Have you ever seen someone who looks exactly like someone you know?

I was one hundred percent convinced today that I saw my old friend, Anna, in the bank. Five years ago Anna moved to Paris with her husband and I haven’t seen her in the flesh since (although, obviously, I’ve spoken to her on the phone, emailed her etc.) but I thought she might have come back to Sydney to surprise me because she is the kind of person who does things like that. So I was excited when I saw her in the bank.

It was uncanny how much the person I thought was Anna looked like her. Anna is a beautiful brunette with long hair and even longer limbs. She is willowy and ethereal looking. Not many people look like her so it would be difficult to mistake someone else for her.

When I saw Anna in the bank I actually gave a little yelp. Sort of like a cowboy going ay-ay-yippy-yippy-ay. It was an involuntary response. The people in the bank looked at me, wondering if they should alert security, so I sort of adopted the cowboy theme I’d set up with the ay-ay-yippy and swaggered over to Anna as if I’d just lassooed a few cows and eaten a pot full of beans.

Except that Anna wasn’t Anna. When she spoke I knew it wasn’t her, but until that point I was convinced it was my old friend – even up close.

Seeing the pseudo Anna unsettled me a bit because I am pretty good with faces. I usually don’t get people I know mixed up with complete strangers. The only conclusion I can come to is that today I encountered Anna’s doppelganger.

They say we all have a double somewhere in the world. A doppelganger. The problem with a doppelganger is that even though it might look exactly like us it is supposedly representative of evil. Our evil side come to life, perhaps. However, I don’t think the woman in the bank was the evil Anna. In fact, she seemed quite nice.

I know several people who have had a doppelganger interlude, including my friend Jules. She saw a woman she thought was me when she was on holiday in Sweden about ten years ago. The funny thing is that she was still convinced it was me even after striking up a conversation with the woman. She thought it was me putting on an accent. To this day she will bring it up occasionally, saying : ‘Are you sure it wasn’t you?’  I laugh about it in a slightly nervous way while Jules says (pointing at me): ‘She looked exactly like you. Exactly.’

{ Me and my doppelganger}

I don’t know what the frequency of genetic variation in the general population with regard to facial characteristics is but it is probably fair to say there are a finite number of combinations when it comes to the composition of facial features. Chances are there is someone out there somewhere who looks just like me. Or you.

In some traditions seeing the doppelganger of a friend or relative means illness or danger while seeing a doppelganger of yourself is an omen of death.

Let’s hope that any cases of doppelganger spotting we encounter are just a trick of the light or a case of mistaken identity. But if you are convinced it is in fact another person’s double my advice to you is to run. RUN.

Run and don’t look back.

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  1. Cool Sel, this happened to me about 2 years ago. I was driving on my way to work and as I was coming up to a street where a good friend lives, I was POSITIVE it was Sue at the bus stop. I quickly pulled in tooting the horn and making c’mon gestures at her when she turned around. To my shock it wasn’t until I saw her up close and her saying to me “do I know you” that I realied it WASN’T Sue! I laaughed and said oh my you look JUST like my friend!

    There’s been lots of instances of that. A guy I see all the time is the image of my soninlaw, another looks just like my brother and another is the image of the husband of someone I know. It’s uncanny and a little unsettling at the same time to realise it isn’t them lol


  2. Years ago, when we were out looking around at houses for sale, we saw a girl walking down the road toward us. My husband and I looked at each other, then at the same time, looked into the back seat to make sure our daughter was still there.

    She was. In fact, she was staring at her own double, gape mouthed. “Mom,” she said, “did you see that?”

    The other girl had the same hair, face, physique, and walk, and even wore the same style of clothes. To this day, I wonder what her parents looked like…


  3. I went through a period of my life, I can’t remember when exactly, maybe my twenties or early thirties, when people would CONSTANTLY come up to me thinking I was someone else. It was really creepy because it occurred in lots of different situations and the resemblance was to a variety of the people’s old friends. They insisted I looked EXACTLY, and were a little freaked out. It stopped eventually, as I got older and changed my hairstyle and color. The thing is, you never know if you are really you or if YOU are the doppelganger.


  4. This is a topic that fascinates and kind of scares me at the same time. All of what you’ve said here about our own doppelganger and also about seeing others, I’ve read as well. I also have seen people who don’t look like they are from this world, a different look to them, other-worldly if that makes any sense. If it happens, you will know what I mean about this experience as well. I don’t think I’ve seen any doubles of anyone, I’m glad. That sounds like a very strange and unsettling experience. I think the best thing, say some prayers or send good thoughts to that particular person. If they are showing up this way, perhaps they need it.

    Interesting post Sel.


  5. I don’t know why I find this so scary. Maybe it’s to do with Stephen Hawkings and the anitmatter thing. If you shake the hand of your exact anitmatter you will both instantly disappear.


  6. Well that ‘creeped me out’ as my sister would say. I really don’t want to see any family doppplegangers! I did see a man in a van that looked exactly like someone I was seeing when I was younger, so much so, that I waved him down and ran across the street to him all smiles and reached him ready to kiss him!! He didn’t seem to mind but it REALLY freaked me out. LOL


  7. I remember when I was a kid that there was a woman who lived on the same housing estate that looked eerily like my Mum.

    If I was out playing I would run up to her and she would turn around and it would be her, but not her. As Deborah said, it creeped me out. 🙂 Especially when I started to have dreams that life was going as normal but that although they looked exactly like them, my family were not actually them….I could feel it! Creepy!

    It is funny but earlier on this week I wrote of a recent experience where I used the word ‘doppleganger’ too – So seeing the word doppleganger coming up on my blogroll gave me a shiver!

    The post where I used the word doppleganger is here –


  8. Hi Selma,
    Oh yes I have seen a doppleganger, when I was having a coffee with a friend I noticed a Lady that walked past that was the split image of another friend that I had not seen for awhile, I walked up to her but immediately realized it was not her, but boy she could of been her double.
    There are a lot of Horror movies that have been made about dopplegangers, and yes they are evil, but fun to watch. 🙂


  9. Oh yes, CATHY. I know exactly what you mean. It is very unsettling to see someone who so closely resembles another, especially if you keep seeing them all the time. Furrrreaky!!!!

