Fully Sick

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks with a horrible virus. It was bad enough to have a dodgy tummy and a sore throat but I also had terrible headaches that affected my vision so I couldn’t read properly and (shock – horror) go online. Bit of a nightmare, actually.

And of course, being Queen of the Worriers that I am I started obsessing about the headaches being due to having a latent head injury from my fall in November even though I’ve had all the tests and scans and stuff and they’ve revealed that everything is fine; but y’know, when you’re a worrier sometimes you look for things to worry about.

Anyhoo, I feel a lot better now and amused myself by looking through the Urban Dictionary to see if I could find a clever title for this post. I didn’t find a title but what I did find is that the word sick has a variety of meanings. Check this out –

It can mean:

1. to feel ill, or not well.
2. A secondary word for awesome.
3. Gross, disgusting.
4. Tired, pissed off.
5. Horny.
Here are the various meanings used in sentences:
1. I feel very sick, I think I might vomit.
2. Dude, that song is so sick!
3. That was sick when he had sex with that gorilla.
4. I am sick of your attitude.
5. Who wants to get sick with me.

I knew of all the variations on sick except for number 5. I had no idea it could mean horny. That could be awkward if you go to the doctor because you are feeling sick and you get a hipster doctor who regularly reads the Urban Dictionary and is down with all the lingo. And when he asks you what’s wrong you say : ‘I feel sick. I’ve been feeling sick for days. I’m so sick I think I might lose my mind.’

Slightly embarrassing….. I don’t think doctors should read the Urban Dictionary.

To celebrate feeling better I thought I’d post some of my favourite photos taken recently. It’s great to be back and headache free….

I really like the Gardening Shop at Newtown. It’s like something from San Francisco in the sixties. I fully expect to see the sales assistants wearing lots of beads and flowers in their hair.
This is a house near my place and the garden is full of roses. It is festooned with roses. It reminds me of a fairytale where the princess spent all day tending her garden. I am sure magical things happen in that garden.
These trees capture my attention every time I go to Wentworth Park. Don’t they remind you of a scene from a Jane Austen novel? I can just see Mr. Darcy running through the middle of them chasing after Lizzie Bennett. In the middle of the row of trees you can’t see the sky at all and you think you are deep in the middle of a forest. It is phenomenal.
Don’t you feel like this graffiti girl sometimes? Stuck against a brick wall with no way of breaking through. It’s as if she was running away from someone and they turned her into a drawing of herself and pasted her onto the wall. Whenever I see her I imagine she can still think and feel but is trapped on the wall. What a terrible fate....
I love it when I see birds flying home. These pelicans are so synchronised it fills my heart full of joy (click on the photo if you want a closer look at the pelicans…)
And finally, the soft, orange glow of the sunset. If a day can end with such colour then it can’t have been that bad. There is a peacefulness about such a sunset as well as the promise of something special for the next day.
It’s great to be back. Hope you have all managed to avoid this virus. It made me feel fully sick……

42 thoughts on “Fully Sick

  1. Hi Selma,
    I read your last post and laughed a lot about the last usage of the word.
    Thanks to you I learnt a new meaning of this word.
    I wish you happy and healthy days.


    1. Hahaha. you know what it’s like when you’re really “sick”, Rachel. You lose the ability to spell because all you think about is being “sick.” LOL.


  2. Hi Selma

    I ‘ve just read a couple of posts so far and really like the way you write – immediate, lateral, slightly mad ( in a good way!) and funny. I empathise with the neurotic aspects of your reaction to the bug: being a worrier too, my default position is to start with the worst possible option ( eg headache, stiff neck this week = 3 am meningitis. I am, of course, fine and fully recovered ).

    Ok, I forgive you for abandoning the daffodils. I am a Glaswegian by default. But I like the warmth of living in this friendly city – and fantazise about emigrating to Oz when the weather is really bad ( as opposed to moderately bad, its default position!)


    1. What a lovely comment, Anne. Thank you. Yes, my posts are slightly all over the place and definitely a bit mad; but that’s how I am. Hahaha. So nice to have someone from Glasgow visiting me here. Such a treat. Great to see you!


  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Being sick is tiresome and when you’re a worrier (like me) it makes things even worse. Personally, I’m nursing some kind of sinus horror and after moving a heavy washing machine, fretted that the sore muscles were from something insidious rather than simple. No, really, I’m fine…

    The tours you give of your beloved city always delight me and I like to spend as much time as possible savoring all the photos and thoughts you have about them. Totally sick, man, totally sick! 😉


    1. I am exactly the same, Karen. The other week my arms were aching away and I immediately thought I had some fatal illness, forgetting I had been trimming trees for over 4 hours the day before. Will you stop lugging around heavy household appliances please. Today it’s the washing machine, tomorrow it’ll be the fridge….. 😆 😆

      I am so glad you enjoy the photos. That means a lot to me. ♥


  4. love those trees. I would love to visit that particular park just for the trees and as you said, I can image Mr. Darcy there with his long coat and somewhat stern look.

