Rowers And Horn Blowers

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The sky was so bright that as soon as I walked outside I felt my spirits go WHOOOSH – straight up, soaring.

I was so inspired by the brightness and blueness of the day that I made this comment on Twitter –

Down at the park it was vivid and vibrant. The bridge was gleaming, sparkling.

The corellas were on the grass in little families, munching.

From nowhere came this dazzling burst of yellow, so unexpected and enlivening I felt as if it was a medal being presented to me.

As the rowers began their vigorous training the skies began to darken. The water turned deep blue.

Hee are some things about rowing I didn’t know –

The person who steers the boat and urges the rowers on is the Coxswain. They’re lean, they’re mean, and they generally aren’t over 5ft 4in, and are probably the most important part of a boat. They control everything. During a race they
steer the shell, call the race, and make corrections.

A  regular race is usually 1000 to 2000m long, but some races can be 5000m long. When you are in the rowing crew you use every muscle in your body. A training session is like doing several different workouts at the same time. One after the other.

No wonder these guys were beginning to slow down.

But it didn’t take long before they got their second wind and got back into it –

with another crew close at their heels –

[*Rowing facts from here. ]

Then all of the sudden the sky went black. It was as if someone had flicked a switch to a resounding OFF. The clouds gathered, cranky, menacing and just as a massive clap of thunder sounded this boat appeared blowing its horn. Blaring its horn. It was a deep, resonating sound as if came from the bowels of the underworld itself.

The Ilonka, looking like it had just dropped in from supervillain school. I swear I could hear faint strains of balalaika music on board. Do you see that guy holding the big ball? (click on photo to get a better look) I think he was the one responsible for the noise in the sky. He might have been the very god of thunder himself.

And then the rain came down….

23 thoughts on “Rowers And Horn Blowers

  1. Oh those clouds above the villain boat! I think James Bond would come in to save the day though. I love a bit of Bond. I used to a coxswain in my teens. I was lean, but not very mean – except one day I had to shout at all the ladies as they were perving on a group of guys coming past in another boat and not listening to me! Not sure I’d be a trusty coxswain these days, with the bad vision and all! :p


    1. I love a bit of Bond too. Some of those modern boats look like they’d be completely at home in one of his films. That is so cool that you were a coxswain. It must have been hard work. You are a woman of many talents!


  2. I heard that Sydney copped a huge hail storm – hope it didn’t do too much damage. I love your ‘fancy day’ tweet :). Sometimes the weather can really influence our moods – I know how you feel about mood going up when the day is spectacular. Great series of photos – sure you weren’t trying to perve on those rowers Selma – hahaha!


    1. We didn’t have any hail in our part of Sydney but I heard other people did. No perving at all. I was merely looking for a good photographic opportunity 😉


  3. I love the photos…I decided that the Coxswain with the rather odd polka dot shorts was responsible for the storm…an angelic fashion critique no doubt. 😉


    1. That’s a lot of people without power, isn’t it Mags? The weather has been very erratic lately. Beautiful in the mornings with thunderstorms in the afternoons. Hard to get your smalls dry 😀


  4. Like evryone I’ve ever talked to who has visited Sidney, I think that god of thunder likes it too much to leave. You folks have had a heck of a “summer.”

    Love the photos of your fancy day.


    1. It really has been the wettest summer we have had for ages. Even today it poured for about 2 hours. My son said the gym in his school got flooded, the rain was so heavy.

      So glad you liked the photos 😀


  5. I wasn’t there & don’t know the circumstances, but blowing a horn in a harbour seems to me to be extremely bad-mannered and arrogant … like sounding a car horn when you don’t need to.

    Wonder what else he got for his bithday? 😀


    1. I’m not sure of the protocol myself but there were no other boats around. I wonder if you’re meant to sound your horn when entering the bay? I’ll need to find out. It WAS an extremely loud horn. They certainly announced their arrival. I think he might have got that boat for his birthday too 😆


  6. “dropped in from supervillain school” haha – have you been eating the wild mushrooms in Piermont Park?! 😀
    I love these Sydney vignettes of yours, Selma – awesome pics and very entertaining text.


  7. That Blue sky and that yellow flower – wow! What a wonderful sight for eyes that have only seen snow and grey sky for at least a week. 🙂

    Love the James Bond boat too!

    Wonderful photos.


  8. Love the shocking blue and yellow Selma. As one of your commenters mentioned, we get that blue on really cold minus 25c days too, BUT it’s not quite the same here because of the way the horizon looks in the winter.

    Interesting, one year we had shorts weather for a couple days at the very end of November. It was gorgeous but the horizon looked wrong, wrong, wrong! lol The horizon looked freakishly low in spite of the super warm temps. It was clear the warm air and sunshine just didn’t belong at that time of year…but we enjoyed every moment, we don’t get temps like that in November very often!

    Funny though, I’ve never forgotten how odd it all seemed.


  9. hmm not sure if I explained that properly, was it the horizon or was it the way the sun sat in the sky that made the horizon look the way it did?


    1. The horizon seemed a little eerie the way you describe it. There are a lot of erratic weather patterns at the moment that just don’t seem normal. My son is convinced it’s because the zombie apocalypse is coming 😯


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