    Wow, KAREN. That is quite disconcerting. Your daughter must have been freaked out. That’s what Jules said about me when she saw the other girl in Sweden – even the mannerisms were the same. Facial resemblance is one thing but copying my walk where I do that little Riverdance-inspired kick when I cross the road is not on. I take exception to that. 😀


  10. Oh, SLAMDUNK, I feel the same. One of me is definitely enough. LOL.

    SQUIRREL, AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH. I might be my own doppelganger writing this right now. That is a terrifying thought but a FANTASTIC Idea for a story. I actually have chills!!!

    Isn’t it interesting, ADEEYOYO? I had no idea so many people had experienced this type of thing. Is it because we catch a glimpse of the other person out of the corner of our eye and assume it is someone else? I really don’t know but it’s a fascinating subject.


  11. GERALDINE, I have experienced that too. And it is quite scary. Makes you think a lot about the afterlife and the paranormal and so on. Now I’m scaring myself and the sky is dark and it is stormy outside. Eeeeeekkkkk!!!

    OMG, LAURI. You would have to bring antimatter into it, wouldn’t you? A sciencey friend of mine is always going on about antimatter and black holes and parallel universes. He thinks doppelgangers are us stepping out of a parallel universe for a moment. Mind-boggling. Anti-matter – the mirror of the universe.


  12. Oh, DEBORAH, I’m sure he was delighted that you were going to kiss him. That is hilarious. He would probably have pretended he was the other guy all night if he could. LOL.

    SUSANNAH, what has freaked me out is that you have used doppelganger too. That is a little unsettling. And thinking your family weren’t your family scares me too. I will be over to read about your doppelganger shortly.

    MAGS, it is strange when we see someone we think we know but it turns out not to be them. It’s as if our eyes are playing tricks on us. I love all the movies about doppelgangers. There was a German one I saw years ago that was very good. I’ll see if I can find the link.


  13. Hahaha. GABRIELLE, I like how doppelganger rolls off the tongue too. And Squirrel’s comment is priceless but TERRIFYING!!!!!!


  14. There was once a young airman posted to our Squadron who was a dead ringer for my son. Turned out, back in the day, I used to know his mother … but it took a great deal to convince my colleagues I didn’t know her THAT well!


  15. I saw my doppelganger once, years ago, she had the same face, the same hair, same body type and was even wearing a very similar outfit. It was years ago as i say and I’m still here so that disproves one of the theories!

    Crafty Green Poet


  16. TRAVELRAT, It WOULD be so hard to explain that one away. I actually know a few people who are not related who look very similar. It does happen. But you know what the guys in the squadron are like – they DO gossip 😀

    JULIET, so glad you’re still here. It would have been a strange thing to see your doppelganger especially as she had the same hair and a similar outfit. WOW. I would’ve had goosebumps!


  17. I’ve had about three people, very well known to me, relate a similar instance where they have at different times not only seen a person that looked exactly like me, but they had to be told by the person they were definitely mistaken.

    It wasn’t a case of years or even months between seeing me and then my double, it was more like see me one week, run into and speak to my double the following week and then relay that experience to me a week or so later.

    I also had an occasion to visit a family at their home, for business, in a suburb about an hour away from mine. When the woman opened the door, she asked me why it was that I, her Doctor, had come to her home. Then her husband entered the hallway, glanced at me in passing, then rushed to the door wondering the same thing.

    So it seems that there’s a shabby and slightly overweight bear out there somewhere that’s the image of me. A Doctor apparently… so at least he’s a force for good.



  18. When my sister was pregnant with her first child, I was standing at a bus stop in the other end of the city. I saw my sister waiting for a taxi at the other end of the street. I decided to surprise her, so I sneaked up behind her, pulled her by the arm and said “let’s go beautiful”. She turned to face me and up close I realized that it wasn’t my sister but a total stranger. A pregnant, stranger who was now screaming at me!!!
    I managed to convince her and passersby that she looked just like my sister and that it was a harmless mistake. I was only 21 at the time so most people believed me.
    It still embarrasses me when I think about it 13 years later.


  19. Oh … spooky! I’ve had that happen to me a few times, where I’ve been convinced I’ve seen a friend or relative, but just before I open my mouth to speak to them I’ve realised it wasn’t them.

    I’ve been told that I have a twin living in Brisbane, or perhaps I just have one of those kinds of faces that people ‘see’ a lot … people sometimes don’t believe me that the person they saw just wasn’t me.


  20. BEAR, that is a really intriguing story. You don’t have a long lost twin you don’t know about, do you? And it is hilarious that your doppelganger is a doctor and not an insurance salesmen or those guys who knock on my door with boxes of apples that are all squishy while shouting – ‘
    “Fresh. FRESH!” 😆

    ROSHAN, that is a funny story. It is so easy to do. I have done it many times myself. I am glad the pregnant stranger let you off the hook. Whew!

    TRACEY, now that is interesting. If other people have seen your ‘twin’ it’s only a matter of time until you do. *insert pipe organ music here* My advice to you is RUN, RUUUUNNNNN!!!!


  21. I once saw my dad’s doppelganger on a trip to Washington DC…he was a Secret Service agent, making it especially difficult to casually take pix of him to bring back to Nevada to show my dad.




  22. This happens to be all the time. I go somewhere and someone thinks I’m someone else. Mostly they just think they know me. Want to know where I’m from or where I went to school or where I work. We never know each other and I just tell them I’ve got a twin, or two running around somewhere because this happens to me about once a week, truly…strange and unusual, wonder if I’m the bad one, lol Life and what comes with it!!!


  23. I once saw my own doppleganger while I was walking across campus in grad school … it threw me immediately into an existential crisis because I literally thought when I saw her, “Hey, there’s me.”


  24. I am told at least once a month that I look JUST like someone! It does get a bit old, but I usually comment back “well she must be very pretty!” HA. There is one person I look exactly like – my daughter. Well, technically she looks just like me!


  25. I sure hope there’s not an “evil me” running around out there. That could get ugly. 🙂 Thanks for the entertaining read.

    There’s another post in this. Has anyone ever told you that you look like “So and So” (usually a celebrity)? I always like to know folks “celebrity dopplegangers.” Mine’s Helen Hunt.


  26. One of the 30 minute sitcoms has a recurring theme about this exact situation. The show with Doogie Howser??? can’t recall the name right now.