    I hope you fully recover very, very soon!


    1. I can imagine him too, Lissa. And I imagine him as having a ‘somewhat stern’ look too. Beautifully said. Thanks for your kind wishes!


  5. Sorry you’ve been sick (as in ill). And happy you’re feeling better. I must say I really love that row of trees. I’m such a tree lover and I think I would love it in there.


  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. But glad to see you’re back to your old self. The pictures are great as always and I really like the one of the trees. The first one especially, it makes me think it’s leaning forward to impart some deep dark secret or simply trying to entice me in. Awesome!

    Love the definitions of sick also lol It could get a bit dodgy if your doc was a hipster type lol

    Glad your back!


    1. I think whenever I go to the doctor from now on I will say I’m not feeling well in case he is a hipster doctor and gets the wrong idea if i say I’m ‘sick.’ LOL. The tree does look like it’s leaning forward. You are right, Cathy!


  7. So glad you’re on the mend, Selma.

    I love the tree tunnel. But instead of Mr. Darcy, I see Oscar Wilde sitting astride his steed. There he is, trotting along, his jodhpurs tucked into tall shiny boots, wearing a velvet jacket, and an ascot around his neck, every bit the foppish dandy.

    Poor graffiti woman. I empathize.

    And I agree about the doctors. There are all sorts of ways that could come to a bad end. (Ha! So to speak.)


    1. Oh yes, Patti. Well said. Oscar would definitely look at home in the midst of those trees. There is definitely a flavour from another era in that line of trees. I think it whenever I see it.

      Can you imagine if you were that graffiti girl trapped on that wall forever? Scary. I willl be very careful what I say to doctors from now on 😉


  8. Hi Selma,
    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well, but glad you are back on track now. 🙂

    I really had a good laugh at what you found in the Urban Dictionary, especially the bit about the gorilla. 😆

    Lovely photos, the roses are gorgeous, and the girl graffiti is unreal, a nice bit of art I thought.


    1. The urban dictionary is pretty funny, Mags. Some of the stuff they come up with cracks me up. I thought the graffiti girl was great too. Very well drawn. I often wonder if some of these graffiti artists get paid work as artists. Some of them are very good!!


  9. So very Thrilled You’re better ♥

    My Fave pic is the trees…it is almost as if you run fast enough and close your eyes, you will end up in a totally different world!

    Take Care 😉


  10. Number 5 was also totally new to me too! You had me giggling re the visit to the doc, Selma. So glad you’re better! Lovely photo’s once again. Especially the sunset – gorgeous!


  11. Where these meanings come from I have no idea, Adee. But they are pretty funny. Number 5 gave me such a good laugh. I love sunsets too. So soothing!


  12. #3 of the sentence examples could match up with #5 of the meanings–instead of #3–depending on how you feel about gorillas!

    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better…it makes me SICK to think about you lying there in your bed like that.



    1. You are naughty, Timoteo. I can’t type for laughing. And you’re so right about mixing the sentence examples up. Depending on how you feel about gorillas *snort*


  13. Oh, Sweetie –

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, but I wanna see you fully mended. The World’s a better place when you are.


  14. Ah, the virus! The in thing these days because:

    If you say you ‘have a cold’, you’re swinging the lead,
    If you say you ‘have flu’ you’re exaggerating
    But … ‘a virus’ … now, that sounds serious!

    Glad you’re better now, anyway! I’ve missed you!


    1. I missed you too. A virus does sound much more serious, doesn’t it ? But it is bewildering when you go to the doctor and they say: ‘You have a non-specific virus.’ I always feel ripped off when I hear that. I want my virus to be specific 😆


  15. Oh my goodness. One has to be careful what they say with these modern meanings! I find that I’m never up to date with what all the cool kids say. Sometimes my friend writes stuff and I have no clue what she is saying! These photos are awesome moments. I love your thoughts about each one. I’m so glad my high tea London photos brought back great memories for you. Your words brought back my memories of my first ever high tea with my grandma! I loved your thoughtful response to Overactive Mind. And thank you for the love on the photo of me! I do hope this virus is well and truly kicked out the door. It has been a weird summer with lots of people being sick. Sending you best wishes!


    1. I just ask my son if I don’t know what something means. At nearly 16 he is up with all the lingo. And he has taught me a thing or two, I can assure you.

      I loved loved LOVED your high tea photos. Absolutely spiffing!


    1. There is a touch of melancholy about a sunset, Evelyn. I feel it too. I think it’s due to that glorious pulse of colour that suddenly fades to dark. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. It is sad but pretty too!


  16. Haha – a visit to this blog is always (2), will cheer up anyone who is (1) or (4) and will hold little interest for anyone who is (3) – who knows about (5)!

    You, Selma, are fully sick 🙂


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