2013…Here We Come……



Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I want to make a really fresh start this year so I want to do a bit of clearing out of the negative energy, bad thoughts, in my life with some lists and such. I love lists, they seem so formal and productive somehow.


(Hope you can read the text. Don’t know if I made it big enough. Click on the photo to enlarge if you can’t…..)

Here are all the negative things from 2012 I want to acknowledge and get rid ofΒ  so I can move forward.

Leaving vintage

Now burn that sucker. Burn it. Burn it down…. (sounds like a track from the disco era….) Burn it so I can do a bit of forgiving and forgetting.


WOAH. Had a bit of a blaze going for a minute there……. but strangely enough, I feel a little better now. Cleansed.

2012 wasn’t all bad. It was a hell of a year but I learned a lot of things from it. Here is my THANK YOU list to 2012.

gratitude list

Like attracts like. Gratitude does increase the levels of positivity in our lives. I have learned that.

Farewell 2012. I had a hard time with you but I learned a lot and I am glad to still be here to face the new day.

HAPPY 2013. May it bring you lots and lots of the good stuff!!!

** Fire photo courtesy of Deviant Art by Todd 587

24 thoughts on “2013…Here We Come……

  1. Hi Selma!

    I’m glad we both made it to 2013! I’ve had my share of health, money and family problems over the last few years and am really ready to be done will all of that. I like your idea of writing the negatives out and then burning them up–I think I will try that too. πŸ™‚

    And thanks for the reminder that gratitude begets positivity–I am resolving to be more grateful this year.

    So here’s to a year of good things, good health, good friends and positive growth for us both!

    Barbara “Sagacious Woman” Pett


    1. I’m glad we made it too, Barbara. The last few years have been tough for many people. I guess it would be fair to say that that is, in fact, life and the way it sometimes goes but when you’re in the thick of it it can be so difficult to envisage it getting any better. I hope and pray for many good times for both of us in 2013 xxx


  2. This is just awesome, Selma, the whole thing! Amen, amen! One thing I love about the starting of a new year is that it’s a great time to sweep out the old clutter in our heads and make space for new good things to come in. I believe this year is going to be much happier for you, and you will soon find the beautiful corners of your new spot in town to share with us. Letting go is hard, but wonderful adventures come thru open doors! Your friendship and thoughtful comments are a wonderful blessing to me, looking forward to a friendship that continues thru the years! HUGS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo


    1. JOSIE!!! What a beautiful comment. I take such encouragement from your words (always.) “wonderful adventures come through open doors….” I love that. It is true, we just have to be brave enough to close the old doors behind us. Love you, Josie. Thank you xxxx


    1. And to you, dear dear Meleah. Wishing you much happiness and good health this year but above all – a publishing deal. I KNOW you can do it!!!!


    1. I hope your New Year is fantastic, Jennifer. The cleansing rituals ARE powerful. I had no idea they would make such a difference (I’ve done a few of them…) Such a pleasure to think I can hang out with you for another year!


  3. Hi Selma,
    Burning it was an excellent way to get rid of the negative things.
    I know the New Year will bring you your dreams and goals, so it is written . πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year.


    1. It really seems to work, Mags. SO it is written. I love that. Sounds like a prayer…or a spell. Great to see you blogging again. I love all the interesting things you find out. Happy New Year, dear Mags!!!


  4. and then another seagull said, of course she can do it, dont be silly, why wouldnt she do it since it comes naturally, and she knows how to do it.
    she just makes up her mind to do it and does it, simple as that xxx
    happy new year selma!


    1. Those seagulls and their gossipping about me….it really is getting out of hand. Haha. Still, they know what they’re talking about πŸ˜‰
      Love this comment, Tipota. Have a brilliant New Year!!!


  5. I think this is such a therapeutic thing you’ve done. You are courageous. I’m excited for this cleansing you’ve undertaken and a fresh new year for you. Woohoo!


    1. Thank you for saying I am courageous, Lucent, because most of the time I feel really afraid. I do feel more cleansed than I did before, however. I hope this is a positive year for all of us. WOOOOOOOOTTT!


    1. Lists always help me, Adee. I couldn’t get by without them. They just sort of crystallise things for me, you know? A Happy and Contented New Year definitely sounds like something to wish for. I wish that for you too xxx


  6. Yay – great list (and I love your seagull converstation – haha – what must life be like when all you have on your mind is fish πŸ˜‰ ) – good to get rid of those fair weather friends and unsupportive people. Wish I could get my doctor to prescribe valium – some people get all the luck – haha!


    1. I’d love to be a seagull, Gabe. It’d be so cool. Out on the water all day, the smell of fish in your wings, alt spray keeping you alert, waxing lyrical about life….I’d love it. My doctor gave me Valium just like that. I found out afterwards it’s not that easy to get, usually. I must have been in more of a state than I thought. It has made a huge difference…


  7. Love this – and love the seagulls, haha. Have had a tough year in a different way and am grateful for many of the things on your list, too. Have a wonderful year, Selma πŸ˜€


    1. I wish you peace, harmony and joy in 2013 too, Childwoman. Wouldn’t all those things be lovely if they happened? Hope they do!!!


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