For The Love Of Money

SOURCE: A lot of people I know are talking about Gina Rinehart's shaking up of Fairfax Media. Readers who don't live in Australia (and I thank you all so much for reading...) may not know about Gina Rinehart so I'll give you a little bit of a heads up. Bullet points are required, I'm... Continue Reading →

Sign On A Spire

I'm trying to revamp my blog a bit, give it a bit of structure as far as content goes because I have let it slacken off, posting haphazardly about any old random thing. I used to post every single day with lots of anecdotes and stories and now I just seem to be floundering. So... Continue Reading →


We're caught in a trap I can't get out Because I love you too much, baby Elvis sang about it in Suspicious Minds. Feeling trapped. Feeling scared. A prisoner of love. It seems like I am talking a lot about domestic violence and love gone wrong these days but I am pleased to relay to... Continue Reading →

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