Chimney Pops

I needed a jolly post after the one I wrote the other day and what is jollier to me than a bit of chimney pot hunting?

You know me. I love my chimney pots.

My neighbour’s adorable 4 year old daughter, Gracie, caught me taking photos of the chimney pots and asked me what I was doing. When I told her (and let her have a turn taking some shots) she shouted out to her Mum: ‘ Mum, we’re taking photos of the chimney pops.’

From now on they’ll always be chimney pops to me!

20 thoughts on “Chimney Pops

  1. Really interesting shots Selma.

    We don’t see those where I live.

    And, I am glad that you were able to use the getting busted part to strike some curiousity in the young one as well


    1. Gracie and I are going to take some photos in her garden this afternoon. She has all her subjects ready – her cat, her Dora the Explorer doll, her teddy bear. It’ll be cute!


  2. Hi Selma, love the chimney pops! How lovely you are instilling a love of photography in one so young. Do post the shots of Dora McSplorer (as Olivia used to call her). xx


    1. Gracie is really cute. Now she wants a digital camera for Christmas. Actually, I think digital is the way to go for kids. There are some really inexpensive cameras on the market right now and because you don’t have to mess about with film you can take as many shots as you like. Dora actually came out well. I’ll post her soon!


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