Still Walkin’…..

July already. Where is the year going? More to the point, where did last week go? I just didn’t seem to find the time to blog at all….but more on that later.

Fortunately, I still had a bit of time to get out and about. Here are some of the cool things I saw –


This is part of a construction that used to be in operation back in the day when Blackwattle Bay was part of a working port. I love to see that hook hanging between the trees (don’t worry it is perfectly secured…) I always think of pirates and smugglers when I see it, as well as rapscallions who may well have met a grisly fate for drinking too much of the Captain’s rum.


Bushells is an iconic brand of Australian tea. I love seeing the old ads for things on the sides of shops or cafes. What I wish though, is that the shopowners would restore them before they crumble away for good. I think it’s too nice a part of Aussie history to lose.


Some clouds are just perfectly formed, all bouffant and springy. I often wonder if there are competitions between clouds to see who has achieved the springiest look. And are you higher up in the cloud echelon if you achieve a more pure white look rather than being spotted with specks of grey? Are the rain clouds ostracised for always putting a dampener on things? Haha. I liked this one above the city.


It is no secret that I like neon signs. Whenever I see old neon shop signs being dismantled I get a terrible tug in my heart thinking that classic sign might end up in landfill. It is a dream of mine to get a big warehouse and gather up all the old neon signs around here and keep them. Crazy, I know. I like this sign which is on top of a local pub. It makes me think of something I might see in a David Lynch film or on Route 66 in the US.


Urban decay is a big problem in the city. It is heartbreaking to see once beautiful old buildings and other structures just crumbling away and none more so than the gravestones in St. Stephen’s Cemetery in Newtown, leaning against each other nervously. It is another dream of mine to help restore this historic cemetery. It would be such a shame to see it completely fall into disrepair.


I love seeing the boats at Blackwattle Bay. It never fails to cheer me. They smell like adventure and possibility. If you look to the right of this photo you will see the structure the hook in the first photo is attached to. I assume it was originally used for loading cargo. I am so glad it is still there….such a cool part of local history.

Thanks for coming on a walk with me. So glad to have you come along…..


34 thoughts on “Still Walkin’…..

  1. Hi Selma,
    It is amazing how fast the year seems to be going, every year seems to go a bit faster than the last one, I’m sure it’s because I’m getting older. πŸ˜€
    Great photos, it is wonderful what we see when out and about.


    1. I think that too, Mags. The years just whizz by now. It’s a whirlwind. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get things done. So glad you liked the photos!


  2. I could sit and look at the clouds for hours everyday. Too bad work and stuff gets in the way.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful images Selma–I like the “hook” perspective.


    1. Oh, me too, Slamdunk. I am a real cloud watcher. It’s the ultimate form of daydreaming. So glad to see you back. I’ve missed you!


  3. Thanks for sharing your walk…I’d like to get there someday…but if I don’t at least I’ll have these vicarious walks with you. πŸ™‚


    1. I hope you do make it here someday, slpmartin. I’d also like to make it to your part of the world. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we both get the chance to do it!


  4. That’s a damn fine hook (my hook or by crook I’ll be the last in the book) Selma πŸ™‚ This year is going to take out the record for speed – that’s for sure. Ho hum de dum Tony Abbott’s a bum! Pass me the rum!


    1. LOL. You crack me up, Gabe. If Abbott ever makes it as PM I’ll be on the rum for sure. I’ll be on a drip. Yo ho ho and a bottle….. πŸ˜†


    1. You know so much about movies, Rachel. I do love that movie and in particular the songs with Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle. It says a lot to me. It has blown me away that you thought of it. FAB!


  5. Thanks for the walk Selma … like you that past week disappeared for me in the blink of an eye. I’m still trying to process this whole July thing …

    I loved your images … and I also share a love of wanting to restore, protect and preserve beautiful and interesting things … oh and clouds too – I love each and every one of them! πŸ™‚


    1. I really want to fix up a lot of the historic buildings and places, Tracey. I’d be so sad to see them crumble away. They add such flavour to a city. It tugs at my heart when I see another old building pulled down….


  6. great sightseeing. the images reminds of New York, I suppose most places has the same things.

    there’s this church/cemetery right in the middle of manhattan, I think it’s call Trinity church. during certain seasons the cherry blossoms trees would open and sometimes colorful tulips were planted and these all surrounds the graveyard. and people eat lunch over. funny that they no one finds it out of the ordinary to be eating their lunch in front of grave stones. I’ve sat on the benches and eaten there a few times. strangely, no ghost appear and nothing unusual happens. it was quite pleasant.

    sorry for going off like that. hope you are having a sweet day.


    1. I think there are quite a few similarities between Sydney and New York, Lissa. A lot of your photos remind me of Sydney. I love that story about the cemetery, the tulips and people eating their lunch there. That really appeals to me. WOW. I’d really love to see it!!


  7. I always smile at how you tend to see things on your walks that would draw my attention too. I love clouds… especially storm clouds, and big fluffy white clouds seen from airplane windows! I love old classic tube neon signs, ,which one so rarely sees anymore. I love old architecture, cemetaries and all God’s creatures… My spirits always feel so uplifted when joining you on walks such as these! Thank you!!


  8. Hmm! Bushell’s was nice tea … but they can’t spell ‘flavour’ ! πŸ˜€ I, too, have a soft spot for neon signs, especially the rather dilapidated ones with a letter or two missing … sometimes with hilarious results (I stayed at the ‘Woo Hote’ last year, and I’m sure there are much funnier ones!)


    1. I know, Travelrat, that’s what I thought. What’s the story with the FLAVOR?
      I’ve seen some missing letters too. I bet there are some really funny ones dotted throughout the US. Missing letters in neon signs would actually make a great short film. Quirky and fun!


  9. Wonderful images, Selma! Especially love the clouds and your conversation about them, I agree with you about neon and gravestones. Thanks for the walk about.


  10. As always I love coming along on your walks with you. You are a dying breed that actually notices whats around you and we get the benefit of that. I actually hollered out the window of the car when some dummy walked out in front of me while jabbering on the phone. I told her to walk or talk but it’s clear she can’t do both and she flipped me off! lol Nervy I damn near hit her cos she wasn’t watching.


    1. That happens to me a lot, Cathy. Last week I nearly hit someone too. People are so careless with all their gadgetry…they don’t pay attention. It’s quite dangerous. So glad you like coming on the walks with me. It’s fun!


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