contrast to the delicacy of the flower. Thank you for such an invaluable comment. You are awesome!!!

    CATHY – PattiKen had such a good idea, didn’t she? She has really inspired me. And I agree with you so much – it really does pep us up when we see things like this. It’s like getting a little present that you weren’t expecting. I love it!!


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