Only 11 Days To Go

Lauri Kubuitsile is a well-known writer hailing from Botswana, Africa. She writes the terrific blog Thoughts From Botswana. I met her many years ago when I was chatting on the Writers Weekly forum and we have been friends ever since.

Not only is Lauri an exceptional writer, she is an outstanding support for other writers, so it was with pleasure that I agreed to be one of the blogs involved in her upcoming Blog Book Tour.

A Blog Book Tour is when a writer who has just had a book published goes on a promotional tour via several blogs. It’s like having launches and book signings in a bookstore except it’s on a blog. Naturally, I was honoured when Lauri asked me if she could appear on my blog and of course, I said YES!

Lauri has written a young adult novel called Signed, Hopelessly In Love.

It is fantastic. I love it. My son loves it. I have no doubt you will love it too.

On October 12 this blog will be kicking off the Blog Book Tour where you can meet Lauri, read my interview with her and interact with her through the comments. You will even be able to buy her book. It is very exciting.

Stay tuned.


And if that wasn’t exciting enough I am participating in NaBloWriMo this month. Yes, National Blog Writing Month is here again where the participants write a blog post every day for the month of October. I think I am probably a good candidate for this because well, to put it as delicately as possible, I have verbal diarrhoea.

I have promised myself the two CCs in order to fulfil the brief of writing a post every day (Chocolate and Coffee) and dream of an audience with the Great Blogger Guru on seeking subliminal blogging enlightenment.

Wish me luck…….

18 thoughts on “Only 11 Days To Go

  1. The blog book tour is a brilliant idea for reaching a lot of people for marketing your book without leaving home. It would be the perfect thing for me. I was always shy and lazy about the idea of having to market my not-yet-written book. Now there are no excuses whatsoever for me not to write that book! Darn.

    I’ll also do NaBloWriMo since I’m sort of in a daily (or more) posting mode right now and it will up the chances that someone will actually read what I write. Also must be a nice way to meet new bloggers.


  2. Hi Selma,
    Looking forward to meeting new people, the book sound exciting, and a great way of promoting new books as well. Looking forward to your posts.


    1. I’m looking forward to the tour. Lauri is such a great writer.

      It will be a challenge to write every day but I’m determined to do it!


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