Moon Gazing

There are those who regard the moon as iconic. Responsible for so many things – the tides, poetry, music, whether or not werewolves howl. Others regard it as evidence, the closest we have, that other worlds besides our own exist or have existed.

I acknlowledge those things but when I look at the moon I wonder if someone else is looking at it too at the same time as me. I wonder who they are, what their life is like, what they think about. I wonder if they are wondering if someone else is looking at the moon along with them. I wonder if they feel the moon connects us somehow, in an almost indefinable way. No matter where you are in the world you can look up as the skies darken and see the moon placed carefully in the sky like a cloud with all the wispy bits smoothed out. Like a guiding light.

Moon gazing. Moon watching. It makes me realise we aren’t all that much different, no matter what part of the earth we’re gazing from.

20 thoughts on “Moon Gazing

  1. For some strange reason, I thought of a scene in an early edition of ‘Star Trek’

    Uhura (seductively) : Haven’t you ever walked in the moonlight with the girl of your dreams, Mr. Spock?
    Spock: There is no moon on Vulcan!
    Uhura (huffily): That figures!


  2. Compelling thought, Selma! I actually often felt in similar ways. Nowadys, when you talk with other paople half a world away – like Australia – you know they have other weather, other temperatures, other seasons, other background noises, other language, but the moon is the same. I often say: did you see the moon today? A wonderful connection indeed.


  3. Hi Selma,
    I think no matter when you are looking at the moon, there is always someone somewhere looking at it as well. Who doesn’t enjoy looking up at the moon, and it does look different on different nights.


  4. I’ve often thought the same Selma, and I wonder what you see in your hemisphere when you look at the stars. Do you see the same constellations? It seems like it can’t be but you’ve lived in both hemispheres so your the perfect person to ask. (seeing as you are the only one I know that has ! )


    1. We have some different constellations, Cathy, which I think is very interesting. But I do believe we can see certain constellations from your hemisphere at different times of the year. We don’t have the pole star or the northern lights but we do have the southern cross which is a really nice one. I think we can both see the constellations relating to astrology although I think ours will be in a different position to yours. You’ve inspired me to go and study up on my astronomy. I’d love to get a big telescope and gaze at the stars all night!


  5. Hey Selma, I have always loved looking up at a beautiful moon knowing someone in my far flung family may be gazing up at the same time ~ helps me feel connected even when I’ve in my own orbit!


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