Wishing you all the most MERRY, JOLLY and HAPPY of CHRISTMASES. Thank you for reading my sporadic musings this year. I love all of you. I saw this on deviant art by Dreaming Digital and as I wasn't able to put up my tree this year due to all the hassles with moving thought a... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Hearts in the sky at Easter. Seems so right, somehow. Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful, safe and (if you are so inclined) chocolate-ey Easter. HAPPY EASTER !!

Happy Mother’s Day

To all you lovely Mums out there - have a stupendous Mother's Day. And to all of you who are missing your Mums or are apart from your Mums for whatever reason I will gladly be your Mum for the day. Why don't you come here and give me a big hug ???? HAPPY MOTHER'S... Continue Reading →

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