I loved Amy Winehouse. I am such a fan of hers. I know she had her troubles but in no way did they diminish her brilliance. She was and always will be a shining star to me. And she did Dinah Washington as well as Dinah did.

Here she is doing Teach Me Tonight, one of my most favourite songs ever.

I can’t believe she is gone.

Oh, Amy, dear one. I will miss you.

14 thoughts on “GOODBYE, DEAR ONE

  1. I was never a fan, I never even heard her music until she died. I listened to quite a few on you tube since and wow I really missed a great singer!. How unfortunate that her personal demons won, she had sooo much to offer. What a shame R.I.P Amy


  2. Hi,
    I also was not a fan, but it is sad to see someone so young die. She did have a lovely voice.
    My Sympathy’s to all her Family, Friends, and Fans.


  3. DIANE,
    Thanks for posting that. A beautiful, beautiful song. I feel like crying now…

    She was an incredible singer. Her stylings were just exquisite. I feel quite bereft today. She meant a lot to me.

    I agree. She was far too young to leave us. It is very sad.

    I know. What a shame.


  4. I loved her music. And she was a powerhouse. It’s very sad that she lost her battle to addiction like so many other great ones: Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin & Jimmy Hendrix. I hope she’s enjoying the forever 27 club.


  5. Her talent (her voice) and her life style (addiction) and sad death reminds me of a Nietzche quote: “For the branches to reach Heaven the roots must go down to Hell.” May she rest in peace. DavidM


  6. MELEAH,
    I hope she is too. It’s so sad. Addiction has taken so many amazing talents away. It’s just such a shame.

    That is a fantastic quote. I love it. And it is very true of creativity and talent. You have to plumb the depths to reach the heights. I hope she rests in peace too.


  7. What I liked the most about Amy Winehouse was her sheer honesty. She wasn’t in the music business to make money or for the fame – those were just the by-products. You could tell she genuinely adored music, and that she was so inspired by all the jazz and soul greats. That’s what I miss about her in this media world saturated by fakes.


    Oh, me too. And then I read a story today about a young girl she was planning to adopt who had formed a very close bond with Amy over the past few years and was looking forward to being adopted. How sad that she will now miss out on that.

    Oh, absolutely. She was completely genuine. She loved her music – it was so obvious in the way she sang. I am really missing her. Good to hear from you!


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