    Funny stuff. Wonder if there is anyone looking like me out there?


  27. I do that all the time. I grew up in Green Bay, WI…went to school in Lynchburg, VA…and now live in Richmond, VA. So when I see someone I think I know, I always have to stop and think about what city I’m in and if that person lives there. I’ve said ‘hi’ to far too many strangers thinking they were someone else. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson.


  28. I love this field…..The paranormal………..U were right when u mentioned that a doppelganger is related to something evil………I am a paranormal researcher and investigator……I administered a paranormal blog at one point in my life however I had to shut it down due to certain activities that started taking place in my house. I wrote an article on my blog about the types of hauntings, Doppelganger is one of them…..I now administer a new blog……I sneak in a few articles from my paranormal blog every now and then……Here’s the link to all the types of hauntings that people have experienced


  29. I had someone come up to me once in a grocery store who was absolutely convinced I was her friend from college. I told her I wasn’t and she thought I was joking. She even brought her husband over who completely agreed with his wife and thought I was joking too. It was so weird (much weirder than the “oh you look like someone I know” that I get occasionally). I finally told them to call their friend’s cell phone and I’d show them mine wasn’t ringing. Apparently I have an exact replica walking around somewhere not too far from home!


  30. Ha! This sort of thing has happened to me since i was a teenager. Even my cousins would be angry with me for snubbing them when they addressed who they thought was me. I would have to explain that it was not me that they saw. Whoever this person was must have lived quite near my home town because it happened often. For nearly twenty years, i would be asked what i was doing here or there and why i acted like i didn’t know my friends and relatives, when in fact i was miles and sometimes entire states away from where i was “seen”.
    apparently, this person wasn’t evil. it is more likely that if the myth is true then i am the “doppleganger” and just don’t know it.
    i actually feel sorry for this person if she ever got accused of being in some of the places i actually was. lolbe angry with me for snubbing them when they addressed who they thought was me. I would have to explain that it was not me that they saw. Whoever this person was must have lived quite near my home town because it happened often. For nearly twenty years, i would be asked what i was doing here or there and why i acted like i didn’t know my friends and relatives, when in fact i was miles and sometimes entire states away from where i was “seen”.
    apparently, this person wasn’t evil. it is more likely that if the myth is true then i am the “doppleganger” and just don’t know it.
    i actually feel sorry for this person if she ever got accused of being in some of the places i actually was. lol


  31. Oh boy. I have experienced this many times. I always “think” I see my friends and wave excitedly. They never wave back. HaHa. Great Post !


  32. This has happened to me several times and it’s SO embarrassing LOL. I would think that I saw my friends and family all the time and would shout out to them!


  33. I once saw my friends doppleganger in London. I even managed to take a stealthy picture from afar. But think of this, if our doppleganger represents our evil side to us, what do we represent to our doppleganger when they see us? We can’t all be evil.


  34. 2 things: 1) My grandmother passed away 3 or 4 years ago, and I’ve seen people who look just like her ever since. They even dress like her. She was unusual looking, too, because she was in her late 60’s with naturally dark brown hair – maybe 4 greys on her entire head. It’s rare to have your natural color be an actual color at that age! So it always takes me so off-guard when I see her doppelgangers.

    2) I have a great friend from college who lives in a different state than I do. There is a girl about her age who lives in the same town as me now. I run in to this girl all the time. The first time I saw her at Wal-Mart, I literally yelped and ran up to her. Before I got up to her, I realized she was far too tall to be by friend, but the face, curly brown hair, skin tone, everything was exact. It was WEIRD. I saw this girl again last week while driving. i didn’t get as excited this time, but it is certainly odd how similar they look. Even more similar than my friend’s sisters look compared to her.

    I have always wanted to see someone who looks like me. I have NEVER been told by anyone that I look like another person they know or have seen. I guess I look different from everyone else! But I’m hoping I run in to someone someday!


  35. Here is a question, if you past a doppelganger of yourself in the street. would you even notice? you only ever see yourself in the mirror so I’m not sure you would even stop to think about it. I’ve been told in the past that I look like someone else but I’ve never seen it.

    Maybe its just me 🙂


  36. Great post about doppelgangers.

    Apparently there are three doppelgangers of me wandering in the towns near to me! Once a guy came up to me to give me back the pen he’d borrowed. I had never seen this boy before in my life so it was an interesting conversation. Even after I told him, I didn’t know what he was talking about, he was still convinced it was this other girl.

    It’s not the first time people have acted like this. Three different people have told me when they first met me, that they know someone who looks just like me. Not sure how I feel about having doubles wandering around out there. What if one of them commits a crime!


  37. I’ve been told I look like a lot of different people! So…I either have such a bad side that I have a lot of doppelgangers or I am a lot of peoples doppelganger which makes me pretty bad! Who knows?
    Congrats on being FP!


  38. I used to have customers who came into the bakery and give me “the look”. Was it ‘the look’ or the McDonalds bag in their hands that gave away the fact that they had JUST been through the drive thru my identical twin sister worked at next door? I don’t know. But it sure was fun to try to explain it to the customers!


  39. I walked into a store and a group of 4 people turned around, stopped an stared at me, called out a woman’s name (not mine). When I spoke they all started laughing. They thought I was the sister of one of the guys in the group. It was weird for me but weirder for them. I asked what was his heritage because I am always curious to know if I look like a certain ethnicity. He said french, though I am not, I wouldn’t mind being french and may have to change my name from Eve to Yeves.


  40. I have had at least three different people come up to me in the area I live in and tell me I look just exactly like this one woman they know. They all had the same name of the woman so I assume they all knew her fairly well. They all said the same thing “It is uncanny how much you look like Sally I could have sworn it was her.” I never ran into Sally but I was dying to, just to see for myself. Great and interesting post.


  41. I did not know that it meant bad luck in any way. Yours does not seem to be too bad as you are freshly pressed. I saw the double of my boys aunt at Easter doing a public Easter egg hunt in the town that I live in Montpelier, Vermont. She is two years younger than me, so just a 34 year old female. It was a very surreal experience for me and did seem a bit creepy, but I asked her off hand about it (maybe in an email) and she did not respond. I know that it was not her though, because she lives in MA and I live in Vermont and she and I are in constant contact so she would have told me if she was up. This woman (her double) that I saw was even pushing a stroller exactly like the one that my boys’ aunt used to push, I thought. This unmistakeable light green color. And she was standing in the distance behind me, not far from me, just gazing my way perhaps. It was raining lightly. God was it surreal, but you know what I did get a bad feeling. I felt innaproriate in some way that I can not describe. Thank you for the explaination.


