Boat Lovin’

I just can’t help loving the boats in the bay.

I like how they’re all grouped together as if they’re having a chat.

This one is so close  I could almost jump aboard.

These two shots of a boat all the way from Portland, Oregon make me feel closer to my blogging friends in the Pacific North West. That’s a long way to come.

Boats, boats, boats. I really can’t help myself when it comes to a bit of boat lovin’.

18 thoughts on “Boat Lovin’

  1. I like boats, too … be they warships, cruise liners or canal boats. I especially like old boats; see my posts on the Ullswater and Windermere steamers. I think my favourite is the ‘Murray Princess’, a paddle wheeler that does cruises on the (guess what?) Murray River.

    And, I’m following the Clipper Round the World yacht race … there’s a report every day at, and a real-time ‘race viewer’


  2. I love how blue the waters look in some of your boat pics! Makes one almost believe there is no pollution that the waters are as pristine now as they were thousands of years ago!


    1. It does seem like that, doesn’t it Cathy? They’re not quite that blue all the time, sadly. Sometimes they are quite murky. but they have cleaned up the Harbour in recent years which is great!


  3. These are great boat pics Sel, I love being out on a boat, especially a sail boat. No pollution, no noise….so relaxing. You do have some lovely sights to see, don’t you?

    Happy Week, G 🙂


  4. Hi Selma,
    There is nothing better than relaxing on the water and just enjoying life. I have never been on a sail boat, but of course I’ve been on other type of boats, and I love being on the water, especially if it’s a hot day, you always get that lovely sea breeze.


  5. Boats are wonderful – I always love it when there are lots of boats off the shore from us (most of the time there are not many around, but occasionally when there are lots of prawns or whiting around, the fishers come out in droves and it adds so much interest to the view 🙂 )


  6. I’m so glad I came by! Because I was in my own harbour the other day and wrote in my journal about the boats, and how I love them and how I wish I could sail away on one.

    Mine should have become a blog post too, but it didn’t and that doesn’t matter. Because it’s so cool that in the relatively same time space, and on the other side of the world and in the opposite season, my friend Selma was thinking the same thing.

    Yours always in boat-loving.


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