Crazy Town

I thought I was living in Crazy Town last week. Wherever that is. It was a busy, weird, kind of expect the unexpected week.

The craziest highlight of the week was that a post I wrote a month ago entitled Doppelganger was Freshly Pressed by WordPress and got to Number One on their front page. I had thousands and thousands of hits on it and hundreds of comments.

For those of you who use WordPress and want to know what Freshly Pressed is all about, here is some info.

There I am up the top of the page. Who woulda thunk it???

If you haven’t read the comments people left, you should. Some of them are hilarious but what is most interesting is the number of people who have had doppelganger-like experiences. It was quite staggering.

So there I was trying to respond to all the comments and visit the blogs of everyone who had stopped over (I am still doing that but will get over to see you all soon) and I got this fantastic comment from Harriet in New Zealand who thinks she might just be my doppelganger.

harrietbailey | July 26, 2011 at 6:50 pm |

I have never posted on someone’s blog, but had to on this one – I might be your doppelganger Selma! If you are brave enough, can I send you a pic?
Illustrator in NZ.

How wild is that?

I write a post about doppelgangers and my own doppelganger reads it and leaves a comment *cue the music from The Twilight Zone*

Harriet has a really cool blog and is obviously a great sport because she has sent me a photo of herself which she doesn’t mind me posting here.

Are we doppelgangers?

You be the judge.

There is a resemblance. We could be doppelgangers and the scary part is we both live in the southern Hemisphere. Is that good or bad? I just don’t know…..

Thank you, Harriet. It was so cool to meet you.

And thank you to everyone who visited. It was a crazy week, but a fun one.

36 thoughts on “Crazy Town

  1. Congratulations, Selma. I’m not at all surprised that WordPress chose to feature your words. What a thrill it must have been to have so many visits. I’m curious… Did WordPress let you know they had selected you post for their Freshly Pressed front page?

    Yes, there is definitely a resemblance between you and your Kiwi doppelgänger. I’m not sure the identical pose and similar hat don’t contribute to that, though. I’ve never met a doppelgänger but many people have said to me, “You look like someone I know.” I’d love to meet one of them.


  2. There is definitely a resemblance. About a month or so ago, my best friend who lived in Virginia at the time, saw my doppelganger. She had to call me just to make sure she wasn’t going crazy and seeing me there. It’s crazy to think there is someone out there. But I as much as I would be freaked out, I want to meet mine. :0)


  3. That was so cool what happened! You must be in the withdrawal phase now – haha 🙂 I see the resemblance but mainly because of the hat, stance and jacket, I think. Good on wordpress for picking up on your blog – yayayay – you deserve the biggest audience ever.


  4. Congrats on being ‘Freshly Pressed’, Selma. Apparently I have a few dopplegangers but I’ve yet to meet any of them (I think it’s more the case that for some people all redheads look the same 😉 ) – it must be quite a surreal experience


  5. PATTI,
    They let me know after they had promoted it. It was a shock, I can tell you, but also an honour. And yes, we are not truly identical but I do think Harriet and I look alike. It was a lot of fun to meet her!

    I agree with you. There is a freaky element to it but it is also good fun to meet them. I hope you get to meet yours one day. And thanks for visiting!

    Yes. I am definitely in the withdrawal phase. Hey, it’s no fun once the 15 minutes of fame is over. I can see why people become attention whores 😆
    Thanks for your support, hon.


  6. What great news. Congratulations, Selma, I am so happy for you!

    You dopppelganger is quite similar, but I don’t think she’s identical. 😉


    My cousin gets that all the time and she is a redhead. She thinks that peoople just look at the red hair and nothing else. I imagine that running into one’s doppelganger in somewhere like the street would be quite surreal!

    She’s definitely not identical, but I can see the resemblance. It was fun of her to send me the photo.
    And yes, it was quite the experience being Freshly Pressed!


  8. Hi Selma,
    Congrats on being freshly pressed, it’s about time, you have a very unique blog and it’s great WordPress finally picked up on that. It’s also good they let you know about it.


    1. Your poem was great, Wandering Mind. I hope you write some more. I’ve got your blog in my Google Reader now so I’ll be looking forward to it. I’ve just been working. Writing my book. Messing about on Twitter. How about you?


    1. Isn’t it incredible, GraceLynne? I never thought after writing that post I would get a comment from my own doppelganger. It’s just wild!


  9. Thanks for explaining about ‘Freshly Pressed’; I’d assumed it was the same as ‘WordPress Dashboard’ from where I get some traffic … but I never see it!

    I was in Southampton the other day, and a lady came up, called me Roger, said she nearly didn’t recognise me without a beard, and asked how long I’d been out of the Navy now?


    1. I didn’t know about Freshly Pressed either until last week. It was a huge response. I still can’t quite believe it!

      That is funny about Roger. 😆


  10. On my last visit with my eye doctor she asked that I schedule a return visit if I start to see double. I guess this was the wrong post for me to read.


  11. omg, look out! golden light! omg, its pouring, wow. suns out too, at the same time, look, an opalescent technicolor rainbow! ha ha selma, good stuff gets me, ha ha, really good!!!


    1. That is fantastic, Geraldine. I really didn’t expect to win. I hope the contest was a success for you. I’ll be over shortly. Thank you so much!


  12. It is always nice to meet new people, isn’t it? I like your banner photo.
    Re: Freshly Pressed, you will notice that your page views graph starts to look like a fence post in a desert because the scale changes, and every other day/week/month looks flat in comparison.


    1. You are so right, Rayme. I have met so many cool people as a result of all this. I’m really pleased about it because there are some great blogs among them and I know I’m going to enjoy reading them. The banner photo is of Rozelle Bay near where I live. That Bay eventually leads to Sydney Harbour.

      I’ve already noticed that about the page view graph. What a contrast. The party is definitely over 😦


  13. Congrats on being freshly pressed! And, WOW, talk about two similar-looking photos! I don’t know if you two would look the same without the hats and in different clothes, but you sure look like doppelgangers here!


    1. They are quite similar, aren’t they? We would probably look completely different without the hats and in different poses but for the moment – dun dun dun – we could be doppelgangers. I’ve had so much fun with this post, Kate. It has brightened up a drab week!


  14. Yes you are dopplegangers! Funny you you bring it up, because ever since I met you I’ve thought you look like my friend Dawn. If I can get a picture of her, I’ll send it to you.

    REALLY glad you got that kick in the pants from WordPress!


    1. I would love to see a photo of your friend, Dawn. (That is if she doesn’t mind…) It’s quite amazing how many people have seen their doppelganger or have been told they were the double of someone else. I had no idea it was such a widespread thing. And it was great to get that little boost from WordPress. It has reinvigorated me!


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