  42. I’m not surprised that this caused a flood of responses. I don’t really believe in Doppelgänger, however, I really love your blog. After reading your “About” I was hooked. Superb!


  43. Thanks very much for visiting, everyone. I had no idea I had been Freshly Pressed nor did I know it would garner so many comments. I enjoyed reading your doppelganger experiences immensely and hope you’ll visit again. What is kind of spooky about the whole thing is the number of doppelganger experiences people have had. Maybe there’s more to it than we all think *insert scary pipe organ music here*
    Once again, thanks for visiting!


  44. Sometimes I will be somewhere…say, in the mall…and I think I see someone I know. It turns out not to be them. THEN ten minutes later I will see the person I thought I saw. Weird.


  45. I’m not sure if it is considered as doppelganger but I have a classmate in high school who looked exactly like me. We are not in any way related to each other. It’s kinda weird.


  46. I once saw my Girlfriend on the New York subway except both me and my Girlfriend come from Glasgow, Scotland and I was the only one of us in New York.
    I had to telepghone her to check that it wasn’t her.
    It was pretty spooky.
    …Especially when the Subway girl spoke in Brooklyn accent.


  47. I had a doppleganger turn up at my high-school in the 80’s. Same age, same classes, same skinny as a stick Norwegian background. The only real difference between us was that his name was Brendan and I was a Braden… and he had stronger eyebrows!


  48. it’s a lil bit scary =D …
    I remember hearing that Sadam Hussein used to have “copies” of him, which helped him a lot in terms of hiding and so on …. pretty interesting =b


  49. I’ve never seen my own doppelganger, but I have seen a picture of somebody that looked JUST like me. My mom was friends with him on facebook, and I noticed it when I was hovering over her shoulder one time.

    I said, “That’s weird, I don’t remember taking a picture like that, or making that my profile picture…”

    She gave me a surprised look, “That’s not you? But that looks just like you…”

    She clicked on the profile, and looked at some of the other pictures. Seeing the other pics was a relief, it was only in that one picture did he look like me, but nowhere else.


  50. I hear this everyday!! A former employee, former & current peers at work, two guys at two different gas stations 19 miles apart, & my family ALL tell me I have a twin. I supposedly live in Michigan, Ohio, TN, FL, Oklahoma, & CA ….all at the same time!!! I always said I’d like to meet these girls that look like me, but…I’m not so sure about that now 😉


  51. I once had a friend who looked exactly like Lindsay Armou, from the band, B*Witched. I remember when I showed her a picture of Lindsay, she got real quiet.

    “Do you know who that is?” I asked.

    “That’s me!” she told me.

    I laughed. “No. That’s Lindsay, from B*Witched.”

    Her eyes widened. “Whooooooaaaaaa!” she exclaimed. “I used to have a jacket just like that, but I never had blue hair. I was wondering where you got it.”


  52. Dopplegangers are very unnerving, especially when you come face to face with your own. Meeting someone whom looks exactly like a friend does is strange, and can leave you thinking for days, even weeks, that you were mistaken, or they were joking.


  53. Great post, especially since you acknowledged the possibly creepy side of d’gangers. I once was flagged down while driving through a parking lot by a woman who thought I was her friend. I was excited because she looked like a friend of mine I had not seen in awhile, until she opened her mouth and a strange accent came out. A case of double dopplegangers!


  54. This is fascinating! I never gave the phenomenon of doppelgangers a great deal of thought until about 6 years ago, when I was (quite literally) served by myself in a bar – the bartender and I were almost identical. We stood shocked, he served me a drink, we both smiled, shook our heads and that was that. It freaked me out!


  55. Haha, brilliant post!
    I suppose there must be someone, somewhere in the world that adopts the same physical characteristics – but the chances of meeting them… well – pretty small.
    It’d be pretty cool to meet mine though.

    Congrats on being FP x


  56. When I was in the 7th grade, I was watching my sister’s friend’s wedding video and among the guests was a girl, the same age as me who looked EXACTLY like me. I was stunned. My sister asked her friend who the girl was. She was some far off relative of hers. But definitely did give me a shiver.


  57. I believe and as they say believing is seeing. The voices always come to the rescue. Of our 26 pairs of genes I think 2 are related to visual appearance and the rest have to do with sound and scent. No one has ever told me I sound like or heaven forbid smell like someone else. Love the topic. Great post to elicit great comments all.


  58. I don’t believe in the negative side of doppelgangers, consider that there are almost seven billion of us humans walking around and it’s bound to happen that everyone has someone else that looks like them. It’s also kind of interesting that two TV series have, or are at least in part, using this plot line. Vampire Diaries, uses the evil good storyline, and How I Met Your Mother, uses a comedy version of this storyline from time to time. Thanks for this post.


  59. I was sixteen and at a theme park when I was approached by total strangers asking me where the heck I’d been. I was so shocked to have someone I had never met before come up to me and launch into a bit of an attack it took a while to speak up and explain that I wasn’t whoever it was they thought I was. By the time they were sure I wasn’t their friend playing a joke on them, they were seeming more than a little spooked. Being on the receiving end of such surety is almost as disconcerting.


  60. YES TO THE The Querulous Squirrel ….EXACTLY…However, I did on one occassion meet a gal, turned out that she kept hearing the same, about me, she was also the person that others confused me with as well…Odd that we actually met each other!…. We didn’t think that we looked ANYTHING alike….like I said…ODD….


  61. Encountering doppelgangers is totally freaky, and well, if those rumors about the omens are true, it’s even freakier. However, I’ve always believed that somewhere out there in the world, there is someone who looks exactly like us. It doesn’t have to be in the present times. I believe that there will always be someone who looks exactly like us, whether from the past, the present, or the future. We just don’t always get the chance to see them. Well, not that I want to. That’s creepy.


