Behind The Green (And Other) Doors

Do you remember that old song from the fifties – The Green Door?

It was originally recorded by Jim Lowe but Shakin Stevens had a hit with it in 1981.

I was on a quest to find some green doors the other day because I had that song stuck in my head. Surprisingly, green doors are not as plentiful as you might think. It’s also tricky taking photos of front doors because people think you are some kind of stalker. If I see someone in their garden I will always ask them if I can take a photo of something. Most people say yes, but some people cross-examine you regarding your intentions.

The best types of photos are the surreptitious ones where you hide in the bushes. The way I look at it is if I ever apply for a job as a private eye or a member of the paparazzi, I have already done most of the training….

Anyhoo, I eventually found some green doors.

These are not the fanciest of green doors.

These ones are a little better.

And this one is the poshest of green doors you could imagine.

I wonder if there’s an old piano and they play it hot behind any of those green doors?

As I was walking along, looking at the different colours of front doors, hiding every now and then in the bushes, I began to think that maybe the colour of a front door predisposes people to form an opinion of the type of person who lives inside.

Blue and black doors are sensible, kind of classic. I imagine someone called Felicity or Margaret living behind these doors, working in education or maybe office administration. The furniture will be sensible, practical and very comfy. The house will be tidy and cleaned regularly. You know where you are with a blue or black door.

Red doors are a different kettle of fish, entirely. Slightly more frivolous in nature; could be an arty type living there – maybe a graphic designer called Cedric or a life coach called Matilda who thinks bold colours are best. On the other hand, a conservative accountant named Eunice who has always wanted to be cool could instal a red front door on her quest to change her image. You just never know with doors.

And this brown door reminds me of a country homestead. See the horseshoe? I think Ethel Mae must live in this house. With her cowboy boots and tasselled jacket, not to mention her fondness for baking pie. Yeehaw.

This white door obviously belongs to a family of minimalists. They wear monochrome outfits, have sleek, bobbed haircuts, cook with liquid nitrogen and call everyone “Daaaaahling.”

I really like these doors a lot. Bernie lives in 8A and Ernie lives in 8B. They have lived next to each other for so long that their body clocks, minds and motivations are completely in sync. When Bernie rushes out to borrow a cup of sugar, Ernie has it ready and waiting at the door. When Ernie has people over for dinner and runs out of wine glasses, Bernie pops over with a tray of them. You couldn’t help but be neighbourly living in 8A and 8B.

But this door is the grooviest of them all. You would have to be a cool kind of person to live there. Maybe a rock guitarist, or a hip hairdresser, or maybe even a B-Boy, breakdancing in the hallway. You certainly wouldn’t be a librarian or a nun.

Front doors. Who knew they had so many stories to tell?


26 thoughts on “Behind The Green (And Other) Doors

  1. Cool, you always find something new on your walks. You are the most obsevant person I know. It must be the writer in you that notices everything and files it away fro future use.
    Bonus to us is we get to see through your eyes!


    1. No one gets anything by me,Cathy. I’m like the headmistress of the streets. LOL. I think it is the writer in me and I AM always filing it away fot future use!


  2. What a delight post to read first thing this Thursday morning…I love the wit and creativity of the writing…thanks for cheering up my morning cup of coffee with such a sweet post.


  3. I just love these little collections you do. It’s inspiring to me, as I’m always on the lookout for interesting/beautiful/quirky/fun/new/old…. things. I’m almost half a year into my daily photo project, and I still feel uncomfortable about taking pictures of peoples’ homes and property too. And people in general. I’m learning to be braver – and stealthier! πŸ™‚

    Now I want to go find me some green doors.

    (Ps – laughed out loud about the minimalist inhabitants.)


    1. I always ask people if I can take a photo of them, Jen, unless I am 100% sure they can’t see me. It is hard, though because I really don’t want to offend anyone and some people can be funny about it. The minimalist inhabitants would be hilarious (if they were real…) Can you imagine?….


  4. Hi Selma,
    Love the different type of doors, and the variety of colours that people decide to have on their front door. πŸ˜€
    I just had to click over and listen to the song, I used to love that song and I hadn’t heard it for ages. πŸ™‚


    1. It’s still a good song, Mags. It was such a hit when it came out. I don’t know what ever happened to Shakin’ Stevens. He actually wasn’t a bad singer!


  5. Who knew our door choices could lend themselves to such creativity. Red doors here used to signify that a doctor lived there. Hence I’ve noticed that a lot of the doctors that I know are continuing the tradition. My front door is Mahogany and the stain on it is slightly reddish I suppose. For some reason I wanted a Mahogany front door for as long as I could remember. It has an oval leaded glass insert and matching side-lites. Seventeen years later, I still love it! It was the one thing I went over budget on, and didn’t care.


    1. That is so interesting about the red doors, writingfeemail. I had no idea. I really like that. A mahogany door would be gorgeous. Such an elegant colour. Yours sounds really, really lovely. Sometimes you just have to splurge, especially on an item you know is going to last!


  6. Very funny Selma πŸ™‚ I can see you hiding behind a dense hedge with your hat and dark sunglasses, camera at the ready. I quite like the 2nd green door that looks a little like some strange mint chocolate. I have only ever chosen one door (the rest just came with the houses) – it was wooden with green type stain glass windows with kookaburras and gum leaves. I would give almost anything for the posh dark red door (5th last in your photos). Havagoodweekend dude πŸ™‚


    1. I’m thinking about getting a fake beard too, Gabe. Haha. Your door with the stained glass windows sounds gorgeous.. I love that posh red door too. It is very classy. Maybe one day….. Have a fantabulous weekend xxxx


  7. I love your first green door. All it needs is a little door at eye level.
    Midnight, one more night without sleepin’
    Watchin’ till the mornin’ comes creepin’
    Green door, what’s that secret you’re keepin’?
    Oh, yeah. that was the first 45rpm (back when they had rpms- I think maybe they still had dinosaurs too) I ever bought.


    1. Was it really, Patti? That is really cool. You know that vinyl has made a comeback? People are buying it more than CDs these days. I would never have expected that to happen. Green Door is a great song!


    1. They do have personalities, Childwoman. Very well put. I like the graffiti door too. I would love to have a door like that!


  8. It seems that different colours of front door are a thing of tthe past here; of the 15 houses in our street, all have white PVC front doors. We did once have differently coloured garage doors; mine was red when I moved in; I painted it a nice metallic green, but replaced it with a white one a couple of years ago. Only 2 of the original ones remain … 2 and 14 … both green!

    Of course, I have to mention the most famous black front door of all. Present occupant is called David … previous ones were Gordon, Tony, John and Margaret … πŸ˜€


    1. Glad to hear you have some green doors left, Travelrat. That is very cool. And yes, the famous black door. No messin’ with that one πŸ˜†


  9. Selma, this is hilarious! What an awesome project you set yourself. I know what you mean about trying to take photos and wonder if someone will think you are a stalker. I worry about that too, and I’m not always sure if someone is in the garden to ask! I adore this post!


    1. So glad you like it, Lucent. It’s true – I worry too. You never know how people are going to react. The things I do for my blog πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  10. Only could make front doors this fascinating. I love your way of thinking and your imagination. ❀ ❀
    I like dark brown doors the best.


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