Like The Sun

I need a new quote to get me through the week.

I liked this one.

Hope you do too.

Hope you have a week full of hope and sunlight.

24 thoughts on “Like The Sun

  1. Love this quote Selma, I like the idea of our burdens and troubles falling behind us as we move forward. Hope you have a lovely week too!


  2. Wonderful! the quote and that we have quote books and I agree, also, that we should have love buttons ~ happy week, Selma!


    1. LOVE BUTTONS LOVE BUTTONS LOVE BUTTONS. I want one on every blog. How cool would that be? Hope you have a great week, Susan.


    1. I know what you’re saying, Squirrel. There are days when I feel the world is too messed up to do anything about it. But deep in my heart I am a gatherer of hope and a believer in the power of the human spirit. It’s onward and upward or bust!!!


  3. Hmmm, I’ve been dragging my heels with a bitch called hope, let the undercurrent drag me along – Garden of Eden by Guns n’Roses.
    Hope is a fickle little thing that hopes along from branch to branch, never settling anywhere for more than a moment – Guns N Roshan


  4. I love the name of the author.

    I know a lady called Susan Smiles. It’s really appropriate; she’s our solicitor!


    1. Smiling all the way to the bank, eh? Hardy har har. It is a good name, but it would put pressure on you to well, smile a lot :mrgreen:


  5. I hope you have a week full of hope and sunlight, too! I know I haven’t been around much these days, but I think of you often and hope you are well!


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