I Still Call Sydney Home

There are times when I am reminded why I love my city. Ye Olde Opera House Luna Park (where the Ferris Wheel hangs out over the water and scares you half to death) A ferry named Friendship. Can you think of anything nicer? Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset See those people up on top of... Continue Reading →

The ANZAC Spirit

Today is Anzac Day. It is a day when Australians and New Zealanders think about war and the people who have served; the people who have fallen and what it means to serve your country. There is honour in that. There is courage. There is a sense of nobility too. It's not a time to... Continue Reading →

It Always Rains On Anzac Day

The night before Anzac Day I usually pray a bit. That it doesn't rain in the morning. I hate to see the servicemen and women, the marching bands, the kids there in memory of their grandfathers, the diggers, walking down George Street in the rain. Don't rain on their parade, I chant all night to... Continue Reading →

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