World Environment Day 2012

Today is World Environment Day, a day where we should think about ecology and all things green. The theme of WED this year is the green economy which is defined as :  one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green... Continue Reading →

There’s Only One Like Her

On this Earth Day I was thinking about why I love Mother Earth so much. It's because of the way she presents herself. Grandly. Prettily. Serenely. Fuzzily. Majestically. Mother Earth. She is unique and she is the only one we have. Let's all look after her the way she deserves. HAPPY EARTH DAY.

Worst Case Scenario?

Hope this doesn't become our planet's worst case scenario. On World Environment Day please consider these issues and campaigns. Say YES to Carbon Tax Help prevent another Fukushima Do we really need to drill for oil in the Arctic? We need a living planet Plastic pollutes Plant a tree for a cleaner world One voice... Continue Reading →

Good Earth Day

It's Earth Day today. It's Good Friday today. I can see a connection between Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and a day devoted to saving our planet. I was speaking to some of my more devout Catholic friends yesterday and they couldn't see the connection or didn't want to. They do not... Continue Reading →


This fantastic image is called Drinking Water and is by Anthony Asael at Deviant Art. Today is Blog Action Day and the photo sums up what the whole day is about. The theme is WATER. You can go here to learn some facts about water. But I'll tell you some too. Many of the facts... Continue Reading →

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