Castle In The Clouds

…it happened one day that a young Prince who was hunting in the neighbourhood caught sight of the towers of the enchanted castle rising above the dense forest...

~ Sleeping Beauty, The Brothers Grimm

When I was a little girl reading fairy tales I didn’t think much about getting older, enchanted as I was by stories of witches, sorcerors and princes cutting their way through horrible hedgerows.

I didn’t think that the telling of the fairy tale, the reading of the fairy tale would have such an enduring impact, such transformative power that could last for over forty years.

When I was a little girl I never imagined that when I was in my forties I would still read fairy tales and that they would still transport me as they had when I was six years old.

I have thought long and hard as to why they still have such power and it’s for the same reason that existed way back when I had ribbons in my hair and polka dots on my shoes – fairy tales help us to believe that the world is better than it is.

There is so much injustice in the world. So much despair. So much grief. Both in our own little microcosms and way out there in the enormous, big badness of the world. Sometimes it weighs us down so much we are bent over as we walk.

The castle. My castle – is actually a church, perched up there among the clouds. The Hunter Baillie. But often when I see it I imagine it is a castle. I can see the princesses in there. The courtiers. Hand carved four poster beds, brocade, tapestries depicting woodlands and glades. Lutes, silk shawls, golden goblets. And roses, hundreds of roses in every conceivable colour growing through the windows, throwing the sunshine amidst the muted stone- cast light.

If my castle was really a castle I could be a princess way up there, right up in the clouds, looking out over the world, drinking in its postcard beauty. I wouldn’t be trapped in the tower by my evil stepmother. I wouldn’t be waiting and waiting for the handsome prince to come along and rescue me.

I would be noble and beautiful and brave. And if I wanted to change things – awful things, terrible things – I would have the power to change them. I could change them. And good would triumph over evil every single time.

In the right light, when I’ve been gazing at the clouds for too long and spots of sun turn my vision pink and gold, I see the roses entwine, climbing my castle. The wind flickers and a thousand rose petals spill out, filling up the sky, filling the pages of my books for half a lifetime.

It is my fairytale, in my heart, carried straight from childhood. I cannot imagine my days without it, drawing its fingers against the sky. My one and only. My vault of hope  My magical, bewitching castle in the clouds.

26 thoughts on “Castle In The Clouds

    1. Thank you for saying that, slpmartin. I have thought that for the longest time. A combination of dreaming and reality is definitely the way to go in life!!


  1. Hi Selma,
    You say all that so beautifully.
    I still love the old fairy tales as well. I really enjoy seeing the new movies of them in 3D, they are still spectacular, and there was a few “oldies” in the theater as well.
    They are stories that seem to stay with us forever I feel. 😀


  2. fairytales are very easy reality to accept, I think this is where most dreams comes from. have you read or seen “The Princess Bride”? There is a scene where someone says, “Have fun storming the castle!” which I thought it was a rather fun phrase. Though I cannot remember if it is in the book or not.

    hope you have a great valentine!


    1. The Princess Bride is a classic. I don’t know if that line is in the book because I’ve only seen the movie. I Love anything to do with castles and princesses. So much fun!

      Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day too, Lissa.


  3. “Castle Roshculla – I am Count Roshculla and welcome to my castle….”
    has a nice ring to it. I’d want all modern touches to my castle but overall keep the classic castle look. There are some amazing castle in the UK, France, Austria etc etc. Magical places.


    1. Being a Count you’d have to have a castle in Transylvania. I can see you standing on the turret with your cape and your black eagle on your arm right now. Haha.


  4. I love the romaticism of the fairy tale. The belief that anything is possible.That dreams come true, that wrongs are righted, and injustices banished. Nice place to escape to when the reality gets too much.

    And church or not it LOOKS like a castle!


    1. You put it so well, Cathy. The belief that anything is possible is what gets me. It is such a hopeful proposition. And I think the old church looks like a castle too!!


  5. “Being a Count you’d have to have a castle in Transylvania. I can see you standing on the turret with your cape and your black eagle on your arm right now. Haha.”
    You forget my 30 beautiful maidens in my harem.


  6. Our castle in the clouds, we all have one or even several. Yes, even though we know they are only made of cloud stuff we want to keep them. Isn’t it really crazy, we prefer dreams to reality. Not that this is wrong, but it is worth to notice.
    I finally made a bunch of posts about your wonderful country, Selma, check it out:


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