The Point Of It All

It was a busy week this week where I didn’t have much time to blog. I feel happy with the way the week turned out even though it was at times a maelstrom of activity, but I am really tired.

Our friend who attempted suicide is still in hospital but seems to be doing a little better. It takes a long time for the clouds to clear after an experience like that. The one step at a time philosophy needs to be adopted and is really the only approach that works. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Banks and creditors are very flexible at the moment. They have to be. Many people are in financial trouble and the only way the bank is going to get its money back is to show its humane face. Our friend now has a workable financial plan that will get him out of debt. It is a huge relief.

Had an interesting conversation with a banker this week. It’s not being reported in the Australian Press but the banks are having trouble selling money. Seems no one wants a mortgage or a loan. In desperation, some cowboy bankers who work for a bank named after an Australian governor are doing what the sub-prime idiots did in America. But you didn’t hear that from me……

My son does a subject at school called Information Software Technology. He gets all the software needed free from the school. He had to complete an assignment this week showcasing his knowledge of the software they’ve been studying. Problem was all of the software either didn’t work or caused his computer to crash. Most of the kids in his class had the same problem. Some of us spent four hours rebuilding desktops.The school blamed the Department of Education who blamed the software manufacturers. I think they should rename the subject How To Pass The Buck 101.

A blogger who I respect emailed me this week saying she was upset about a post I did a couple of months ago where I was being trolled by writers from a writing prompt site. I could have been a bit heavy-handed, I will concede that point to her, but I also have definitive proof those writers were trolling me under false names (IP addresses are a wonderful thing.) I want to say that if I did offend you regarding my reaction to those trolls then I am sorry. And if you left a comment that wasn’t meant to be offensive and I took it the wrong way, I am equally sorry. I’m also sorry that over 50 of you unsubscribed from my blog after that post, but such is life.

The internet is a funny place. Some people think they’re anonymous but if you know what you are doing it is incredibly easy to track them. And a lot of people do get into cliques where they feel it is alright to be critical and oftentimes, rude. I think we all constantly need to keep checking our behaviour online. Me, especially.

As the Wu-Tang Clan says:

Hatin’ Don’t Pay.. no way, no way

Hatin’ Don’t Pay.. no way, no way

I guess the point of it all this week was to know that it is possible to shed some light on even the most complex, chaotic of situations, but mostly to realise that we are all in this together.

So when I see the heart made from rusty metal hanging on my neighbour’s wall that she cut out herself – I smile. Because I know she gets it. It really is all about the love.

19 thoughts on “The Point Of It All

  1. So, 50 people unsubscribed from your blog because of what you said? Sounds like they were troll followers, folks who like to go see what kind of mischief their favorite troll is up to… kind of like the “uh-oh” squad that always shows up at disasters or accidents.

    I’m so glad to hear that your friend is doing better and that the bank is being decent. But all I can say to those cowboy bankers is DON’T DO IT!

    Schools and their inability to shoulder responsibility… ugh. I realize it stems from a fear of lawsuits brought on by parents who think they can get rich by “proving” the situation caused emotional harm and whatever else they can cry about in order to sue the district. *sigh* Good times!

    Despite this week being the beginning of vacation, I’m going to bid it good riddance.



  2. KAREN,
    It is true, they did unsubscribe. Ouch. It seemed a bit unnecessary, right? I’ve decided to stay away from any groups on the net – it just causes trouble. There’s a highschool sensibility about it that really bothers me. Anyhoo….

    Nick’s school is very good at passing the blame. I used to get frustrated but I hear similar stories all over the place. Public education is not for the faint-hearted.

    I’m sorry you didn’t have such a good week – and on holiday too. Apparently (according to an astrology show I listen to) next week is supposed to be better. I hope so. Look after yourself, hon.


  3. I am so happy your friend is recovering. What a dreadful experience that led to this. I don’t understand why banks can’t be more approachable under normal conditions BEFORE causing such distress.

    One thing I will say about the ‘free software is that no one will be interested in using it when they need it for home use. So their advertising stunt has backfired.

    Love your neighbour’s wallhanging!


  4. I must be really stupid but I am trying to work out who the Governor is – haha (you must email or DM me). Things have a habit of working themselves out – good to hear your friend is sorting his finances out (and it does take years to get over that sort of emotional trauma – the feeling fragile). I don’t think you were over the top at all re. the trolling – good on you – can’t stand the group or herd mentality and just plain bad manners on the internet (and in life off the internet) – where do people get off being so rude and bullying/teasing.


    I think the ‘free’ software is free for a reason 😉
    I am glad he is recovering too. It’s a shame it came to this but I do think he feels more positive now that everyone is on board to help sort things out. He seems lighter (if that makes sense.)

    My neighbour is actually very artsy and very nice. She has some really pretty things in her garden!

