In An Instant

I wasn't going to tell you about this because I wanted the start of the year to be positive and focusing on up subjects but I saw something on New Year's Eve that has been plaguing me a bit. I popped out to get some potato chips about 10.30PM and saw a terrible road accident.... Continue Reading →

They Come To Life At Night

This is a statue of Queen Victoria in Hyde Park. We have quite a few statues of her in Sydney....she is quite revered in this neck of the woods. What I love about this statue is the incredible detail on her gown - the patterns and the folds of it. It looks like a real... Continue Reading →

Power Of Rocks And Stones

I see a rock on the nook of this tree every time I go to the park. Whenever I see it I look around, scouring the park for who might have placed it there as if there is some phantom rock leaver wandering the city streets. It gets me thinking about rocks and stones. Cairns.... Continue Reading →

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