Love Among The Hedges

I was walking home the other day doing that kind of half-daydreaming, half-paying attention thing I do when I almost jumped out of my skin. I caught sight of this out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a real guy hiding in the bushes.I thought he was looking at me until I started to walk away.

Boy, was I wrong.

Wonder if they dance under the moonlight…..

18 thoughts on “Love Among The Hedges

  1. Isn’t it amazing the things people put in their yards? There’s street in Sabastipol, California where a metal sculptor lives. He’s talked just about everyone on the street to putting one of his sculptures in the yard. Now the street is like an outdoor museum and a real tourist destination. If you’re curious. you can see his work here: Patrick Amiot.


  2. Hi Selma,
    I’ve never seen anything like it, I must say I don’t particularly like the way they have done it, it really looks weird, I can certainly understand why you took a step back.


  3. GYPSY DANCER – I know. It really is quite hilarious. Bring back the gnome!!!

    LAURI – Is he? I am really interested in it too. A friend of mine lives in a street where all the hedges are cut in different shapes. It’s a bit like Edward Scissorhands. The next time I’m there I’ll get some photos for Mr. K.

    PATTIKEN – It really is funny what people put in their yards. Wow. I am really interested in that sculptor. It reminds me of a house round the corner from me where the woman who owns it is a potter. She has all sorts of weird creations in her front yard. It’s very Dali-esque. I must remember to get a photo of it!

    CATHY – A lot of people do have a good sense of humour around here. I am glad I saw it. I am sure there is something just as hilarious waiting round the corner!!

    MAGS – It did give me a fright. I wasn’t expecting it. I laughed when I realised what it was, though!

    GABRIELLE – I’m glad I know it’s there now because if I was to walk past it at night I might have a heart attack. Too funny πŸ˜†


  4. DEBORAH – I Know. It’s the white face. I would’ve thought it was the guy from the Hallowe’en movies. AAAAARRRGHHHHH!!!

    HEATHER – They’re very perky, aren’t they? *snort*

    MELEAH – It’s pretty funny πŸ˜†

    BEAR – πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Oh, it’s good to have you back !!


  5. I’ve never seen anything like this. Wonder if it will take off? The 1st pic looks like something our traffic cops would dream up to hide their camera in…


  6. ADEEYOYO – It would be a little disconcerting if it did take off. Hahaha. However, it would be a great place to hide a camera. LOL.


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