    He was actually just Governor of NSW, not of Australia. There I go again thinking that NSW is the centre of the universe just like the Sydneysiders I am always going on about. Haha. It was Governor Macquarie *nudge nudge wink wink*

    I am hoping that getting on top of the finances will help with the depression and anxiety. That is the plan anyway, but as we all know these things are not easy.

    I’m not a fan of the herd mentality, either. There’s no need for it. Can’t we all just love one another? :mrgreen:


  6. Baby steps are very important, it may be a slow process, but it’s in the right direction which is what matters.
    I can’t believe 50 people unsubscribed! Remembering the comments, I would have thought they’d have been supportive!
    It really is their loss :o)


  7. Hi Selma,
    So glad to hear your friend is doing a lot better.
    Up here in Queensland is about the same by the sounds of it. No matter which shopping center you go to there is a least 1 shop that has shut their doors, a lot of small business closing down always means lost jobs as well, escalating electricity prices, and a lot of places just can’t pass on the costs. But the businesses still have to pay back any money they owe to the banks, I cannot see this situation getting any better at all I’m afraid.

    Concerning the school software, it really seems like some company’s may of been using the schools as a test run. Not good at all.
    It is very odd for people to unsubscribe over 1 post and it does seem over the top, everyone has different opinions that is what makes the world interesting. 🙂


  8. Surely, the Governor is MacQuarie … everything else is named after him! 😀

    But, regarding borrowing/lending money, I think we have the same situation over here:

    The Government say the banks ought to lend more money, BUT
    a) The banks aren’t going to lend any money unless there’s a good chance they’ll get it back (and I can’t say I blame them; I wouldn’t!)
    b) Nobody with any sense is going to take out a loan they may not be able to repay.

    BTW, for what it’s worth, I’ve noticed a slight fall-off in my readership over the last couple of weeks; not all that worried about it; it may be seasonal, and, anyway, I’m not in this for the money or the kudos.


  9. Sounds like things are on the upswing, that’s great to read. I’m glad your friend is doing better, hopefully that will continue too. Maybe this is a turning point and in the right direction, with the intervention. So sad to read, hit close to home for me.

    I sent an email as well this morning.

    Take care, G

    PS: Love this photo too! My symbol.


  10. How wonderful that things are coming together for your friend! It will go along way to restoring their faith in the human race thats for sure.

    Well I havent had issues with trolls , but I do remember what you are referring to and I didnt think you were being all that heavy handed, I kinda question why this offense came up months after the fact?

    But I love your attitude, ‘such is life” no point in stressing over what you can’t control. Can’t please all the people all the time.


  11. DEBORAH,
    People do strange things on the net. I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years now and I’ve seen it all. I think I touched a nerve. The best thing is not to dwell on it and just get on with writing and enjoying the other bloggers whom you regard as friends. That’s what it’s all about for me.

    Baby steps are the way to go. It’s hard to see someone who is obviously in pain. Anyone who’s experienced depression and/or financial hardship would be affected quite strongly by it – not to mention family. His family are shellshocked. I am hoping everyone will be OK.

    The economic situation is quite alarming all over Australia. And in Queensland you’ve been doubly hit with the natural disasters you’ve experienced. A lot of people are going to hit the wall, I’m afraid. I really don’t know what the answer is but I do think we need to re-examine the amount of money that is loaned to people. I know several people who have mortgages of over a million dollars. They have the income right now to cover those loans but what if they get ill? Or die? It seems foolhardy to borrow so much.

    I think they were doing a test run on the school software. It’s a shame because it doesn’t really teach the kids how to use it if it is faulty. Very frustrating.

    And I’m with you completely on different opinions etc. It does make things interesting. As long as people are respectful what does it matter if they have different points of view? I have several friends who are quite right wing politically or are very religious and we get on so well. It shouldn’t make a difference to whether or not you care about someone. And it’s fun to have the occasional debate 😀


    Bingo. You win the prize of a set of steak knives and a ShamWow. 😆

    People are really worried about borrowing money and spending. Which of course is hard if you are in retail because you want people to spend. I wonder what the banks will do if people continue to shy away from borrowing money. It’ll be interesting to watch.

    I think there is a seasonal drop in readership. I notice it every year. And I’m not in it for the money, either. Just for the love. But I will take chocolate if anyone’s offering!!!

    Thanks for your email and I am happy to help you out. Stay tuned….

    It hit close to home for me too. I was shaking for about an hour afterwards when I heard. It is hard to handle such despair. It hurts me so much when anyone goes through that. I wish I could save them from it.

    I like to see hearts around the place. It just shows a nice outlook on life, you know? ♥


  13. CATHY,
    I don’t know why it’s come out now. It was ages ago. The blogger in question did say she missed reading my stories via that particular site. I miss writing them too but I just really don’t need the drama. Blogging is fun for me – I don’t need it to become a chore or a hassle. You’ve just got to let things go.

