Up, Up And Away

On certain days there is so much joy to be had in surrendering to the glory of the sky.

The kite flies in the beautiful blue.

Fancy footwork and shoulder shuffles keeps it alight, becoming more rigorous as the wind decides to join in the fun and almost pulls the kite out of sight.

The kite talks. It sings. It is in danger of blurting out the secrets of happiness. We strain our ears, trying to catch its whispers, its murmurings; trying to distinguish between the swoosh of its silken body and the gentle call of the wind.

We give up. We may never know. But we like to think that the sky holds the answer to everything.

18 thoughts on “Up, Up And Away

  1. It does indeed look so beautiful up there! Deep down we wish we could fly that freely high above the worries and work that bind us to the earth!


  2. Hi Selma,
    By the photo’s it looks like a glorious day to fly kites, I used to fly kites when I was young, always a lot of fun, although I was hopeless at it. πŸ™‚


  3. I loved flying kites as a child. Thee was a man on our street, originally from scotland, who made box kites for all the kids on the street and gave lessons on how to fly em just right. Love the blue sky in these pics Selma, you triggered a great summer time memory!


  4. Beautiful, both pictures and words. I loved – “The kite talks. It sings. It is in danger of blurting out the secrets of happiness.”

    This struck such a chord with me, as the novel I wrote when I took part in NaNoWrimo last year is called – ‘Learning how to fly a kite.’ And your words above say so much. Maybe one day if you ever get to read the finished book you’ll understand exactly what I mean. πŸ™‚

    A lovely post Selma. x


  5. I always get a snatch of song from back in the 60s. (Was it called ‘Kites’?)

    ‘In letters of gold on a snow white kite/ I will say I love you …’


  6. JOSIE,
    We do, don’t we? How glorious it would be to be able to fly!!!

    So glad I could do that. Kite-flying always brightens my day!

    I am not that good at flying kites bit on the rare occasion where I’ve had a perfect launch I have experienced something akin to perfect happiness. It really is so therapeutic to feel that kite caught by the wind and seeing it soar!

    It actually is really hard to fly a kite. There is a bit of technique involved. I really can’t get it most of the time. But I do love to watch.


  7. CATHY,
    What an amazing man. The kids must have loved him. Oh, you have to write about that on your blog – it is a terrific story. It just smells of summer!

    I would love to read your book. The title really appeals to me. Is it available for sale. I do so hope I get to read it one day – you are such a beautiful writer!!

    Up up and awaaaaaayyyyyy…… Kite- flying is so much fun!!!!

    You really should get one. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I was elated afterwards. There’s nothing like it.


    I’m wondering if the song you mention is the one by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound which was an example of early psychedelic rock. I vaguely remember it but am not sure of the lyrics. It was quite groovy!!


  9. Wonderful photos as usual. This reminds me of the kite flying we used to do back from the terrace of my grandmother’s house. Us cousins used to get these kites during Onam holidays (late August, early September) during our younger days and fly them during the late afternoons and evenings.


  10. MELEAH,
    It really is a lot of fun. You feel like a kid again. If you get the chance over the summer, you should do it.

    Awww. That sounds fantastic. I can just picture you all flying your kites. What a lovely memory.


  11. I have always wanted to fly a kite. Right from when I was a child until now. What people would think of a little old granny running up and down trying to catch the first draft I hate to think, but if I ever get the chance – to hell with what people think! 😯


    No one is an old granny when it comes to kite-flying – we are all young gazelles running with the wind. You have to try it. You won’t believe how good it makes you feel!!

    It truly is. It makes the heart soar. I am praying for a nice, windy day so I can get out there again!


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