The Unholy Trinity Of Quirky Weirdness

Today is what I like to refer to as the day of the Unholy Trinity of Quirky Weirdness. It is Fred Astaire's birthday. It is Sid Vicious' birthday. And it is my birthday. It's kind of cool to share a birthday with someone like Fred Astaire who was known for his neat, slicked-back hair and... Continue Reading →

Max And The Sea Monsters

The little boy down the road - Max - is four years old and very bright. He hasn't started school yet and and can already read. His mother, although pleased at his reading prowess is worried he spends too much time focusing on unsavoury subjects such as ghosts, goblins, ogres and things that go bump... Continue Reading →

Window Cleaners And Cats In Boots

I had a dream last night that I was a window cleaner. I was a sought after window cleaner because I was part superhero and could scale tall buildings without a safety harness, therefore I could keep my prices down because I didn't need much in the way of equipment nor did I need hefty... Continue Reading →

Wishing for Witches

My friend, Gina, lives across the road from the Witch's Hat houses. It is a grand and gothic strip, those magnificent old homes with their spires. Some of them even have gargoyles (check out the house on the right....) Seems a bit of an urban myth has developed in Gina's block. She and many of... Continue Reading →

Lemon Haze

Been having a little break this week but I had to get back into it due to the wonderful Gabrielle Bryden and her Citrus Week celebrating all things lemony, orangey, mandariney, limey (you get the picture...) Please go to her blog and enjoy the amazing art, poems, recipes. It's all there. I couldn't resist joining... Continue Reading →

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

My Aunt Jo used to say that to me whenever I wore pink as a kid - Pink to make the boys wink. Sometimes we need a bit of pink. It makes the spirits ascend and hover in a happy place. And where better to find that pink than in the local flora. So here... Continue Reading →

Pot Pecking Order

You thought that because it was a new year that I would be starting to get over my fixation with certain inanimate objects, didn't you? You thought that my focus would shift to living things like birds and trees and puppy dogs, did you not? Well, I like photographing those things too but I still... Continue Reading →

Things That Look Like Hats

Been feeling a bit low for the last week. I think it's that whole brand new year thing where everyone is all pepped up and ready for anything, ready for a great big change where all the bad times are over and only the good times will be allowed to roll; and then you realise... Continue Reading →


Hope your days in this newest of years are bursting with colour, brimming with expectation and are choc-a-block full of joie de vivre. Oh yeah, you say with a sardonic glint in your eye. Like that's gonna happen. I believe it. I feel it. 2012 is going to be a better year for all of... Continue Reading →

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