I’m Walkin’ Here!!

As always, walking is incredibly good for my mindset. The things I see soothe, inspire and energise.

Here are some of the sights I saw this week….

The beautiful colours of native Aussie flora. For those of us who live in more urban areas it is a wonderful thing to have such colours brightening up our city streets.

Another iconic Australian sight. The Darrell Lea Chocolate Shop. Unfortunately, this company has now gone into administration and may close many of its stores. Sad. Many of my best childhood memories are associated with choccies bought from Darrell Lea. Gabrielle Bryden says it better than I ever could.

More famous Aussie stuff. Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Famous for its pies ‘n peas. I love the neon sign.

Now for something definitely not Australian. The Apple Store in George Street. I always think it looks like something from an Aldous Huxley novel. The Brave New Apple World. I use Apple products myself but sometimes find I am uncomfortable with the slightly cultish aspects of the brand.

Hail to thee Almighty Apple.

Wind sock. I love this photo. It seems so jolly. Swooping and swerving away for all it’s worth.

This photo was taken in a back lane near my house, but for a moment I felt transported to Tuscany. Che bella!

I saw this cockatoo on the wire and thought he was stuck or injured, but he was doing acrobatics. He spun and spun as if someone had wound him with a key. I’m sure he was one of the lead acrobats in the Cockatoo Cirque Du Soleil.

Thanks for coming on another walk with me. It was long overdue.

26 thoughts on “I’m Walkin’ Here!!

  1. I love the angle from which you photographed ‘Harry’s’ … made it look very art-deco-ish. Guess I was too busy eating my ‘Tiger’ to look around for a good viewpoint like that.


    1. I could go on about technique and perspective and all that, Travelrat, but the truth is that shot was a fluke. I try to be technical with photography and set up the shots but this is what I really do – ‘Oh, I really like the look of that I’m going to take a photo of it.’ Snap. You are very kind to be so complimentary πŸ˜€


    1. I actually took that shot near my Mum’s place where there is a lot more native bushland than where I live. There are heaps of cockatoos out there and they are so funny. They really are the comedians of the Aussie bird world, Slamdunk!


    1. Love your sprites, Anne. Their costumes are amazing. Some of the kids I know would go crazy if they appeared in our local park. Bring on the sprites!!!!


  2. Chocolate, I want chocolate – hahaha – can’t stop thinking about Darryl Leas – hubby went on a mission but the store was shut until future notice (but all the products were still behind the glass – cruelty). Lovely photos Selma especially the flower window boxes and the cockatoo.


    1. I recently have fallen in love with the Darrell Lea Rocky Road, Gabe. OMG that stuff is delicious. Sad to think that all those treats may disappear from our lives, but the truth is that it’s so hard for some businesses to survive these days….unless you’re a WA mining company (sorry, couldn’t help myself…) πŸ˜‰

      The cockatoo was such a character. I still smile when I think about him!!!


    1. That article is quite sobering, Squirrel. We might be in a bit of trouble here on planet Earth. The photos help to remind me it’s worth fighting for and it ain’t over yet….


  3. Always enjoy ur walk photos. I’d love to take a stroll with you and smell the flowers, try out some of those fine chocolates, some food at Harry’s, (stays clear of the Apple store) and enjoy the cockatoo’s antics!


  4. I have been stuck inside working all day – this “walk” with you cheered me up – thx, Selma. The swinging cockatoo is too funny – love the way they do that – I’m sure it’s purely for fun πŸ™‚


    1. It’s quite amazing with the cockatoos, isn’t it, Bluebee? Round and round they go. They have such fun-filled hearts. I really do love them!!!


  5. I love walkin’ with you, I’m very into the back lanes & alley ways. That cockatoo really cracked me up! Glad you were out & about with your camera.


    1. I love back lanes and alleyways too, Susan. I have seen so many interesting things there. Fantastic stories to be told. I love wandering around in laneways. Haha.


  6. Wonderful walk as always. I wish our winters were as colourful as yours! I especially love your jolly windsock and the equally jolly cockatoo!


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