  62. I’ve never had a personal experience with a potential doppelganger but a few friends have apparently had experiences with mine. I used to live in a Flagstaff, Arizona and several times people would ask me if I was at a certain place on a certain day. They swore they saw me even though I wasn’t at those places. One person was sure they stood in line with me at McDonald’s but I was in Los Angeles at the time. By the 3rd or 4th instance of this I was eager to meet this person. Flagstaff isn’t a big town and I figured eventually I’d run into this person seeing how many people I knew did. But I moved a few years ago and it never came to pass. It still makes me wonder.


  63. Wow, doppelgänger is pretty much one of my favorite words of all time! I actually wrote a post about this word back in 2009—excuse the shameless plug—you can read about it here.

    Evil Spock, Bizarro Jerry, and more. Yup, the world is full of doppelgängers. I’m always on the look out for them, too.


  64. I have yet to meet someone who looks like me except for my younger sister. We don’t look exactly alike but people think we are identical twins sometimes. I think it would be interesting to meet someone with my likeness. I’m quite mischievous so I would have a lot of fun with that… 🙂 Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  65. I’m evidently the doppleganger for a number of people. I was in a restaurant with a date once, and, as we were leaving, a woman rushed up to me, gave me a huge hug, and, calling me Richard, told me how happy she was to see me. I told her I wished I were Richard, but I didn’t want to get hugged under false pretenses.

    When I lived in Hawaii, I finally gave up and started answering to the name Larry, just because I was tired of explaining that I wasn’t Larry. Larry evidently had a lot of friends and acquaintances.

    In addition, small children walking with their mothers have reached out to me calling, “Papa!” or the local equivalent in 5 countries on 3 continents.

    I must have one of “those” faces.


  66. “Our evil side come to life, perhaps. However, I don’t think the woman in the bank was the evil Anna. In fact, she seemed quite nice.”

    Which just means you might be friends with the EVIL Anna and didn’t even know it. Dun dun dun!


  67. I have had a lot of people ask me if I have a sister … because I EXACTLY look like so-and-so and there’s no way I couldn’t be related. I explain that I only have two brothers and usually get a blank confused look on their face and a prompt retreat. A friend of mine, when I was in the navy, even showed me a picture of someone that really did look like me. I also get told that I look like Brooke Shields, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and Wonder Woman (Linda Carter). I find these very funny because other than having brown hair, I don’t think that any of them look like each other or like me for that matter. Isn’t it fascinating what people’s memory conjures up!


  68. I guess the rational side to Doppelgangers is the way humans perceive patterns and the brain turns them into something meaningful. Combined with a certain tolerance (long hair/short hair/still the same person), I guess the probability of recognizing someone for someone else is quite big.

    One nasty thought, though: how do you know, you are not in fact the Evil Twin?


    It would be hard. I think if I saw myself or my husband’s double I would be quite scared. I hope it doesn’t happen – I’m really not that brave!

    That sounds scary – straight from a scene in Men In Black. So glad you didn’t photograph him. He might have arrested you!

    Hahaha. Good one.

    She could have been. You just never know.


    That is amazing that it happens so regularly. You have to be the good one because so many people think they know you. It must get a bit freaky sometimes!

    I’m not sure I’d want to talk to mine. I think I’d be so surprised to see myself I wouldn’t know what to say!

    I would have experienced a bit of existential angst over that too. I wonder if you had the same major?

    Yes. There is that similarity between family members, isn’t there? Sometimes it can be quite uncanny. I have a friend who looks exactly like her sister. They are two years apart in age but many people think they are identical twins. They are able to trick a lot of people even now!


    I can imagine with five sisters that occasionally you must have felt that. It must be nice to come from such sa big family, though!

    Thank YOU for reading. I really like your idea of the celebrity lookalike post. I see people who I think are famous people all the time. I saw a guy I thought was Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters the other day but it turned out not to be him – he had an Aussie accent. I almost asked him for his autograph!

    Is it How I Met Your Mother (I’m not sure if that’s the right title.) I have been overwhelmed by the number of things I have come across about doppelgangers since I wrote this. Seems that a lot of people are very interested in the subject.

    That would be very confusing and slightly awkward sometimes. Great story!


  72. I met my double when I was 14. She was part of the church I used to go to and, I must confess, it was a bit scary. Even her parents had problems in recognizing us. :S

    The only bad thing was that my boyfriend at the time also had problems on telling the difference. :S

    Nice article… I will come by more often ^^


  73. EVA,
    That is funny. It would be amazing to have Katie’s bank account but then you’d have to be married to Tom…..yikes!

    I will definitely be over to read your blog soon. I love anything paranormal. That is unsettling about having to close down your blog because of activity. I have heard about that before. It must be a strange experience.

    CARLY D,
    That her husband was convinced you were the other person too is really freaky. You must have felt like running away from them. How bizarre!

    LISA K,
    What an absolutely incredible story. You must have been wondering what was going on. I wonder who the other person was. Maybe it was your doppelganger!


    I’m always waving at people I think I know too. From far away though, many people bear a resemblance to other people!

    It is creepy. Some people look EXACTLY like people I know. It is hard to tell the difference.

    I know exactly what you mean. It IS embarrassing 😀

    It’s happened to so many people. It’s amazing!!


    You’re absolutely right. We can’t all be evil. That is a really good point!!

    It would be fun, wouldn’t it? Strange, but fun!

    That is an amazing story about your grandmother, particularly with the same hair colour. How uncanny. Considering all the experiences everyone has had, I’m sure you’re going to run into your doppelganger one day!

    DR. ADIL,
    Thank you.

    I am going to look a bit more now too. All of these stories have aroused my curiosity!


    That is a fair point. I know that when I see myself on film I often don’t think it’s me, initially, because I’m used to seeing myself in the mirror. You could be right about us not recognising our doppelgangers. That makes the whole thing even more interesting!

    I haven’t heard of him but thanks for the link. The photos ARE amazing. What a fascinating project!

    What a fantastic story about the pen. You must have been wondering what was going on. Three of you wandering around….. I hope they all behave themselves 😆

    Now that is a twist on the tale. Hahaha. Thanks very much. I didn’t know what Freshly Pressed was even though I’ve been blogging with WP for 4 years. It is so nice to meet all these great people!