    When I was younger I used to tie myself up in knots trying to sort things out and control things but the truth is I can’t control what people do any more than I can control what they think – so I have to just let what will be, be.

    I think my friend has had his faith restored a bit. I’m really glad about that because when you get to that stage where hope seems to have deserted you it is very bleak. I pray he sees a little glimmer of light soon!


  14. I just read your last three postings and then I read this one and three more. At first I was alarmed because it felt like you were only observing and not connecting, but now I can see that’s only after this post.

    I am sorry I have not been over here. I know my situations and troubles are small to others which is why half the time I don’t say anything on the blog. But they have demanded my attention to where I haven’t been a good friend lately.

    I know what you meant about debt, depression, and stress. It has eaten up a lot of the things I love in life. This whole situation with the house I’m in wouldn’t be a situation if my husband didn’t have a judgement against him. I told him at the time the credit cards were a bad idea… he didn’t listen. 😛 And there are other ways to die besides taking pills or putting a gun to your head – sitting comatose in front of a TV, no longer finding love in the things you used to enjoy, eating stuff that puts pounds on so that it’s too exhausting to do anything but eat some more… many times, we become the walking dead. Your ghosts in the city streets. You are an angel in bloggerland as you understand and share the importance of hope. You understand to keep finding joy in the little things until the storm passes over. I keep telling myself that everything is in flux, and it’s not just that “this too shall pass,” but “hell, if it’s going to change, it might as well be for the better.” 😀

    As far as the 50 subscribers go and the trolls – well, the guilty rarely can handle the truth when it stares them in the face. Like Dorian Grey looking at his portrait, they too can’t stand to look at themselves and kill the chance to grow when faced with truth.

    I am happy to see you still trying with the poetry and meeting poets. You have always been a good poet – your posts of ghosts and the kite and the lovers are shining examples of this. I was thinking as I read those how your words are tinkling bells that are pleasing as the reader glides over each one, somewhat reluctantly moving on to the next sentence. You’re a wonderful writer and a wonderful writer’s friend. Anyone who is lucky to be discovered by you is enhanced tenfold by your presence in their life. I know from personal experience. 😉

    And you make me yearn to visit Sydney. I want to see more than the opera house though – I want to visit the bookshops and see all the quirky things you do. A flower on the gate… I love that you watch with such a keen eye and share with the rest of us the REAL Sydney. I actually googled “Sydney bookstore” and printed off a picture to go on my vision board. It’s a dream, and I’m holding myself to it. I definitely have to take care of that freaking judgement before I can realize it though. But I know it’ll happen. Someday.

    I enjoyed the story about the red door. I wish I could write the short stuff like you. Actually, I wish I could write at all right now. I promised my kids once I got moved in I’d pull another NaNo with my writing and finish the novel. It’s dragging on waaaay too long. I need to put away my perfectionism and just let myself flow. So easy to say – I’m totally sucking at it.

    And your story about the handbag made me smile. I loved Margaret Thatcher. And I love your Grandmother – what a fabulous woman!

    Alas, this comment is much too long, reflecting how too long it’s been since I came over to visit. I am sorry. I ♥ you, my friend. Know that – no matter how neglectful I am, you are never far from my thoughts. I think and speak of you often.


  15. AINE,
    What an incredible comment. You blow me away sometimes, you really do. Can I firstly say that YOU NEVER NEED TO APOLOGISE FOR NOT COMMENTING. Never. We all have things we are dealing with that are time-consuming and are oftentimes serious. Life is very hard. There are more downs than ups a lot of the time. I very often don’t comment on blogs either even though I always read. It’s just the way it goes.

    Your point about there being other ways to die has hit home for me. I see that all the time. I have done some of those things. I guess that’s why I’ve been doing a lot more observational posts lately with photos and such because I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed and it is my way of coping. I know my lot isn’t any worse than anyone else’s but sometimes – Jeez Louise – sometimes it seems too much.

    You are so kind to say all the lovely things you say about my writing and I am delighted about you viewing me as a friend to writers because that is very important to me – we are all trying to make sense of this world and tell our stories together, you know?

    I hope, hope, hope you get to Sydney someday. You would love some of the bookstores here and it would be my pleasure to be your tour guide. How much fun would we have? When we are both succesful publishied writers we’ll get our publishers to fund the trip. Haha.

    I’m about to send out my novel and to deal with the stress of getting it ready I write a short story on a totally different subject. It really helps.

    You are never far from my thoughts, either. You have taught me so much. More than you know. Love you ♥


  16. It IS all about the love. And if 50 people unsubscribed from your blog for one post, they can’t have been reading you for too long. You’re beautiful Selma.


    You are so kind to say that. Thank you. You know how it is, people take offense at silly things sometimes. And I do have a bit of a big mouth at times, truth be told. But I do mean well, mostly. You are beautiful too ♥


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