So there I was all keen, well-oiled and signed up for NaBloWriMo where all you have to do is write one little blog post every day for the month of October and I tripped at the nine day hurdle. Couldn’t get that post out in time no matter how hard I tried.

I knew it would be a challenge because I normally don’t post every day but I thought if I was organised enough I could do it. There’s the key word right there – organised.

I have selective organisation skills. I am very organised when it comes to housework, getting to work on time, getting my son where he needs to be on time, reminding my husband of his schedule and that the clean socks are in the same place in the drawer they always are (yes, right in front of you); feeding my fish, feeding everyone else, but when it comes to writing I am often scatterbained and prone to chaos. I have ideas for stories all over my desk. I don’t know what half of them relate to or what I originally intended to do with them. Some of them are so old they are actually written on parchment. No, on papyrus.

I wanted to meet the challenge to show myself I could be disciplined but it just wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps the nine day hurdle in NaBloWriMo is like the seven year itch in a marriage. Or like the curse of the second album for a rock band. Or like that time I bragged and bragged about my beef wellington with the port wine jus that was perfect every time I cook it. And I had all these people over for dinner and it was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. And the jus was more jelly-like than jus-like.

Perhaps the nine day hurdle is like that.

I am sorry I didn’t make it. I wanted to, but writing a blog post every day is harder than you think. I wish everyone who is participating the best of luck. Don’t let those hurdles stop you. Don’t let the spirits of disorganisation tease you with thoughts of hot chocolate and comfy cushions in front of re-runs of Sex and The City where Aidan was still in it. No no no. Don’t give in.

I know you can do it.


30 thoughts on “FAIL

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Adeeyoyo, but I am going to bow out gracefully. There is just too much going on. It was fun while it lasted though!


      1. I do understand, Selma. Sometimes the pressure gets to me as well, especially after a spell of easy and relaxed writing every day for a few days. Suddenly I have to have a break, I think to renew and replenish whatever causes me to write. And I feel as guilty as hell, but have to refuse to give in to it. Go with your gut, my friend, so that you continue to enjoy your writing. Btw, I’m about to read your contribution to Tuck!


  1. Tell you a secret:

    On my hard drive, there’s a folder labelled ‘Reserve’ … it’s an arsenal of spare ‘blogunition’ I can use if the muse ever deserts me. Only had to use it once, so far.


  2. Aiden??? I can’t stand the guy. He reminds me too much of an old boyfriend. In my opinion, giving in to Bad TV cravings can provoke exactly the kind of self-disgust to propel you right back into blogging. Also, don’t forget, there is no length limit to a post. And don’t forget the option of my One-Word Stories. You could quickly make up your losses and get right back in sync with NaBlo. Come on, Selma. After that brilliant Zombie story? Just post some gross zombie sounds. We’ll know what you mean.


  3. Hi Selma,
    Fail, rubbish. Just do 2 posts on the 1 day to make up. There are 30 days in October, so all you need is 30 posts. Keep going for it. ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. It’s funny, isn’t it? I don’t know what it is with me and writing. I have such a messy approach to it. I need a professional organiser to organise my notes!


  4. I say “Do!” – DO “let the spirits of disorganisation tease you with thoughts of hot chocolate and comfy cushions”. And write when the mood takes you – that way you’ll continue to enjoy it


    1. That’s what it is that is tough – the ‘having’ to write. I didn’t realise. I’m a bit free form and spontaneous when it comes to blogging, so it is a challenge for me to write every day!


  5. I think of things to blog about every day and ultimately they go outta my head as fast as I think em. I couldn’t imagine being disciplined enough to write every day and to be honest I doubt novelists write every single day either. But I was enjoying seeing you come up in my reader every day!
    You and Geraldine are the ones I read first !


  6. I really REALLY wanted to do this too… but then I asked someone who had done it before two things:
    1. Did you get more readers through it? Her answer, no.
    2. Did it stress you out? her answer, yes.
    I think is is AWESOME that you even STARTED it… I love love love the idea.. I just knew I wouldn’t make it.


  7. I must have missed the missing post, because by my calculations, you have not missed any days – that might just be me being in a brain fog most of the time – haha – one missed day doesn’t matter (whose counting ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


  8. so you took on the challenge. very brave! but….i thought how it seemed similar to something like “failing” at speed-dating or not winning at a race to see who can eat the most sausage the fastest haha so dont worry – it probably just means you have your own standards when it comes down to it. but then it can sometimes be freeing to push yourself, it all depends, but mostly i dont think you should treat it like a failure because in the long run that is all relative isnt it and your writing is great anyway isnt it, so there is no less achieved ultimately am i right?
    a bag of popcorn tastes good at the movies but it doesnt weigh as much as a bag of jewels


    1. You are gorgeous. I wouldn’t do too well at a sausage eating contest, either. I’d be full after one. Haha. Thank you for your lovely comment!


  9. Fail? Wait. What!?!


    Huh? Seriously!?!

    When you’re in the groove. When you’re rockin’ and high-steppin’… well…

    ain’t no one better, Selma.


  10. I don’t know, I think scatterbrained and chaos lets in creativity. Oh sure, John Irving would probably hate that, and he’d tell you to sit down every day and produce something. But John Irving doesn’t publish everything he produces, does he?

    I’d rather see fewer, more meaningful blog posts than filler that’s just there to meet a quantity target. I come here to see what’s in Selma’s heart today.

    If I could have my way, I’d change your title from “fail.” Because that’s judgmental mean talk and I don’t like people talking to my friends that way.


    1. Awww, Jen, you are so kind to me. I suppose I was being mean to myself by using that title but I regard it as a joke because of the way Nick always uses it. You are so sweet to say that. Thank you.

      I am defnitely better with the fewer, more meaningful posts. My old brain can’t handle coming up with something every day. Hahaha.


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