  77. Such a spooky feeling! Which I know too well, a close friend of mine tragically committed suicide last year, and there’s a girl on my varsity campus that looks just like her. It’s torture! I eventually had to tell the unknowing dubble, since I kept staring at her with tears in my eyes. And now we’re friends too. 🙂


    That is a great story. I’m sure they must have thought; ‘Wait a minute. Didn’t I just buy something from you?’

    That is very true. I could be the Dr. Evil to my doppelganger’s Austin Powers. YIKES!!

    I would love to be French too. The women are so elegant. That must have been weird with them all confusing you for someone else. How odd they all thought so!

    Oh, I hope you get to meet Sally. If you do you must come back and tell me. I would love to know!

    It hasn’t been bad luck for me at all, I agree. Being Freshly Pressed is fun. Your story is a little unsettling. I got a little chill. What an uncanny experience!


  79. I’ve experienced this already sometime in the past. It was such a creepy feeling seeing my ‘sis’ staring at me with dead emotions. I’ve found out she was sound asleep.
    Great post!
    My would-be doppelganger would be so unfortunate to mimic me! I’m such a weirdo! Hahahaha


  80. KLAUS,
    That is really kind of you to say so. Thank you very much. I do hope you come back and visit again. It would be a pleasure for me!

    Now that is freaky. I sometimes have a similar experience with the phone. I’ll be thinking about someone and then sometime that day they’ll call me. It is very strange!

    You’re right – it is a bit of an odd movie but I do like The Double Life Of Veronique. It’s quite suspenseful.

    It is a weird exprience, for sure!

    That would have been strange but fun too. Hope you managed to trick some people 😀

    Now that is freaky. That you had to phone her to check shows how much the person on the subway looked like your girlfriend. That gave me chills!!


  81. Nice Blog. Unfortunately never met my doppelganger, though I think it would scare the hell outta me. Once I thought I met Will Ferrell’s, the actor’s. A guy in the subway just looked exactly the same, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t him. Can’t imagine Will Ferrell sitting in the subway in Germany 😀


  82. My family and I went to a camp preformence that my sister was helping out in. One of the girls looked exactly like my aunt when she was that age. The spitting image.
    I actually hope I meet my doppleganger someday! I mean, that’d be crazy awesome!!


    It was a surprise to me but so great to hear everyone’s responses. So many interesting experiences.

    Now that is an unusual encounter. I haven’t heard of anyone seeing a younger version of themselves before. WOW. That is amazing!

    A secret twin is entirely plausible. You just never know sometimes!!!

    Now that is uncanny that you were both from Norwegian backgrounds and had similar names. Thank goodness you had different eyebrows!

    It actually is a little bit scary, to be honest. My eyes were like this 😯


    I heard that about Saddam Hussein too. Also that he made people have plastic surgery to look more like him. He was obviously worried about getting assassinated.

    It must have been strange to see the other guy and think it was you. I bet you were relieved when the other photos turned out to look different.

    That is amazing that so many people you know have seen these people that look like you. WOW.

    I remember B*Witched. Didn’t they have a song about a rollercoaster? How uncanny that your friend thought that was herself in the photo. She must’ve been freaked out!

    I don’t know if the bad luck thing is true or not but that is the folklore. It might just be an urban legend…..


    I really like your name. That is very cool. I haven’t actually seen my own doppelganger. I think it would really scare me if I did. Especially if it happened at night and the doppelganger looked a bit mad. Now I’m starting to freak myself out. EEEEKKKK!!!

    Now there’s an interesting twist. If she kissed him she must have thought it was you. What an unusual thing to happen!

    NO WAY. Double doppelgangers. That is awesome. I wish I had seen that!!!

    What a brilliant story. You must have thought you were dreaming. I wouldn’t have known what to do. Thanks for sharing your amazing story!

    I know. I scare myself. AAARRGGGHH!!!


    That is a good point. There is always the possibility we could see our doppelgangers and think: “Oh, no. Do I really look like that?” 😉

    Awww, thanks. Kind of you to say so. I do agree with you. I mean, odds are there has to be someone with similar physical characteristics as us somewhere in the world. Whether we ever get to meet them or not is hard to say.

    That would be the last thing you would expect to see on a cruise. And you probably kept seeing them all the time while you were on the cruise. Now that is unusual!

    That would have given me a shiver too, especially as you saw it on video. Yikes!

    Now you’re taking it to another level which I am fascinated by – sound and scent. I have two sisters and although we look similar with regard to colouring and so on we don’t necessarily look that much alike. However, the sister who is closest in age to me (2 years younger) sounds almost exactly like me. In fact, when we talk to other people on the phone sometimes they can’t tell us apart. We have had a lot of fun with it over the years. But I have never encountered someone who smells the same as someone else. Maybe scent is very unique. Thanks for a great comment!


  87. Thirty years ago the college where I worked hired a fellow who looked so much like my husband (now ex) even I did a double take when I first saw him (as did anyone who knew him). I have to admit that I found it a bit creepy seeing him in the halls. My father said he met my doppleganger when he had to take a driving test (at 80+) – he actually thought it was ME teaching the course when he first walked in the door! I wonder that there isn’t a website available where you can upload your picture and check it against others (using facial recognition) to see who else in the world you look like!


  88. One time, a friend was convinced that she saw me at this place being all sweet and affectionate with a guy. Looks like me, sounds like me, moves like me, she said. But I’ve never been to that place before. I didn’t even know where that was. Until now, she thinks I just wouldn’t want to admit that it was me because of the guy. I had a boyfriend at that time and my friend thought I just didn’t want to expose myself as a cheating cheater hahaha. But I swear it wasn’t me, and it scares me that someone who looks like me is running around out there.


  89. This happen to me when I was a kid and she even had the same first mane as me, it was spooky but funny at the same time. We met on vacation, our families stayed at the same resort. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.


  90. At least you didn’t walk up behind her and give her a hug! I did that to a lady who was ahead of me at the bank teller. Fortunately she smiled and said it wasn’t the first time she’d been mistaken for my friend!


  91. The same happened to me like five years ago. I tough i saw my brother on the street,so I approach and told him what r u doing here. Then I looked at him directly on his face and I realized it wasn’t him. I got so embarrassed that now when i see a look a like friend, I stare first then if they say hi I known is them. 😉


  92. I have had people tell me that they saw “me” as far away as South Africa. Its always interesting because these people have to know that the person they are seeing is, in fact, not me. Sometimes your mind will convince you that the person you are seeing is someone you know because of the emotional attachment you have to the actual person!

