In Spite Of The Rain

In spite of the very heavy rain we’ve been experiencing in Sydney, I still managed to get out and take some shots this week. I find my week feels a bit empty if I don’t take at least a few shots.

The turning bridge at Glebe Island looked like it had been shaded with charcoal but the seagulls were still there. It is, after all, one of their favourite gathering places – even in the rain.

The park bench, usually a much sought-after spot, faced the bay alone, waiting for the rain to clear so it could return to busier days of birds pecking for seeds around its feet, children jumping, and people with packed lunches sitting for hours, pondering.

A momentary break in the weather saw the church tower, face raised to the skies, trying to capture and clear away the clouds. Challenging the rain gods, singing the Hallelujah.

The break in the weather continued and Victoria Park was resplendent, the colours bursting into view like they sometimes do after grey-black days, hand-painted, bright. Even the bare, winter trees were beautiful.

This photo made me think of a scene from an independent film a little bit anti-establishment in theme where the actors are walking past a designer store all radiant and luminous against the rain, promising of things better than Christmas; thinking: ‘Screw you Louis Vuitton. Your shiny smile isn’t going to help me now. I’m late for work because there was water on the tracks near my train station and the five dollar umbrella I bought keeps blowing inside out with the wind.’

The actors walk by without glancing into the store.

The wind picks up. The rain falls at acute angles, sneaky, running down sleeves and the back of necks. It gets increasingly harder to get around. Some people get fed up and just head for home.

And then the rest of us hide under the bed.

20 thoughts on “In Spite Of The Rain

  1. Hi Selma,
    Looks like you did get a fair bit of rain, but you also got some very nice photos, and I just laughed when I saw the umbrella in the water, they are so hard to hang on to if the wind is gale force, they are easy to lose, but what a place to lose it, I feel for whoever lost it.
    Wow, look at the storm clouds, unbelievable, but at least it’s Winter and we can snuggle again under some nice soft doonas if only for a short time. 🙂


    1. I have seen umbrellas all over the place this week, Mags. It is almost imposible to hold onto them in the fierce winds we’ve been having. I think we need body umbrellas we can clip onto our shoulders 😆


  2. Those clouds in the last photo are superb – a storm spotters dream come true. Love the Louis Vuitton photo – a great juxtaposition of the everday and the bright lights. Hope that rainy weather clears for you, if it hasn’t already, for the weekend.


    1. It is a storm spotters dream, Gabe. I couldn’t believe how ominous it looked in the photo. I have a soft spot for the Louis Vuitton photo too. Says so much!


  3. Another wonderful walk with Selma. Despite all that rain, I must admit to being a little envious of the colours you get in winter. That last shot is amazing – so wonderfully dramatic!


    1. Those dark clouds would suit a Wagnerian soundtrack, I suspect. Very end of days. So glad you could come on the walk with me, Jen!


  4. Great shots and commentary, Selma, the Louis Vuitton shot and commentary, the best, haha. And it’s another grey day again today so I’m seizing the day and getting in some work hours (and reading a few blog posts inbetween ;-))


    1. That was a bit cheeky of me, Bluebee. I’ll never get a free LV bag at this rate. Haha. You never know, the rain might clear tomorrow…….


  5. I’m so jealous! I want rain, we haven’t had hardly any in weeks and weeks! There’s a freshness to the air after the rain, we have drought like conditions here this year.I\ll just live vicariously through your rainy pics!


    1. We have had a lot of rain over the past few months, Cathy, which is unusual. The past few autumns/winters have been quite dry. The world’s weather patterns have gone crazy and that is the truth!


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