Wishing you all the most MERRY, JOLLY and HAPPY of CHRISTMASES. Thank you for reading my sporadic musings this year. I love all of you. I saw this on deviant art by Dreaming Digital and as I wasn't able to put up my tree this year due to all the hassles with moving thought a... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Hearts in the sky at Easter. Seems so right, somehow. Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful, safe and (if you are so inclined) chocolate-ey Easter. HAPPY EASTER !!

Happy Mother’s Day

To all you lovely Mums out there - have a stupendous Mother's Day. And to all of you who are missing your Mums or are apart from your Mums for whatever reason I will gladly be your Mum for the day. Why don't you come here and give me a big hug ???? HAPPY MOTHER'S... Continue Reading →


WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY, PEACEFUL, CHOCOLATE-FILLED, EGGS-CELLENT EASTER And because I like corny jokes so much, here are some Easter ones for you - What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies! Why did the easter egg hide? He was a little chicken! Why shouldn’t you... Continue Reading →

Deus Ex iMac

My parents got me an iMac for Christmas. I am shocked. Stunned. Discombobulated. I needed a new computer yesterday but couldn't afford one. I didn't even mention how much trouble I was having with my old one to them but somehow they knew. I am torn between feeling guilty at receiving such an expensive present... Continue Reading →


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! Here is my attempt at an arty Christmas shot. Looks like I had better stick to writing..... Thank you for reading this year. You are the cat's PJs. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL XXXXX

On Anzac Day

It is Anzac Day today. I'd like to give thanks for the courage of all the Australians and New Zealanders who have served their country. I met a real Anzac once when I was at school. He gave a talk. A lot of my classmates were rude, talking about the futility of war like the... Continue Reading →

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