    On a (somewhat) related note, personal doppelgangers have been “created” using focal electrical stimulation:

    Enjoyed reading your post! Congrats on being “Pressed”


  93. I was just in a coffee house yesterday, when I saw a lady at a table who looked just like my sister. I tried not to stare, but she caught me glancing a few times…it was very weird. Funny, that happens a lot in regards to people looking like my sister.
    One of my funniest stories is when I was walking quickly through a store at the mall and for some reason looked to the right where I saw, MY SISTER! Then I realized that I had just passed a mirror. It really freaked me out. My heartbeat wasn’t normal for about a half an hour. Wild.


  94. It’s said that every one could have until 40 doppelgangers all around the world…not each one has, but could have many dopplgangers until 40, that is just a possibility; and the 3 examples i met were fraternal twins; two couples of girls and one of two brothers twins;


  95. Well… now I’m totally creeped out! Wish I hadn’t read this before bed! I’m going to have creepy doppelganger dreams! It’s like that recent episode of Doctor Who with the Gangers… they were really strange…

    I think this falls under the topic of the uncanny doesn’t it?

    Maybe this is another reason why people are keen to adorn themselves with piercings and tattoos etc – less chance of finding an evil ganger!

    Thanks for the article – enjoyed it


  96. I saw an exact replica of my ex husband one time. I was completely shocked as this was a small town and far away from where he lived. I thought I had lost my mind. Another time I saw a woman whom I had known in another state but I didn’t go up and speak to her because I thought why would she be here. Later my mom told this is where she had moved too! I would have loved to talk to her. I haven’t seen her again though.


    Absolutely. It’s probably just a myth. And there are so many of us walking around we are almost bound to see someone who looks like us. It is interesting that doppelgangers are being used in plotlines at the moment. An endlessly fascinating subject!

    I really enjoyed your post. I had no idea Abraham Lincoln saw his own doppelganger. And he was assassinated. Makes you wonder if there’s any truth to the mythology about it being a bad omen. Thanks so much for a great insight!

    You must have been freaked out that a complete stranger was having a go at you. I would have been very perplexed. What a great story!

    That is incredible that other people thought you looked alike, but you didn’t. Quite amazing that you met one another!

    It’s freaking me out too. I had no idea so many people had experiences of seeing a doppelganger. I almost feel like I should interview everyone and write a book about this. It would be so much fun to research it!


  98. CHERSZY,
    Yes. I think the laws of probability would suggest there has to be someone who looks like us out there. But it is creepy. I’m not sure I want to run into another version of myself!

    BRIAN C,
    I would have wanted to meet him too, especially as so many people you know saw that person. What a shame you never got to see him!

    I enjoyed your post. Doppelganger is a great word. And yeah, evil Spock always gets me. I think it is scary when a character we perceive as good and heroic has an evil twin. It’s great material for film and television. THanks for sharing your perspective!

    Now that’s creepy, especially as the campsite was empty for so long beforehand. What are the odds of that happening? Yikes!

    Thank you so much and thanks for reading. It would be fun to meet our doppelganger. It would be hard to resist trying to trick people!


  99. JUSTJOHN (or is it Larry?)
    That is a great story. The Larry part has really cracked me up. Thanks so much for sharing it 😆

    OMG. You might be right. My friend might be the evil one 😯

    It is amazing. Sometimes it can be something like a similar hairstyle that convinces people you are someone else. But still, it must be good to be compared to Wonder Woman. She is one of my favourite characters of all time!

    You are spot on with that – it is definitely something to do with the way we pereceive patterns. And I guess we may not know if we were the evil one. Does evil regard itself as evil? *eek*

    WOW. Even her parents had trouble telling you apart? And your boyfriend? That must have freaked you out. I really hope you DO come and visit again. You are very welcome!


  100. DANIELLE,
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That is really sad. I am just blown away that you have met someone who looks like her and whom you’ve become friends with. What a remarkable story!

    That is scary. I think the same thing about my double. I have slightly weird tendencies too 😀

    It could have been Will Ferrell. He might like riding the subway when he’s on holiday. I wonder if it was him…..

    How amazing that she looked like a younger version of your aunt. I wouldn’t have been able to believe it!

    It is amazing. I had no idea I’d been Freshly Pressed and thought – ‘Where are all these comments coming from?’ It ‘s cool to hear everyone’s stories!


  101. PREETI,
    Thank you so much. And thank you for visiting!

    What a fantastic idea. A doppelganger website. One of us has to do it. It would be so fascinating!!!

    That would be a tricky situation for you. How awkward, especially if you were going to be accused of cheating. I would have been panicking!!

    I agree. Too many people in the world for there not to be!

    Amazing that you shared the same name. WOW. Thank YOU for visiting!


  102. BOSS LADY,
    Oh no! Thank goodness the lasy you hugged was understanding. You just never know how some people are going to react. I would’ve been so embarrassed!

    That would have been embarrassing. I always double check now too, just to be sure!

    Very interesting article. Makes you wonder how much of what we perceive is due to brain activity that is out of kilter. Thanks very much for the link!

    Thank you so much 😀

    I have had an experience like that with a mirror that I didn’t know was there. I thought the person I saw looked exactly like me until I realised it was me. Very unsettling!


    Up to 40? OMG. I can’t handle that many. Now that is scary!

    It really is creepy and would be a great subject for a horror novel. I think it is something we are all a little afraid of!

    That is funny. The ‘once removed’ part has cracked me up 😆

    Congrats on starting your blog. The best way to get people to read is to visit other blogs you are interested and to comment. I try and visit the blog of everyone who comments here because I feel it’s nice to visit people who’ve taken the time to visit me.

    I’m not sure what you’re blogging about but another tip is to give your take on current events, things that are bothering you and so on. You’ll find that is a good way to get traffic. Good luck and I’ll be over to visit you soon!


    Seeing your ex husband would have been strange. I wonder if the woman you’d known in the other state was the same woman you saw. Great story!

    That is possible. I would love to meet Mystique!

    They do say that. And it IS creeepy!!!


  105. Wow, creepy! I’ve never met my actual doppelganger, but a few years ago my best friend ( a boy) and I were walking together and someone asked if we were siblings. When I said no, the someone stated that we looked eeriely alike.

