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Hey everybody, remember a while back when I said I had won Highly Commended in a writing competition?

Well, it’s gone live over at Eureka Street.

You can read it here.

It’s a bit of an environmental piece (had to write about the world 20 years from now) which I would like to dedicate to three bloggers who allow me to keep the faith when it comes to the environment.

They are Stafford, Gabrielle, and Squirrel. Thank you, guys.

You always give me hope.

31 thoughts on “Live On Eureka Street

  1. Congats, Selma – it’s fantastic to see you getting recognition for your wonderful imaginative writing – the details such as “three teacups with tiny birds painted on them, some old clothes and a photocopy of a poem by Bukowski” is what makes your writing really stand out and reminds me a lot of Philip Roth’s


    1. WOAH. So kind of you to say that. I am honoured, indeed. I wrote this story very fast. I was surprised I did so well with it because I felt it needed a bit of fine-tuning. I think (I hope) it was the overall message that got me over the line. I really appreciate your feedback!


  2. Oh, my, this is so inspired and sad! The fundamentalists blowing up the power plants — a horror just waiting to happen. Countries with nuclear power plants just pretend they aren’t vulnerable at all and we are so, so vulnerable, it’s just craziness. In contrast, your story is incredibly sane. Thank you for the mention. It helps to know others are thinking about these things, too. Congratulations!!! This is really exceptional.


    1. Thank you so much, Squirrel. I think the fundamentalists might wipe out all of us if they get too much power. They really worry me a lot. This story kind of came from worrying about nuclear power and a podcast I heard about the decline of the butterfly in the UK. It really saddened me. And then I thought: ‘What if the hummingbirds go as well before I get to see them?’ That would kill me. And so it went on…

      I am really glad that you liked it.


  3. Wow – wonderful, fantasmogorical, splendiferous story – you need to be writing a speculative fiction novel 🙂 The story has your voice all over it – a voice your blogging friends know all to well – the arc from hopeless to hope, the contrast of nature with industrial (and loving both), the little details (the inclusion of the poem – masterstroke) which provide such texture, the elevation of the ‘everyman’ to person who really matters. Well done! ps. good to see the communists taking over in the end – bwahahaha (insert Billy Bragg’s Red Flag playing in the background). Thanks for the link too 🙂


    1. I’ve got the red flag flying in my study as we speak but instead of the hammer and sickle on it I have a clenched fist with the middle finger raised. It is a new kind of politics – Punk Socialism. Hahaha.

      Your comment has made me realise how much I crammed into one story. Think I was a bit hyper when I wrote that one. Must have been thinking of Tony Abbott at the time and wanted to stick it to him. Hey, I might make up one of my flags and send it to him. He probably wouldn’t even understand it.

      So glad you liked it, Gabe!!


      1. punk socialism – hahahaha – love it! (it is a dense story – I mean that in the nicest way – that could expand into a novel – it’s what I want to do eventually – a post searising spec fic book – too much fun)


  4. I just wanted to mention something to you writers out there who submit to comps and so on. Make sure you know what you are submitting to. I didn’t realise that Eureka Street was a mag of a religious persuasion and my piece which is quite political has offended some of their readers. I got the link to the comp from the NSW Writer’s Centre and didn’t really research it properly. BUT the bottom line is you won’t always please all of the people all of the time with what you write so don’t take anything negative to heart.

    The way I look at it is – I got published. I got paid. And love me or hate me people are reading what I wrote. At the moment I am just like Charlie Sheen – a winner!


    1. It appears to have a catholic persuasion (so that’s ok – haha) – it doesn’t seem to me that your story is in any way anti-religion (maybe a bit anti-fundamentalist – but that is a different kettle of fish) – good on you for submitting to them – the larger the audience the better – esp., with such an important message.


  5. So proud of you, love. I agree with Gabrielle; it’s a very rich, dense story. So many layers that you’ve draped over the concept, like silk sheets on a bed. Love it. xxx


  6. Hi Selma,
    As a longtime admirer of your engaging writing ability, I am delighted to read about your writing honor! Keep it up!


    1. I hope it does too. There is a lot to worry about with regard to our Earth and the future. I pray every day we don’t completely mess it all up….


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