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Those of you who know me know I am not of a hugely religious persuasion in the sense that I go to church and quote from the Bible but I do feel a little bit spiritual from time to time (well, most of the time, actually.) And lately, I have come to believe quite firmly in the power of prayer.

Picture this. My Mum and I , estranged for quite a long period of time for reasons that now seem insignificant…making up after a really stressful time for me and my family….her being there for me was like that way you feel as a kid when you get the Christmas present you had been longing for all year. Then she suffers a pulmonary embolism and nearly dies but begins to recover after a stay in hospital and being put on Warfarin.

Then she begins to experience severe pain of the gynaecological kind. And bleeding. And incredible fatigue. The gynaecologist does all sorts of tests on her and says :’It might be cancer. And we probably won’t be able to operate.’

So I freak out in that way where you’re pretending everything is going to be OK and you’re determined to stay positive for the other person’s sake because you don’t want them to see how panicked you are…so it’s a really internal kind of freak out that ends up almost eating you alive and you think; ‘How the hell am I going to cope if she dies? How am I going to bear it?’

And you get mad, really mad at the world, at the Universe, at God, thinking, we’ve only just found each other again and now you’re going to take her away from me? How dare you? How can you do that to me?

And then you start to calm down and think : What can I do? What can I do to stop this from being the way it ends?

And there is only one thing you can do when it comes down to it ….. get down on your knees and pray.

I have been praying to all the gods and mystical creatures I can think of in my pagan, lapsed Catholic, fruity spiritual way… all day and all night. It hasn’t all been praying of the most sensible kind, there has been a bit of begging and ranting too. And a lot of weeping. But I haven’t stopped. Not for one day. Not for one moment. Praying for my Mum.

This week my Mum got her results. She doesn’t have cancer. I could be wrong but I feel as if my prayers have been answered. I feel as if a higher power has been watching over me, over her, not letting it be her time to go yet. Giving us a little bit longer together. I feel blessed, I really do. And even though I am usually skeptical about such things and like to look at positive outcomes from a scientific perspective, I now believe, quite strongly, that prayer works. It is an odd, wonderful and unexpected realisation.

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  1. OH SELMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am SO relived, and happy, and downright THRILLED your Mum does NOT have cancer! Thank goodness!!!!!

    Cancer scares are truly awful. I should know!


  2. Wonderful words to read here, Selma! So happy that you & your Mum will be able to hang out together much more. And don’t be afraid of the prayers, just do it in your own way ~ weeping & ranting and making promises are all allowed! You don’t even need a special time or place, I have a morning one and an end of day one and dozens in between, whatever is called for especially on behalf of my loved ones. Enjoy this time for all it’s worth.


    1. I am certainly going to enjoy this time, Susan because it has reinforced to me how precious life is. And how fortunate and grateful I am!


  3. I don’t even pretend to understand spiritual things either, Selma, but I have powerful faith for reasons just like you mentioned… I know it works! I have seen the power of prayer take effect over and over, though sometimes not in ways we expect or understand. It has been said that God answers desperate prayer, it doesn’t have to be formal or perfectly formed, but straight from the heart, and that’s exactly what you’ve been doing. I am praying for your mom and you to have many more years to rebuild a relationship that you can both treasure always. Funny how when we are heading in the right direction things often seem to fall into place! Sounds like you’ve been there right when she needed you most! πŸ™‚


  4. and we feel blessed and humbled and grateful, magically transformed and somewhat lightfilled when our prayers are answered. personally i feel it is the effect of a cause of projecting an intent – there is power in that, an example that happened just last week: my friends daughter, a sweet girl, just twenty, she has had cancer thrice over the last ten years. first 2 times, she came out well. this time, she had serious post-op problems, after 2 days was rushed by ambulance to a city hospital, it wasnt looking good, she was on the brink. on the way to the hospital, my friend sent out a call for prayer, to everyone he knows and then some. then, within 24 hours she was released, they said it was just because of the some wrong medication, she’s back home, eating well, and telling everyone that she feels better than she has in a long time. he sent a note around saying that some might say it was a false alarm, but that he preferred to think it was the power of prayer and positive intent. and we are all so grateful for the power of love and light, and i send it out to you and your mom with heartfelt hope that all will be well and you will have her around you and your family for a long time to come, with many joys and peace within.


    1. Your story has made me cry, Tipota…and feel so blessed that such things happen in this world where the focus is so often on the negative. I am so so glad about your friend’s daughter…what an incredible blessing!!!


  5. I’m over the moon that your Mum doesn’t have cancer Selma πŸ™‚ You must feel like your on a roller coaster ride from heaven and hell at the moment (same goes for your Mum). I’ll say a thankyou prayer tonight (I could even sing a song – just in my head so the kids don’t think I’m bonkers – ok, they already know I’m bonkers – haha – what about ‘you’ve got the whole world in your hands, you’ve whole wide world in your hands …).


    1. I am on a roller coaster right now, Gabe. The weird thing is I’m getting used to the ups and downs… think i’m a bit bonkers too. Thank you for all your support and for being there xxxx


  6. I thought I posted a comment here but it must’ve been on Facebook.

    I’m beyond thrilled for you. I know how much the estrangement hurt.

    Yay for good karma and prayer!!


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