    Now that I look back at our photos together, I realize something… We DO look alike. Creepy.

    Great post!


  106. As an identical twin I am use to doppelganger experiences – someone calling me by my twin’s name – but even I freak out when I see someone who looks like me, and isn’t my twin.

    Congrats on being Freshly Doubled, oopsie I mean Freshly Pressed!

    Have a great day,

    Mr. Bricks


  107. That’s so cool. I’ve once experienced someone I thought looked just like me – which was needless to say a very odd experience. It was in a street so I’m sure if it was my mind tricking me or a real guy but I couldn’t stop to say “hi”


  108. I have experienced this a lot where people thought I looked exactly like their friends or people they know. On one incident a teenager girl saw me from me from a distance and she started to run towards me and her hands wide open. Chipo! Chipo! she called me with an excitment tone and I turned around and she was about to embrace me when she realised I was the wrong person whom she thought I was. She said sorry, ” I thought you were Chipo, my best friend.


  109. Love this post! So true!
    Even more awkward when you mistake someone for somebody and they mistake you for somebody too! Double awkwardness!


  110. For many millenia this concept has baffeled the bi-ped population of this blue-green space-time ship. Humans have a tendancy to make that what they do not understand to be “evil”. We all understand that if we spell “evil” backwards it becomes “live”. That then must mean if we live there must be evil. So the understanding of the past is if you see yourself it is your bi -polar self, your opposite, your “evil” twin.. What is funny is that your mirror image is thinking the same thing about you. As our understanding of quantum physics grows, this concept starts to create a new understanding.. We then begin to ask a very ancient question, “Who am I?” The answer of course is ” IAM”. Then we ask ” who are you?” The answer of course is ” IAM”. That leads to the fact that ” IAM WHO IAM”. This of course leads to the question of “what am I?” The answer is “I A TO M” The quest- ion then leads to “why is there so many of me?” The answer is “EVE” or from “I to I” or as science would explain “mi to sis” or from “male to female”.
    What does this all mean? WE are all ONE in the SAME.


  111. when i was little we lived in a small town, people around town would talk to my dad as if they knew him, but my dad didn’t know them, turned out my grandparents gave up one of their sons for adoption, and he lived in the same town, and must have looked EXACTLY like my dad. Kinda weird, but at least their was and explanation.


    Now that is eerie, although I must admit that I used to go out with someone who looked quite like me too. I didn’t realise at first and then it hit me and it just felt weird. I think that’s why we broke up!

    I’m sure you must be used to being mistaken for your twin. But just imagine if both of you were together and two doppelgangers appeared to you. Now that would be freaky. It’s great being Freshly Doubled 😆

    Glad you like it. Awesome!

    So glad you like it 😀

    It is an odd experience. I wonder if our doppelgangers would say ‘Hi’ back?


  113. EUNACHAW,
    That is amazing that she actually thought you were her best friend. A great story!

    Double doppelganger moment. Definitely awkward 😳

    I do it myself or when I see someone from a distance or side on. I guess I need to see someone up close to be sure!


  114. JD,
    You win for comment of the day. But which came first – the chicken or the egg? :I

    So glad you liked it. 😀

    What an amazing story. I hope your Dad got to meet his brother. That would have been really cool.


  115. Oh, my. I don’t wanna imagine the horror of prophecy saying that I’d certainly face death as soon as I saw my doppelganger! On the other hand, I would really love to meet my doppelganger. I don’t wanna believe in death prophecy. I hope I could meet my doppelganger somewhere and still alive for a long long time after that. *crossing fingers*


  116. I have never posted on someone’s blog, but had to on this one – I might be your doppelganger Selma! If you are brave enough, can I send you a pic?
    Illustrator in NZ.


  117. DIAN,
    I don’t want to believe it is a bad omen, either. I hope not. That would be too scary!

    You have to send me that photo. This is too incredible. My doppelganger reading my blog. Do you want to post it here in the comments or would you like me to do it as a separate post? Let me know and I will give you my email address. Now I am excited!!!!


  118. Wow, your doppelganger writing to you Sel, I am waiting to see. I hope it’s a good omen for you. You have certainly struck a chord on the front page of WP. Some interesting comments here too in addition to your intriguing post.

    Well done Sel! G :<)


  119. Hi Selma, thanks for not running. I can’t upload photo, so send email and you can load pic. The lighting is not right, but oh willowy twin, I can pass on the small face, reading glasses brand names I got last week!


    I am blown away. I’m not used to so much attention. It is obviously a subject people are really interested in. I can’t wait to see my doppelganger. That is the icing on the cake!

    I am so excited. Emailing you right now!

    They are scary. A lot of people have had quite scary experiences by the sounds of it!!


  121. Okay, two stories. First of all my mother-in-law has a doppelganger here in town, where we both live. They look so much alike that I once went up to her and hugged her. Can you imagine?

    Meanwhile, apparently, I have a doppelganger, too! For years, everywhere I went in this city, someone would call me Rebecca — which is close to my name, but not really spot on. For years I let it go — until one day someone started talking to me about this or that, telling me some personal information. I was doing the whole “just let her go, eventually you’ll figure it out from some context clue…” but I had nothing! Finally, she said it: “Bye Becca!” I have never actually met this person — but 15 years later, I have met a ton of people who insist I look just like their friend Rebecca who, apparently, doesn’t live very far away. I always wonder if I would recognize my body double if I saw her.

    Last, I just wrote about Doppelgangers on Wednesday, so if you’d like to visit me at my blog — Lessons From Teachers and Twits — you’ll see it! 😉 Or maybe you’ll know this Rebecca chick. Either way, congrats on being FP’d!



  122. H2O LAUGHS,
    That would be so cool to look like Jim Carrey. Does it put pressure on you to be funny? Thanks for visiting.

    WOW. Amazing your mother-in-law’s doppelganger lives in the same town. That would be very confusing. And it is incredible that so many people think you are Rebecca. That would make a fantastic short story. I will certainly come and read your post very shortly!


  123. Wow that’s kinda freaky. I did see a guy I went to college with and thinking it was him called out his name. Of course it wasn’t him and I asked his friend which confirmed my mis-identification. But it would be kinda weird if you saw yourself walking around.


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