Down On The Bay

You see a lot of things down on the bay. The way the sunlight shines on the water- glistening – so it appears as if there are crystals or diamonds lying beneath the surface, catching the light.

People, dogs, picnics, tricycles, bicycles.

The way cormorants dive straight down until all that remains is the thinnest edge of their black, glossy tail feathers and their little orange feet.

Footballs, frisbees, cockatoos, runners, sunners.

You see lots of things down on the bay. But you don’t always see romance.  So when you do  – a little touch of it –  it is a  love song on the water. A poem.

He took her from his sailboat moored right in the middle of the bay,  his little runabout powering through the water. She stood up, balancing like a tightrope walker and they laughed as the weight of the waves made her teeter.

She stood in the boat, laughing, navigating, looking for home. He was quiet, missing her already. At the shore they kissed, he clinging to her longer than she clung to him – gently – trying not to sway the boat.

She jumped onto the wet sand – elegant, effortless as a gull segueing from water to dry land. She waved, her laugh tinkling like the crystals in the water.

The sun soared, turning sails and decks and rigging a hundred hues of yellow. He watched as she walked along the path to the road, then returned to his sailboat, aglow with afternoon light; alone.


Geraldine is hosting a contest for the month of July over at her blog Take A Happy Break. She has some lovely prizes including earrings and her own wonderful vegetarian cooking book (I know it’s good because I have a copy.)

All you have to do is sum up your definition of happiness in one sentence. So why not give it a go? You’ve got to be in it to win it. I know Geraldine would love to see you there.

21 thoughts on “Down On The Bay

  1. What a beautiful post Sel, here’s to romance. I love the way you’ve presented the photos too, adds so much.

    Thanks so much for the heads up about my contest! I hope to see you and lots of your readers there. I’m already enjoying reading the interpretations of “happiness” another thing we can never have enough of, right!

    Hugs, G :<)


  2. AINE,
    There are stories all around us – that’s what seeing the lovers in the boat reminded me of. I always see something. It’s magic. By the way, you look gorgeous in your new avatar. Gorgeous!!!!

    I am thinking very hard about what to write in one sentence. It’s a good test for me. I am very keen to see what everyone else writes!

    We all need a bit of romance, for sure ♥

    I enjoyed watching it. I think the guy in the boat wondered what I was up to *oops*

    I can imagine you romancing someone on the high seas. it just fits you. I can’t wait to be that young again, either. Haha.

    The punk part of me wanted the Kraken to rise from the depths of the bay and swallow them whole while shouting: ‘Romance is dead!’ but I squashed it down and concentrated on the love connection. Hahaha :mrgreen:


    I cannot believe you love The Goons. I am an avid Goons fan. This is from The Rent Collectors. Neddy Seagoon has just fallen in the canal.
    Sellers: [Oooh-aar Rustic, toothless Policeman] Hello, hello, hello? What’s this ‘ere mate?
    Seagoon: Constabule!
    Sellers: Caught you in the act, didn’t I my dear? Swimminin’ in the canal, thereby crontravenin’ Bye-law thirtny-seven.
    Seagoon: But I had to swim. Oh toothless one. Otherwise, otherwise I’d have drowned.
    Sellers: Aren’t no law in this village against drownin’. Only swimmin’. Swimmin’s a crinimals offence.
    Seagoon: But Constabule!
    Sellers: You’ll ‘ave to appear before the Magistrate my dear. Ain’t nobody swam b’in the canal since old Jim Pronk fell in, dead drunk, in his long underwear.
    Seagoon: And did he have to go in front of the Magistrate?
    Sellers: He was the Magistrate.
    Little Jim: He fell in the wa-ter.
    Sellers: Aahaar! Say it again my little darlin’.
    Little Jim: ‘hat’s nice. Fell in the wa-terr.
    LOVE it. I laugh just thinking about it 😆


    Oh, I’d love it too. I’d love a handsome young man to transport me to the shore by boat and then pine for me. *sigh*


  5. Bwhahahaha – thanks Selma – my Dad would listen to the Goons every Saturday on the radio and we kids listened to it by default as we ate our lunch – a lot went over my head but it was still hilarious – you can tell they are having so much fun (it’s contagious).


  6. This is beautiful. I am pleased to have found your blog via Quiet Paws. I love that you’ve noticed someone else’s story and shared your perspective. So many people are so caught up in their own lives that I think it’s a beautiful trait in a person when you notice things like this.


    So nice to meet you. I am a big fan of Quiet Paws so it is great to see you here. Welcome.

    It is very kind of you to say that about noticing someone else’s story. I think as a writer (and as a person) it is important to do that because it’s not just our own stories that mean something. And also – who can resist a bit of romance?

    Thank you so much for visiting.


  8. I agree wholeheartedly. I also view the world through taking photos and I love to get a glimpse of someone else’s story through my lens. I feel like it’s a privilege to get that glimpse.


    Sorry for the late reply. I have been away from the blog for a few days….I am totally with you on that one. It is a privilege to get that glimpse. I really love it. We share a similar outlook 😀


    It just really got me, you know? There was a sweetness to it you don’t often see. Nice to know there’s still a bit of romance in this day and age!


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