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I’m trying to revamp my blog a bit, give it a bit of structure as far as content goes because I have let it slacken off, posting haphazardly about any old random thing. I used to post every single day with lots of anecdotes and stories and now I just seem to be floundering.

So I’m introducing weekly quotes, a day where I discuss a human interest issue, another day where I do a photo essay and another where I try to write some fiction.

Floundering. It leads me to what I want to talk about today – how life can make you flounder.

Bombardment, there’s a word. There’s no misinterpreting the meaning of that word with those ‘b’s and the hard ‘t’ at the end. You know what you’re in for if you’re being bombarded.

Life bombards us sometimes, doesn’t it? With stresses and strains, anxieties, fears for the future; leaving us not only floundering but bewildered as a fish hoisted out of its pond and left flapping in a puddle of increasingly shallow water.

I try to bypass the floundering by focusing on the positive things in my life, but sometimes the things that have caused the floundering put blinkers on my eyes and the good stuff that I know is really out there is all shadowy and murky.


That pushes all the bleak stuff out and out and away from the places where it can do harm.

I can’t tell you how or why it works, but it does. It is part plea, part spell, part invocation.

I say to the powers that be:

I’m feeling a tad despairing at the moment. I need a sign, a sign that there is still some good stuff out there.

Sometimes I say it with only the tiniest sense of hope. Sometimes I have to wait for days for a response. But that response, that sign, always comes.

Yesterday there were three signs.

This was the first.

My dear friend Ms_ Karen has had her manuscript accepted. Her novel will be hitting the world soon. Karen inspires me a lot. I give up with writing. I get sick of the process. I hate the editing. She hasn’t given up and that deserves a bit of fistpumping and jumping on the spot. I am thrilled for you, Karen. I wish you every success and so much more.

The second sign was a tiny little note left in the mailbox from my friend Megan, whom I haven’t seen for 6 months.

Such a welcome note. Unexpected, like it was plucked from the air.

The third sign was the photo above. The church spire, resplendent during a brief break in the rainy weather, gently touching the pastel splattered sky; with a magpie, perched, shaking the rain off his wings, looking out over the world, assessing the state of play. How can one not feel hopeful after seeing something like that?

Three signs. Just like three wishes in a way. But better, so much better. I’d rather have three signs any day.

20 thoughts on “Sign On A Spire

    1. Awww thanks, Tumblewords. I think that often of your poetry – there is something profound about it and it does feel like a sign β™₯


  1. Hi Selma,
    Great signs indeed, and that is wonderful news about your friend Ms Karen, I wish her all the very best. πŸ™‚


  2. Nice signs and I’m so happy you were able to SEE them. Sometimes they come and we are blind to them. I’m super excited for Karen. In fact, I went to twitte and followed her so that I can know when her book hits the market and support her. As for your blog, I think it’s pretty terrific anyway.


    1. That’s the key isn’t it, writingfeemail. Sometimes we don’t SEE the signs. I am so grateful that I do. I’m really excited for Karen too. You are so kind to follow her and I really like that about you – you are incredibly supportive of other writers. I think it’s so important to support each other because we all know how tough it is out there in the writing world. I can’t thank you enough xxxx


    1. STAFFORD! That video was amazing. I actually got a bit teary, it was so beautiful. The little hummingbird was divine. How often do we forget about the beauty of nature and its purpose on this earth? Thank you for reminding me. I am so touched you provided the link β™₯


  3. What a wonderful note from your friend – thing like that really turn a bad day right on its head! Yesterday, I had a voicemail from a friend that I hadn’t heard from for a very long time and it really cheered me up in what has been a rather fraught few weeks. Lovely post, Selma.


  4. Wonderful post. And wonderful strategy. I truly believe that if you just put “it” out there, the universe responds. If you pay attention. I suppose putting “it” out there causes you to pay attention. Love. xoxo (And love the photo.)


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