Might As Well

One of my favourite local street artists is out and about again. I don’t know what his real name is but I call him Mr. Inspirational.

Someone said to me on the weekend that you get what you settle for, but I often think that you settle for what you get.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to do this as often as you can –

I think Mr. Inspirational is trying to tell me something.

Might as well just do it….

16 thoughts on “Might As Well

    There is some really good street art in Sydney. if I was a better photographer I would do a book about it. I just love it. The places to go to really see some FAB stuff are London and New York – absolutely awesome. And it is like poetry!

    Yeah, baby, yeah šŸ˜†

    Oh, yes. It’s the only way. I need Mr. Inspirational to put up another sign for me, however, that says – ‘Follow through. Follow through!’

    He has done a few really nice things usually involving one word – Imagine, Believe – and so on. It IS inspiring!


  2. I like how the street artists get their point across with one word. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make one think!


  3. CATHY,
    I like that too. When you see one word as you’re walking along it really stays with you. It is quite inspiring!

    Me too. Good to get a bit of inspiration in the day!

    It really does. It certainly got me thinking!!

    Hey. What’s up? So great to hear from you. I love hearing all about New York via your blogs. So cool. Big waves to you too!!

    Amazing to think you are having a heatwave when it is a tad chilly here. I love that word too – definitely one of my faves!!


  4. I love street art!

    Our current mayor is at war with graffiti, and as such, there is wonderful, legitimate and in one case, even city-funded, street art being obliterated. Street art and graffiti – particularly tagging – are different things. But I expect our mayor’s office is also making an attack on the subversive, anti-establishiment, ‘think for yourself’ messages inherent that much street art entails.

    Aspire on, sister!


    I definitely think the element of subversion is being targeted as much as the street art. A lot of people don’t like it. I’m not a fan of the meaningless tagging. It just makes an ugly building look uglier. But the well-considered, well-placed word or mural are things I love. It upsets me when they get painted over. But then I guess the artists have a clean canvas to write something else!


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